I think I've figured one thing out

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Maybe I am an idiot but what is the little girl? I know she is a program, but in the end she says I made that for Neo, i think meaning the sun, so is she something more special???

Any ideas would be appreciated...

It really dosnt matter cause the W. bros left it so open M3 might as well have been 23 minutes all of which were zion fight and just ended...so bad

Alias Neo
i didn't understand that part of the movie, achie also said that the people in the matrix who wanted out could be freed, but wouldn't the machines lose some of their power?

I have many thoughts on the little girl. Does any one know of any connections the name or an influence for the charactor outside of the movie? I am sort of confused why the child is "more importand than you me the one or zion." _not direct quote but from ETM.

anyone with a negative view (IE "she had no purpose," "waste time," "she was filler" "Im a stupid prick/****" et cetera) please go type the shit that spews from your mouth in another thread, this one I hope will maintain cRap free...

she is filler. But she gives a little insight into how machine society (if you can call it that) works.

I think she was the program that wrote sunrises

atleast she had a purpose now

Sati does not have a purpose. She was not created to govern sunrises. However, due to the nature of her existence, she is more powerful than other programs, meaning she can rewrite the matrix, which she does, "for Neo".

the little girl was so sweet *wipes tears from eyes*

Sati makes absolutely no sense, and the part where she makes the sunrise is quite 'flamboient'. It simply dosnt fit the gothic dark gloomy theme that the other two movies started.

She made the Sky for him

she was meant to be a positive character, shame she cant act


HEY HEY she was a cute little kid get off her back!!! You want to see shitty child acting check out Jake Lloyd in Episode One (the scene with him and Natalie Portman (sigh smile)... the "angel" one - GAG-).


Of course it doesn't fit with the gloomy atmosphere and that was the point. Actually, it wasn't because they don't bother making points, there is no point smile

MC Mike
...good point.

Sati was born from the love of 2 programs. She knows love. She can feel it. She is innocent. I believe Sati has produced the feeling of love and the knowledge of sincerity for the machines. That way they kept their word and stopped/paused the war.

i read that the little is the only anomally to be made by the two humans and machine together out of love and not war. so i guess she is all mighty or something?

If Sati is not mentioned in TMO...we will never find out. I hope the W bros give an interview and reveal everything smile

The little girl, Sati.

Based on a combination of what I've read in previous topics, and my own opinions, I think I realize what she represents, in my quest to realize the deeper meaning of all the characters and references.

I have seen the question posed pertaining to the sunrise that the girl makes at the end of the movie. It's a very simple answer as to why she does that, and the answer is "because she can". In The Matrix, Morpheous explains to Neo that before him, there was one born in the Matrix who could control it as he saw fit. Contrary to popular belief, this person is not Neo, nor is it a man. Neo, nor any humans were born in the Matrix- they were born in the real world, and hooked up to the Matrix.

Who was born in the Matrix, then? Sati. When Sati wakes Neo up at the Mobile St. train station, we learn that Sadt's mother and father birthed a girl with no purpose. She was not a written program, nor a renegade program- but a girl born in the Matrix- the ONLY one to ever be born in the Matrix.


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makes sense to me smile

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What is the topic?

The Unknown
No, they meant the people that didn't accept the Matrix program, like Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, etc.

Sati (Su-thi , a.k.a. suttee) is the traditional Hindu practice of a widow immolating herself on her husband's funeral pyre.

"Sati" means a virtuous woman. A woman who dies burning herself on her husbands funeral fire was considered most virtuous, and was believed to directly go to heaven, redeeming all the forefathers rotting in hell, by this "meritorious" act. The woman who committed Sati was worshipped as a Goddess, and temples were built in her memory.

