Revolution Opinions (Spoilers)

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Rate Revolutions 1 to 10

There's no doubting that was a 10.

yes Happy Dance yes

I'm still trying to figure out what Seraph was.

lil bitchiness
Just got back from it....its great. im just still in shock a bit because of some stuff that i really didnt see coming...amazing. On the other hand, i knew i was gonna like it before i even went to the cinema....

he was an angel.. hey its wingless

serpah means angel.. hes seen in gold code.. hes a protector.. it all fits i said this a long time ago

Not to mention the Mero refers to him as Judas

Oh, and did I forget to say that this film ****ing rocks!!!

mero also says he was the prodigal son...did he work for mero at one point???

the oracle said he had been protecting her for years

Alias Neo
i'll give it 9, due to the really rubbish ending

Well yeah I assumed he used to work for the Merovingian; one of the Devil's Angels like outside the club I guess. But coz "Merv" thinks he's God, he called him Judas.

Great Moive! Everyone go see it now.

The Omega
(weeps but still a 10). That was freaking BRILLIANT!
I've opened, as promised, an official "for those who've watched Revolutions".

Hah you guys are just as blind as anyone still plugged into the dam matrix.

3 out of ten and im being generous.

what people plugged into the matrix?

The Omega
Have you considered, that maybe it is YOU, who are blind, DV?
You have the right to your personal opinion, but don't accuse people of blindness, just because they do not share your views.
Saying so is more part of the system - actually...

I loved it but can only give it a 7 for the ending sad

"3 -- 0 -- 0% "

no one has voted for 3 and this is about 5mins after ur post

The Omega
VenomVa> Why? It was a brilliant ending. SAD, but still brilliant.

I gave it a 3. It wasn't a great movie. It felt so rushed. Trinity - Neo; nah man; that wasn't supposed to happen.

I like the line from Mero about the neuro patterns of Love and Insanity and not being able to tell which is which.

Could some on explain what was wrong with ths moive, if u actually watched it carfully, you would have noticed everything was answered and the ending was really the only one there could be.

a happy ending would suck, and a truce had to be made.....

All the answers?
What did 101 have to do with Merovingian? (the hotel)

Persephone in reloaded: He used to be just like you!??

What did 101 have to do with Merovingian? (the hotel)

nothing, its just a number linked in with m1, it's not a critical part of he story anyway

yea he used to LOVE her.. not her jealousy.. the movies arnt made to hold ur hand and answer every little question specificly.. ur saposed to figure it out.. they tell you a lot.. and some stuff is just left to your imagination

i can understand why some people wont give it a 7 or higher, but i seriously think giving it a 1 is just stupid and stubborn... look at fight scene and effects, you may not think the story is the best, but it deserves more than one, i dont care about your opinions, this film easily gets more than that, grow up and be serious

it is stubborn.. even if you dont understand it.. and you hate the plot.. you have to be entertained by the action and effects atleast.. and you couldnt say its less then a 5 just for film quality not pesonal opinion.. people dont know how to look at things like that though.. especially when they are 14 no offence to anyone young.. but theres lots of immature youngins on here..(not all of you smile )

if i really thought a film deserved a 3 or lower, i would walk out the cinema and never go on a forum referring to that movie again

The Omega
big grin
Okay, usual suspects and regular forumites: Please play nice. The people who come here, say they HATE it, just to get into heated arguments go away again in about three or four weeks. It was the same thing after Reloaded.

i just cant understand how people could give it 1/10, even if you didnt like it for whatever reason, it still deserves a lot more concidering the effects, action and story (the story was easily above a 1/10)

i dont care what your reasons are, this film is not a 1 in anyone's eyes

true true.. although in the official ive seen it thread.. u seem to be gettin into it with virus.. although i think i am too? whoops hehe whistle

The Omega

i'm cool with his opinion, if he didnt like it, fair enough, he has his reasons.... i know i'm just repeating what i said earlier, but how the hell is this film worth 1/10?

brilliant yes but VERY SAD sad sad

The Omega

i gave it an 8 (mostly cuz of the squiddy attack) but i have to say that i wasn't what i expected, well everithing is there ,just like it was suposse to be, but i feel like we (mostly you guys) came out with almost all the answers (except the end, ehh... kinda) and it was like an spoiler (limbo, rama and family, trainman, the blindnees, how neo stop the sentinels, and...), but the zion battle and the hammer chase, that kept at the edge of my seat literally, no other movie has done that to me, that was great...
anyway, a great movie, but i'm still waiting for something

I hate this newb veteran stuff; it's a forum and instead of everyone being seen as members; there has to be some form of classification.

I went to see it at the IMAX. Yes I'm a huge fan.
Well; let me try to explain the 3.
M1 and M2 had me mind boggled. The dialgue in the movies was incredible.
I guess I felt a little cheated because it seemed they concentrated on the action sequences and hollywood broo ha ha of fx instead of a mind warping plot.

I'm still a matrix fan; hell my professional name in the music industry is David "The One" Mendez Btw; my matrix audio edits will be heard on a cd to be released in 2004 ; Sony Red will be distributing it.
I insisted on "the one" being put in the credits between my first and last name; that's being a fan.

