Favourite Part of Revolutions?

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Alias Neo
What is your favourite part?
i have to go with the battle for zion

Sadly enough I think the best part of this movie was hearing Smith talk in Banes body,, that was amusing. The rest of the movie can be completely edited out and redone.

superbrawl...the way the rain gets messed up whenever they fight was pretty cool...

when Neo tries to run through the loop.

when trinity said " i dont have time for this shit" that was priceless. I deffaintly wasnt expecting that

yeah that was good.

My favorite part was the fact that I got my hopes up and spent $9.50 and ended up having my blood pressure rise from rage at how irritatingly sad the movie was if you ask me the robots shouldnt have damn started war with the humans in the first place if this is what would happen sad

well I'm sure it beat getting your limbs pounded into pulp with a sledgehammer then having air injected into your blood stream

lol good one embarrasment

u missed out Trinity's prolonged death

I was actually saddened by Trin's death...surprisingly

anyone notice, maggie gets a 1 inch blade in her chest..... DEAD
trinty gets like 4, and talks for about 3 hrs stick out tongue

i was glad trinity dies as was korri i am sure...they find magda dead..we dont know how long she was conciouss. I thought it was a great film myself if a little short...what do u guys think?

i know i kept looking at my watch and yawning

ok ok yeah...ok r u dead yet? no? ok ill wait......huh? ya nearely finished?

Korri...shame on you

best part of revo was the beginning, with the trainstation

when smith talks to the oracle......Priceless. Throwing the cookies made the scene. Smith is the bomb!!!

"Cookies need love too"

I liked it when Smith went into his little rant:

If you really can see the future then you made those cookies and put them on that table right there for a purpose, right? That means that your sitting there for a purpose, right?

And then with Neo:

I remember this, this is the end. I was standing here, yes, yes. And you...you were there, yes. And I say something...I don't really remember right now...Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo. No, what? What did I say? No that's not right...

< just evened the the fight so now the zion and super brawl are tied. lol
i havent seen it yet but i have hopes for that fight.

Italian u r cold! huh
I can't find a favorite scene yet! I just found so many intriguing entertaining things in it! I laughed, I cried...I don't know! I was on the edge of my seat! Story-wise, I can even say I was more entertained than Relo.

The credits.

no expression huh

Its all about Neo going through the Subway Loop. Trippy!!!

The best part of revolutions is persophenes breasts, especially in Imax format.

it was funny though

Persephone. Red leather mmmmm

Apart from that i thought Matrix, Excellent, M'Reloaded Excellent, Revolutions Cack and an utter waste of a decent story.

Hell Club scene is my fave. It looks ace. But when they are already inside talking to Mero and Persephone. To bad thats the only scene with those 2 and they never really say what they do.

yeah i thought that persephone and merv would play a larger part sad


Smith stole the show with his long winded prophetical one-liners. I reckon that the Hell Club scene was an over indulged bondage scene. I liked the whole movie. But the little things were what made it I think.
I also feel that the Merovigian (sp?) deserved a much larger part in the movie. But Persephone on the other hand. Niiiiiiiiiccccceeeee!!!! big grin

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