Sati was prevalent among certain sects of the society in ancient India, who either took the vow or deemed it a great honor to die on the funeral pyres of their husbands. Ibn Batuta (1333 A.D.) has observed that Sati was considered praiseworthy by the Hindus, without however being obligatory. The Agni Purana declares that the woman who commits sahagamana goes to heaven. However, Medhatiti pronounced that Sati was like suicide and was against the Shastras, the Hindu code of conduct. It is believed that they were not coerced, although several wives committed Sati. The majority of the widows did not undergo Sati.

me 2 smile

I agree.

does make sense.. but she was written.. thats how you make a program she just wasnt written with a purpose

What were the names of her parents. this might shed some light on the topic, becuase could find refence or any anagrams to their names.

She wasn't written. She was born. Watch that part again for clarification, if need be.

Ya, but she was still a program when she was born so tech, so was still written.

I think you're thinking a little too logically. The reason why she can do anything in the matrix, is because she wasn't written. She definitely was born in the matrix- the trainman was the only way she could get back there.

Maybe your right, but I could have swore that I read somewhere that she was an exciled program or something along that line.

Let me copy my posting from another thread:

I was thinking about importance of the girl, Sati. Obviously, she is in the movie not without a reason. Probably that is the first time program like this is created in The Matrix, and it has to do with love - a human emotion. Must be a part of Oracle's plan, since Sati ended up being with Oracle after leaving Mobil ave. Then I found this (.../forums/showthread.php?threadid=12746&perpage=20&pagenumber=1):

"This we get from ETM:
Ghost: Can you tell me what happened to you?
Oracle: Two programs that I trusted sold the termination code of my original shell to the Merovingian.
Ghost: Why did they do that?
Oracle: For love. For the life of their child.
Ghost: You knew about it, and yet you let it happen?
Oracle: I had to.
Ghost: Why?
Oracle: Because the child is important. I can't tell you why, but I believe one day, the child will change both our world and your world forever".

This seems to be the key to understanding Revoltuions. How did Sati change both worlds?

- did she change Matrix to be "more human"? Then what?
- did she help Oracle to make choices, undestand human nature?
- or it has to do with Smith absorbing Sati, Oracle knew that would happend, so that was the plan?

And then the ending. Sati created the sunrise for Neo, for next Neo?

Another thought I've got. Did Smith want to destroy Matrix before he visited Oracle? Or did Oracle make him want to do that? Or it was Sati - maybe through her Smith have gotten irrational/human emotions.

And that (his wish to destoy Matrix) was a good thing because that made possible the deal between Neo and the machines.


what does that have to do with any thing, well it was a pretty cool story, but really where does that fit into Rev.?

If you want all your questions answered, just read the bible. Matrix is basically a rip off of that book.

By destroying the Matrix, Smith could destroy human life, which as you might remember from Matrix I, he hated. Human life, that is.

Ask W. brothers cool
There is something about saving the universe though

oh ok, man why did the brothers have to make this frigin movie so complicated!!!!! errrrr, I simply love it!!!! my brain's about to explode..............If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college. smile

I saw her as a messenger....A ray of light in Neo's lost moment...Thru the eyes of a child u can see truth! Perhaps she is a future shell for the Oracle....Otherwise, why would she be looking after her so much!?

Does anyone remember from the first matrix when morpheus was telling neo about the matrix and oracle. he said that there was one born inside the matrix, the oracle. Could the little girl be a new oracle.

This is all just off the top of my head, but its just a thought

no, there is no need for a new oracle. the Oracle has, indeed, "been with us since the beginning". she will not die.

No...but we have seen that she changes shell! She could very well always be the same Oracle starting anew with the shape of Sati...Doesn't she teach her to make cookies? big grin She is the messenger of love when Neo is lost, and the Oracle's future!

The Unknown
The Oracle is watching after Sati because the parents asked her to.

l think the girl was just a programmme that the oricle wanted to use to write programmes for humans who choose to stay in the matrix.the oricle beleived there woul;d be peace and she needed someone to help make a programme like the sun viw we saw.thats why she had the girl transported into the matrix.to be ready to write the pleasant programmes for those hooked in.

The Unknown
No, the two parent programs said that the Oracle was going to watch over her because they had to leave the Matrix forever.

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