Superbrawl=Dragonball Z

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My god, the superbrawl that was so hyped up, was such an anti-climatic fight. It was like a bad DBZ cartoon I saw while at my cousins house. Just about everyone in the theater was angry and yelling for it to stop. I think the WBs need to take a step away from anime and realize what good filmmaking is, like M1.

the way I think of it, Matrix is some sort of DBZ. Okay, I'll give out some things they have in common:
1) Neo conquered his "superman" tecnique. In DBZ, that would also mean one of the most simplest tricks in the bag for a DBZ warrior.
2) Neo and Smith become oh so powerful, and destroy hecka things just with one punch. DBZ...that happens naturally if you've really got the strength.
3) The power where Neo pulls out his hand and stops the bullets. Doesn't the Yamcha guy do this??
Yes, I do think they should step away from all this anime. But think about it, they brought the anime to life somehow. Not like the cheap @$$ movie DBZ pulled out with human characters. laughing out loud But all in all, the fightings great smile

I was waiting for them to go super sayan.

i was waiting for neo to do a hame-hameka (whatever that thing is called), anyway was a so-so fight (flying around like those stupid characters i DBZ), i liked the smithies attack a lot more, but the punch neo did to smith was great, and smith with the lightinings in his back, that was great

Yes finally the topic was made. Man I feel it with you guys...there were ppl booing the screen while this was going on because if you have ever watched DBZ you know you have seen this someplace else.

That fight was so hyped up "we fight on the street , in a building, in the air and finally in a really is a long fighting sequence" pfft please someone clock that thing and just clock the fighting not the talking...I enjoy the talking b/c im always looking for more but the actual fighting is no where near the orginal burly brawl.

Speaking of that the burly brawl was true matrix style that left a person jaw opened and wide eyed, i'll admit the war in zion left me like that, the super burly brawl left me nowhere near that.....i felt as if i were watching the DBZ live action movie set for next year

big grin

Hey dragon did you get to see a special preview of the live-action DBZ movie cuz i think it's still in production. Happy Dance

I was hoping for atleast a dragon ballz type showdown, I was hoping Neo would start throwing Powerballs and Smith thowing Lightning but nooooooooooo, LAME!!!!!

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