I feel I have a right to give it a 3 without being ridiculed or accused of trolling!
I liked the merovingian character too and wanted to see more of him and persephone and I didn't;
If M2 and revolutions was supposed to be one big movie cut in half; then I hated the second half of the movie.
Anyhow; M1 and M2 were and still are great movies.

The first Star wars Trilogy; all of the movies were great and Return of the Jedi wasn't a disappointing sequel; not because of the happy ending but because alot of cliffhangers were clearly explained and it stood in tune iwth the first two.
So was Back to the future and Indiana Jones; those third and final movies in the trilogy flowed.
It just feels like it was rushed and it didn't answer all of my questions.
Sorry that's Just my honest opinion.

u cant rate a film down just because certain characters werent in it for much - hell, there were no twins but i didnt give it 5

the w-bros aint gonna say "yeah, throw in some more merovingian, it'll have f*ck all to do with the story, but do it anyway"

That wasn't the only thing man;
My main points were that it didn't seem to be in tune with the first two movies as far as dialogue and plot.

It seemed way out of tune and I too feel like I'm waiting for more.

I gave it a 9... well, because the movie was effin great but the ending left you wanting more explanation.

there was no way it could have been, really, without being stupid

The Unknown
I gave it a six. Even though there was great action and effects, they were only in the Matrix for the beginning and end. The part with Neo being trapped in the train station wasn't needed at all, except I guess to introduce Sati. The part with Trinity at the Merovingian's club was kinda rushed. They should have had more to do with Neo in the station, other than Trinity just arriving on the train and hugging him. And the part with Trinity, they shouldn'y have killed her off like that. They kept dragging it out, and she kept saying the same thing. Hopefully in The Matrix Online, Neo will be a program or something and we'll get to see him.

Im sorry I love the first Matrix movie and thats it , it stood on its own. I give matrix 3 a ropping 1 out of 10 worst acting by certain individuals and the death of trin I love her. Come on people are we watching the matrix or freaking terminator god!

The Unknown
Yeah, the first one was great, and the last half of the second one was awesome, but this one was disappointing.

1 word for you guys..........Mediocre......this movie was AVERAGE, reloaded was better as was matrix 1....revo = disney happy green fields ending...not cool...also, it felt like one scene was moving to the next so quickly, that it wasnt even worth having some scenes...

I completly agree , and i quote from the ending .

"Look oracle the sun is rising"

"Did you do that "?

the sun shines bright and we stare at it for 10 minutes ooooooh boy i smell cheese.

This forum tends to be full of the hardcore fanatics, so its hard not to get a bias opinion

I really liked how just in reloaded this movie took on it's own style to the trilogy. Each movie holds it's own style. Not only in action, but in story as well The first of course gave us the story, and ended with a mind blowing scene that the whole movie hinted to. The second took everything from the orginal and multiplied it by a 100. The first movie was both gritty and sleak. Reloaded was more of just sleak clean movie that was more of an opera with dialogue, beatifull fighting and extreme plot twists.

Now to revolutions. Revolutions was brilliant because it diddnt focus on feeding you with more explanations and plot presentation. It told you what you needed to know, then it focused the rest of the movie on suspense and took on a dark, straight to the point style. It also kept it's trademark style from the previous films. I gave it an 8. It was great it kept great pace. However the ending even though it was shocking, it was still a bit anti climactic. It left a lot to be questioned and answered aswell. I believe if revolutions is well recieved, and gets alot of positive fan response. We will see another matrix movie. I doubt it will do aswell as reloaded though

At this point, 19 people voted a 10. Doesnt that mean that this movie couldnt possibly be any better? Some of you people were obviously hi on something when watching this movie. No room for improvement in this.. lol Wake up people, and stop voting 10 because you were dazzled by computer animation.


No it wasnt computer animation. It was the story that was assisted with computer animation that everyone loves. If you actually watch the amtrix movies you will see that the movie doesnt rely on CGI. I know it couldnt have been done without it. But unlike every other action movie. The action in the matrix rely's on the story, instead of the story relying on the action.

Wow, I would almost feel dissed by this if I HADNT seen the first Matrix about 20 times, Reloaded about 10, and seen Revolutions this morning. I think Im qualified to say that the great STORY you speak of ended with a phonecall to the machines in M1. After that its a hysterical mess, they had a chance to really make people think about what life is all about, and they dropped the ball.

The story diddnt end with a phone call. It ended Neo's discovery in becomming The one. It left a gapping door for a sequal. So that door was entered. It started a whole new story. The hysterical mess you claim it to be turned out to be beautifull cinematic history. MAking people think about what life is really about isnt there job, and wasnt tehre intentions. They had a story they wanted to tell. They told it perfectly. reloaded and revolutions was made with fans in mind, this is one reason they were filmed back to back. They did indeed give a story to make people think though. The way they presented the story is very thought provoking. The plot of this movie is very simple, however they mixed several philosophies and different beliefs into how they presented it.This was done not only to give the movie a substance.

