What the heck is revolutions about????

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to all who have seen revolutions-
i have many a question to ask
1) Does the oracle work with or against the machines? Why?
2) How does see in the real world? And how does he stop the sentinals?
3) Are there multiple matrices or is neo just connected to the machines even in the "real" world?
4) what does the oracle mean when she says that we will be seeing neo again?
5) Where were sati's parents coming from and what happened to them since sati ended up in the matrix?
6) Can programs exist anywhere else besides the matrix? train station?

please post responses that make sense

read the other threads about revos. this will get answered

Yea check out my thread called "For those who did not like revo".


1) against

2)Neo's powers extend past the limits of the matrix(the oracle said this). Neo's sees things by the amount of energy they give off, his "fire" vision is actually the objects energy level, kind of like Infrared...

3)Neo is connected to the Source when in the real world when he invades Smith's body in M1, he gains a bit of the code required to communicate with the source. There is no MWAN.

4)She could mean that once the peace ends, The One will be reborn and the cycle will start over, its an endless loop.

5)Saite's parents both programs who built a program out of love and carma, left Saite on the Oracle's doorstep in order to keep Merovigian from deleting her...Her parents are merely programs with AI that learned what love is. And a program without a purpose is first exiled and then deleted if necessary.

6)We've seen that a program that exisits outside the matrix, ie. Smith is not a program any more once he leaves, but a virus of the mind. Yes they can exist outside the matrix if they do what Smith did.

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