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All you see is confusion and people asking questions and many of you feel this is the best movie youve ever seen. Movies arent supposed to be like this . The only way people can understand these last two movies is if you play video games, majored in Philosophy , watch cartoons and come to this forum where Meta and Jedi will show you the way ! The storyline of the last two movies SUCKED, there was absolutely no need to go as deep as they did.. only to satisfy 5% of the viewers that worship these movies as if its a religion.
I hope the Wachowski's never make another movie for the rest of their lives. BUT.. of course thats exactly what theyll do in a few years when they read a passage in the bible and get the whole storyline for an M4.

My last rant about this puke, I promise.

I'm speechless with a flurry of emotion and tumult

or rather wordless seeing that I'm really not speaking...

you can understand the movie without going deep.. and this is what their movie is about.. theres no set rules about how a movie has to be done.. it made money so people saw it. its what they wanted.. dont see any more of their movies if you dont want to

i disagree, but then you already knew i was going to do that, didnt you?

Look at K-Pax. a brilliant film that leaves a hell of alot of questions unanswered, but i loved it.

The Matrix may have its flaws, but at least its got people talking about it, which is always good.

I don't think u need to MAJOR in any of those subjects...if there is such a thing! But about the story lines being crappy...Nah! The whole story was written as a trilogy before hand. The Wachowski's just didn't bring out 1 & 2, bcuz they wanted to be sure of the response of the crowd! But it's their story, and they can bloody well do whatever they want w/ it! Matter of fact, I think they r geniuses, and they posed interesting questions about life as we see it in general!!
They ended it as it needed to be ended...Neo couldn't have hung in the air w\ power just like that! Full circle! Purpose! All those things! That's life! Tough!

Gee, you do not need to know a darn thing to follow the last film!

The appeal of the matrix lies in the fact that it is so diverse in it's approach that anyone and everyone are free to relate (or not relate) to it.

The producers made their bucks, the philosophers were given something new area to ponder about. Believe me, hating or loving matrix makes no diffrence for hate is not the opposite of love smile If you really did not care then you would not have even bothered to be here...Then there's the bit for those who love fx. Angles were all covered.

Many of my pals love movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. I don't. I do not like Harry Potter either. I think the movie Lord of the Rings did not do justice to the books, but hey I watched them and I gave tyhe box income...My point is, we may like the same movies ... or not, but we are all here and as the Neo said.... "Choice."

The matrix is like any good, classic book, it is only as good as what you put into it. If you dont wanna put time into it, then you wont enjoy it as much, or you wont understand it as much. You can still be happy watching the movie for the movie, but the connotations etc inherent to these movies are too great to overlook as if they weren't there.

I think people like asking questions to a movie that asked them. All good movies ask a question. Its just up to us to decide how to answer them.

Memento is a great example. In it, we have to ask if what we remember is what make us. Does our reality soley rely what we can and cannot recall?

Anyone seen that movie?!?? that will surly bake your noddle!!

BTW...Guy Pearce should have gotten more acclaim for his role in that movie.

i know (we all know) that the movie didn't have and strong story, but it was good. i don't understand why you say that they weren't supposed to go as deep as they did, they just didn't, the answers were simple, one after the other. Movies are supposed to be like this, a good movie got you talking about it, for years, bad movies just come and go. i don't agree with you when you say that "the only way people can understand these last two movies is if you play video games, majored in Philosophy , watch cartoons and come to this forum" i know lots of ppl, who by the way, havn't even heard of this forum, or even seen the matrix official page, and they understand the whole movie, some not very well, other a lot better, but still get the idea of the movie, or at least enjoyed it cuz it's fun. i won't bother talking about the FX, wich are awesome.

if you didn't like a least a lil' bit reloaded, then what were you doing here?, you must've liked something of it. iknow revo can be disappointing, but there are great,fun things in it.

and i f you don't wanna see another wacho movie, just don't. it's your free will and i don't think someone would make you see it, if you don't want to

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