Maybe Seraph used to be a super enforcer or a follower of the architect (Jesus) then he discovered the architect is a lamer then sided with the oracle (Satan)

I gave it a 7. It was defitnely better than average (5) but its not as good as the previous 2 (imho.) As i've stated elsewhere i hope its a grower and rewards more viewings. It certainly felt like that. Maybe in a years time i'll look back and say "i can't believe i only gave that a 7."

Who knows?

By Anime fans you mean Dragon Ball Z fans right?

This is just a simple post to give my opinion on the Revos.

I would hope othere will follow suit and JUST post their opinions and reactions to others opinions this way its in one thread and everyone doesnt have to trapse through all the threads!

NB. i dont know if this has been done yet if so i apologise!

I thought revo was awesome, obviously not as amazing as M1 and certainly less supressing as M2! Altho the diologue was very forced and very unprecise, unlike in the original! The plot was well driven and gave good stead to anyone watchin the film, i thought the superbrawl suffered from too much repitition, altho the close up of Neo punching smiths face was incomprehensibly brilliant. The progression of the movie was strong, the scenes of the Zion 'war' were at times to long but still visually imprssive, the. And Neo's transition to uber-messiah, literally raising his hand to everything was classic, and the ending i think fater proper dvd analysis will be learnt and loved if not liked. I believe that the film has stood up for the legacy a trilogy should have, a strong begining, a motivated middle and a finishing end. I would have liked to of seen morpheus do a 'Neo Style, End of M1' phone call, tying up the sequel, but if i was hoping; i would say the W Bros have got something planned!

I saw it twice on the same day back to back!- Thats all im saying on the subject for now- enjoy!

Plas evil face

The Omega
There exists a thread for Rating Revolutions along with a poll.
Let's take the reviews there, okay? smile

The Omega
Merging with "Rate Revolutions"

Whatever it is (I did not see it yet)

It is going to be awesome stick out tongue

I trusted the WC bros. twice and they did not fail me.

I saw it again yesterday night; again it stunk. The dialogue really is bad. Enter The Matrix had better dialogue/plot.

They ufcked it all up. Rushed!!!!!!

Thank heavens George Lucas is taking his time with the final chapter of the prequel in Star Wars.

Gave it a 7, I actually did not mind the end it wrapped things up alright and left it open for what they want to do (i.e. games, books, etc.). However, I did leave the movie feeling as though I wanted more, not in the way of another film but more from the film we had.

im giving it 9

i gave it a 9 yesterday an hour after seeing it. I wud now revise my opinion o a 10 as the more i thought about it the more it seems like the best possible way to end the films (with a hint of more to come). My only dissapointment was the ropey cgi effects of the superbrawl but the hel club s&m stylings and the zionite fighting with miffunes outweighed my reservations. it was amazing

my personal opinion - "if it were a woman, i would marry it"

The Omega
Dave> smile

I gave it a 10! The more I think about it, the more brilliant it becomes.
And that just because of this fact, I'm not giving it a 9 (my original thought as I wasn't DONE when the movie ended).

<davetheonemende>we get it.
By the way i gave it a 6.Somehow, impossibly,the Zion Battle scene bored me beyond belief.And i'm supposed to like battle scenes like this.

I voted 10, because it was exactly as expected, and even better. I dont compare movies to movies outside of the trilogy/franchise. So according to the matrix, this movie is great.

Ok, Of course i gave it a 10...

Also, for those of you saying you dont like it because of the fact that Mero and Perse weern't in enough of it, let me tell you something...I am betting that there will either be another Animatrix, or a comic, that goes into detail about Mero, Perse, the Twins, perhaps even Seraph...In fact, I will be disappointed if they don't visit the first matrix at least once, i dont care what form of media it is, i just wanna see/read/hear about it...i wanna know what it was like, if Archie, Oracle, Mero, Perse, Seraph, Twins, etc were in that one, and what their purpose was, and what their characters were like...

I gave it a 4 just because the ending ruined the entire trilogy for me.

as the official quotes and picture poster....
on that theme... ghosts program bed..

the movie is easily a 10. Plus thats the only way they could've ended the movie, because if people that where still plugged in that weren't ready to be unplugged got unplugged they would've died.

Too be perfectly honest I thought it was a pretty good finale to the story. Although the majority of my friends feel it was absolutely terrible, I found it to be a bit more watchable then Reloaded.

I certainly wouldn't call it amazing, since there is nothing that I found particularly spectacular about it... it was still fun to watch, if for no other reason then just the cool effects and fights.

The bets part is that it didn't have a huge amount of that lame religious metaphorical mumbo jumbo that I felt plagued Reloaded. Instead if felt more like the first one, cool action scenes and more character driven. Although the character development was too little to late, and I still didn't really care about what happened to the characters.

However, as I said it kept me entertained, and while it wasn't the best movie of the year, it certainly was a worthy finale to a series that, frankly, I don't think should have even been a series. I still feel it would have been a better idea had they stopped after the first one....but they didn't, so rating against other finales, it was pretty decent.

7.5 - 10

It's a 9/10 for me

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