To The Usual Suspects: Your Revolution? (Spoilers)

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The Omega

Seeing the word God spelled on the bottom part of the refrigerator while neo is standing next to it was weird.

Seeing Neo sprawled out as if he were being crucified and seeing the light on his chest in the image of the crucifix almost made me cry; for I know what happens after such a sacrifice. But we don't see him again; he doesn't rise. At least not yet.

I'm disappointed with the ending; seeing the cat signinfies a change in the matrix program. We saw it in M1 and in animatrix. So that was nothing new.

Merovingian could have played a bigger role; but that's all about choice and that was up to the Wachowski's.

Trinity; gone and Neo couldn't bring her back; I was shocked but reality started to set in.

I don't know what else to say but I just didn't enjoy it as the previous two and this didn't feel like a sequel that tied it all together.


I wanted the movie to be bigger. I ultimately hope that the bros will make an extended version like LOTR in which they explain more things. But I liked it! And I am thinking about it all day long! And I want to see it again like 40 times!

The Omega

dave is right to a certain extent...Neo died and has not arrised, but he will, and that forshadows how the Matrix will loop again and again and again, except certain aspects changing ever so slightly...all the old programs will be there because they exist on different servers than teh matrix but are plugged into the same network...the matrix will loop again and the WB's dont need to make another trilogy cause they already have, M1, M2, and M3 is a never ending trilogy

I'm happy with it the way it is....I think no more should be explained...Kind of like a Hitchcock effect! I do want to see it more...I think this is the end of Neo's story, and Trin is gone! sad But other stories shall come thru on-line!! big grin


sad *wipes away tears*

The Omega
Korri> Here
Kleenex, comfort and cookies.

oh, korri, im so sorry, none of thought they would kill him, honestly we didn't...come here, have a cookie, and a hug *gives Korri the biggest, most feel-good hug EVER*

I loved it, it was great...everything i expected...especially seeing Neo's body glowing of light, and then the sunrise that looked EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Is Trinity dead? Yes. Is Neo dead? yes and no...yes, he is dead, in that he will not get up and walk to Zion, however, he is still very much alive and a part of the matrix, but "the sum is greater than the parts". How is this tied into Matrix Online? WHO knows?


sad im so sad

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