its been nice - but goodbye

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i hoped the holes in reloaded might be explained with some brilliant explanations and twists in this third chapter. all i can say is that the wachowskis have exposed themselves as the comic-loving gothic-obsessed inbreds many of us suspected they were, ruined a phenomenon and patronised a hell of a lot of loyal fans.

if they'd come to this forum and read peoples thoughts of matrices within the matrix, merv being a previous one, smith being the one etc they could have turned round a mediocre movie franchise into a subtley subversive trilogy

but sadly due to the abomination that is number 3, i'll never be able to watch reloaded with anything other than scorn now.

the basis was there for a great finale, but sadly its all over

so omega et al, thanks for all the chat and intersting discussion over these last few months. i wish they'd been as clever and adventurous as all our thinking

the themes set up in the animatrix and reloaded are exposed as wishful thinking and i feel saddened to have learnt they spent $200 million on this overblown superman 6

get me an exit....

well if your mad now i wander what youll be when they make number four 4

Fare thee well good fellow. Ave et vale

We're we all duped? Was Revolutions really that bad. I'll admit the ending was kinda korny in my opinion. But what really pissed me off is the accuracy of some of those spoilers out there. I couldn't believe it when I was watching the movie. I just really could not ****ing believe it. If you took certain elements from all the spoilers and posted them in one spoiler you would have the movie scene for scene.

God in heaven it just wasn't what I expected.

well it was everything to be expected, but reloaded set up possibility for so many possibilities no one though about the simple plausible ending

Tired Hiker

Tired Hiker
Hmm. Should I even see it?

True dat rages, but some of those spoilers were way too accurate to have been guesses.

maybe...maybe not. eigther way revolutions was a good end to a great story. could it have been better? yes. but after everything is said and done anything can be better. I think people just gave these movies meaning that was never inteded and never there.

i agree maybe we blew them out of proportion. the first film ended with him flying, and that kiss, and some terible religious speeches but nothing prepared me for the shallow ending. that explanation of how neo stopped the sentinels was like getting a giant fish and slapping me round the face with it.

a waste of a great idea, reduced to a film experience that will look dated and tired in 4 months time. bring on kill bill volume 2.....

ps. its another case of a studio showing too much in a trailer (if you rearrange it, the whole movies there) and forgetting about a story. the first film's technical flaws are still forgotten about 4 years later due to the compelling story.

that will not be said of revolutions....

Perhaps in the future people will have a different perspective on the movie. They will be able to appreciate it more than people who saw the movies when they came out because they are looking at everything in retrospect. It's like Star Wars Indiana Jones, or some other epic trilogy (not Aliens or Terminator) When I watch any of those series, even though they aren't connected they seem great to me.

Because I don't have this narrow minded view of the first movie, and a set idea of where I want it to go, I don't have any expectations for it.

I've read comments by people who love Raiders of the Lost Ark, and A New Hope, but hate the other movies in the series because they went in a direction they didn't like. I dunno maybe that would help explain why some people hate reloaded or Revs

Naw man they were talking about stuff that wasn't in the trailer like Smith throwing the cookies against the wall, and the Archies end dialogue with the Oracle.

but you knew neo was in limbo, that the equation had to be balanced, that there was a big fight, that the docking bay would be breached

i just wanted somehting a bit more cerebral after the last 2 films and i think no matter how much analysing, wishful thinking or post-rationalisation we all do, we have to face it, its a very shallow ending ripping off several influences.

the bit where they all took their gunning posts and caned the sentinels?
star wars

the fight in the columns?
rip off of the foyer shootout (with rubble on the ceiling?)

the dialogue (this is my world! MY world!)

sadly we're not missing anything. i thought them dying was the only logical end: it was the whole being nearer the source explanation for neo stopping the sentinels, the waste of merv and perse, the darth maul-esque appearance of the twins, the banality of a 40 minute machine battle.

yess you CAN read deeply into that.
but i say go watch ghost in the shell (lik the wachowskis did) and see a truly deep movie

i've enjoyed all this discussion though. its people like you that make the matrix movies interesting.

shame the filmakers didn't come here more often eh?

I hated it because the acting was wretched and Hugo Weaving acted with his teeth.

I thought Weaving was the stand out actor in the trilogy. The Agent Smith character is just superb and he pulled it off - the "Me Too" line in Reloaded is just so funny. That laugh. big grin

I have a feeling in years to come Agent Smith will become a bit of a cult character and he will probably attain the same sort of status as Boba Fett.

I'd say that everyone should see it and not just rely on the fact that some small minded people can't accept the plot because they were stupid enough to read it in a spoiler.

Good point audioheem. Why people read spoliers i'll never know. What is the point?

Okay..... my venting. Why did they have to end Revo like that?? They left it so open. I find it utterly annoying that the Brothers did such a thing.

Okay, yes Smith's "Me Too" line in Reloaded was great, made me laugh, but what about Neo's line after he's blinded by Bane?? "I'm fine, but I think you'll have to drive" or something close to that. That in itself made me laugh.

Overall, the entire Revo movie had bad acting by secondary characters. The Kid was more annoying than in Reloaded. And Locke's defense support guys..... please. Wasn't someone hoping, as I was, that Locke would die?? And why wasn't he in the battle?? A true leader would not be as cowardess and stand by while the men he lead fought. HORRIBLE!!

I think Revo ruined the entire trilogy. If it wasn't for the superb graphics (they got rid of the phoney looking crap like that in Reloaded) I think I would have needed to walk straight out of that theatre in front of a car.

One other funny thing.... did anyone else notice the "Tasty Wheat" poster in the train station??

Evil Dead
Should have payed closer attention during the super brawl........ a lot of bad CGI shots when they are fighting in the air. Almost as bad as the Neo w/ pole fighting Smiths in Reloaded.

LOL. The dialogue was a bit cheesy in places, wasn't it? Didn't really bother me though.

ME! ME! ME! - ME TOO!!

You can only tell the CGI if you're looking for faults. Locke is a COMMANDER not a General.. he commands the army; doesn't fight within it. You can't control an entire army when you're on the battlefield itself. I agree the dialogue was a bit cheesy at certain points.

I don't think the CGI is as bad as some people are making out. Granted a couple of the shots looked a little iffy - Neo stepping on the head(s) of Agent Smith in Reloaded spring to mind. Nothing major though.

Tbh i can't think of any movies where the CGI was perfect. Spiderman and The Mummy Returns anyone. Now they were REALLY bad.

Last Starfighter: Best CGI ever stick out tongue

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