Wait a minute here...*revos spoilers*

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OK, i've been hearing a lot of this "when Smith assimilated Neo the machines unplugged him/corrected the program(Smith), and that's how Smith died." There is a huge plothole in that. Smith had taken over hundreds of humans hardwired to their system, so they could have fixed it in the exact same way using one of them.

Some other (not-so) quick things -
I think the whole explanation of Neo's vision and powers of machines in the real world is quite hollow. He was connected to the source, so he could see and control sentinels? Huh? Since when can machines modify a human mind, incidentally, to give it metaphysical (ESP-like) powers? Since when were human minds capable of such things ("ESP"wink in the first place?
Why in gods name did the machines keep their word to the now incapacitated/dead/whatever he might be Neo? Why would they reveal the truth of the matrix ("the ones who want to be freed" - Archie) and then actually free them ("they will be freed" - Archie.) Perhaps they found a new power source?


I have tons more to say but that's enough for now. Just a non-plot related comment -
Did anyone think the new Oracle was really lacking, and this movie was missing alot without her? Did anyone find it ironic (as sad as it might be) that she died of diabetic complications, and in the movies she's all "I LOVE cookies", "I LOVE candy"?

MC Mike
No, when they got rid of Smith AND Neo, the equation was balanced...

yea just killing smith wouldnt do it.. btw watch the movie closer they didnt unplug neo until after smith was dead

If they didn't unplug Neo until after Smith was dead, then how exactly did Smith, and Neo, die?

Because Neo had touched the source, Smith touched the source too by taking over Neo, the machines found his source code and delete him. Or something like that smile

The Unknown
Smith was defeated because Neo allowed him to infect him. That created a connection between Neo and the billions of other Smiths. The machines then sent a pulse or antivirus into Neo, thus affecting the Smith that had taken over Neo. Because of the connection to every other Smith, the antivirus spread throughout them, freeing everyone that Smith had taken over.

Actually, ESP can exist...but anyway!
His powers were not just to stop the sentinels, I think it was more so he could see the machine world!...I mean....he was also capable of seeing thru Bane!

Actually, it is a basic premise of the film that the human mind can me modified- downloaded skills, Smith inhabiting Bane etc.

Likewise Neo- whose consciousness has been altered by the rpocess, even though he is still fundamentally human.

It's not necessarily ESP. He can just access the Matrix without a hardline- not fundamentally different from using a mobile phone rather than a landline.

And when was it done? Whilst plugged into the Matrix! That is where the potential for the code is, that is where he mind was altered.

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