flood of crap

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mass newbs and some non newbs are flooding like mad.. most of them dont even say anything other then it sucks dont see it.. your entitled to opinions but atleast give points.. new play dont even respon to their threads.. they will all fall to the bottom shortl if we respond.. even though it can be fun it keeps them active threads and pushes them further.. i think we can also use some mod action here several of these threads serve no purpose other then saying **** the matrix!!!

Hmmm, does the Matrix have competition? You think these people are associated with Mystic River or something? Theyre just stating their opinion about the movie, and if you did an unbiased poll, the majority will say the storylines of Reloaded and Revolutions sucked. It'll be no coincedence. They buried most viewers alive , thats how deep they tried to make people think. Seems to me all youd like is a bunch threads praising the movie. eh, watever. roll eyes (sarcastic)

The acting was dreadful. Particularly most of the scenes in Zion, but nearly every scene felt very forced and hollow. Any scenes that were supposed to be very emotional and heartbreaking instead had me looking at my cell to check the time because they'd drag on soooo loooong and were soooo stilted. The story was very poor and while it may in some crazy a$$ way connect all the loose strands by using our wildest imaginations, the fact remains that it was not logical at all in its' development. How else do you explain all these people who say they loved the first movie and hated this one?? People managed to figure the original Matrix pretty easily, and if the Wachowski Brothers had seen fit to NOT sell out they would have created the best trilogy in the history of moviemaking. I really, REALLY wanted these movies to be good. The Matrix was my favorite movie and probably still is, but M3 is dogshit on the bottom of M1's boot. I don't honestly think that any of you who say you like it could have thought any differently regardless of what happened. It was going to be good no matter what, and you've convinced yourselves it was. Apparently most of the population (INCLUDING people who loved the first movie) disagree with you.

Tired Hiker
Hmm. Very interesting.

this thread could probably be included in the 'flood of crap' you're reffering too.

Tired Hiker

oh heck I'm just going with mah own opinions

All that loved Revolutions; we need to make a united front against these n00bs! The dock is breached!

Noobs are breaking in!

Well, weren't you two noobs a while back. Everyone has got to start from 0. How did people treat you as noobs?

The Omega
There already IS a "Revolutions is crap" thread.
Please go there.
Thank you.

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