The "fields"? *very minor revos spoilers*

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They say in revos that no one has come within however-many (1000?) KM of the machine city. They say in Reloaded, I do believe, that they haven't been to the surface in a very long time if at all. Now, how could Morpheus have "seen the fields with his own eyes" where humans are "grown" and hardwired to the matrix if this is true? (Unless, of course, the "fields" are no where near the machine HQ, and possibly underground if what i'm remembering is correct, which doesn't make sense to me.)

Which leads us on to a 2nd in hell do they "unhook" people from the matrix anyway? Why wouldn't the machines just put a stop to this, I don't imagine it would be very difficult.

Sorry if this is obvious stuff that's been discussed before.

the fields are outside the machines defenses so its possible morpheous has seen it.. they should of just took a few ships the field and emp'd the hell out of it.. yea theyd kill a lot of people but the machines would loose all their batterys

MC Mike
They are above ground, far from the city, and Morph was just on the surface once a long time ago anyway.

How damn old is Morpheus?

I agree Nephalim27, If I wanted to get picky I would question WHY the machines didn't just cut all the hardlines to prevent the (exiled) humans from jacking in. Then again, you could argue they needed those lines to let the human(batteries) jack in and those are the lines that are being hacked. weak) but ok...
Then again, looking more into it, isn't in necessary for them to let people JACK back in, otherwise they wouldn't have the repeated destruction of Zion (we are getting exceedingly more efficient at it)

Just thoughts

Well...there is something odd about the age of people in Zion...if i'm correct in assuming, Morpheus has been around since the beginning cuz he says a line in reference to that. He says something like, blah blah and freed the first of us. I'd say he's well over 100 years old...but that doesn't matter once your in the matrix...cuz "You think thats air your breathing?"

The Unknown
Where did you get that from? How can Morpheus be over a hundred years old?

I don't know about Morpheus's age....but I'm sure he must have flown over the crops at some point...Most of the pilots knew exactly which were the coordinates of the location of machine they could have very well gone there.

there are two different fields....1) where humans are grown 2) where humans' energy is harvested and converted into power for the Revolutions we see some of teh fields where they are grown near the Machine HQ and in M1 we see more of these fields but nowhere near teh HQ....all the fields are scattered around the world just like a crop..they can free people just like they did Neo from the power fields

I'm sure the expression "freed the first of us" is not LITERAL. He means the Zionists, not necessarily himself

The Unknown
And besides, even Neo has seen the fields with his own eyes. Remember in Part 1, he looks around at the other eggs with people inside. Morpheus probably did the same.

ohhhhh wait a second...i think Morph is very old actually....when morph said it was then that they freed the first of us...thats when teh previous One chose to free the select group to rebuild Zion...thats how they were freed before

The Unknown
He meant the first people of Zion, he didn't mean that he was one of the 23 freed...

The point is,Morpheus could have very well seen the pods! roll eyes (sarcastic)

he said "The first of us" he may have meant himself....but then again, if he was some of the first, i think he'd be more than a Captain, so nevermind, i was wrong, i stand corrected by my own words smile

I think Noola is right..he probably meant "the first of us" as the first of his generation...not necessarily HIM...

To COMPLETELY sort this out...

1. Whilst it is doubtful the surface is safe, people DO go there- to rescue humans, and for other reasons (like the Osiris). It is apparently perfectly possibler to go there and check things out- like the growing fields

2. Morpheus was indeed talking of the One and the first freed humans, not himself.

This point is pretty much answered- does anyone have anything useful to add?

Captain REX
Morpheus is in his 30's or 40's.

The fields are spanned out a bunch, so not all of them and next to the city.

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