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For many weeks, people have been posting spoilers to Revolutions. Now that the movie is out, those who saw the movie can tell is how accurate the spoilers are and I'm giving you the chance to express your anger at them.
I have not yet seem Revolutions, but I have fallen victim to a believable spoiler. Once I see it, I be sure to tear the spoiler apart and hunt the spoilist down to the ends of the Earth!

MC Mike
I read a random part of a spoiler and was like - Pfft...

But it was true!!! sad

i read one ages and ages ago but it turned out fto be alot of bulsch!!

ironically, it was a spoiler that brought me here, i now hate them smile

It was funny, i read so many spoilers, in order to discredit them, that as i was watching the movie, i was like, i remember that, that was similar, that was so far off, that was not even close... i suspect it was the same for Omega...

The Omega

I haven't read any early spoilers, just semi-recent ones. I didn't read it on this forum, but from another website that had a lot of hard evidence, like pics from the movie. As of right now, there is a chance that I will see Revolutions this Sunday, and I'll commint on how accurate the spoilers were and, maybe read a few more for fun.

On a side note, I really thank you guys for replying to my thread. I am honored to have posts from such high-ranking members. Do check out my other thread about how critic rated Revolution poorly. Thanks a lot!

How about if you don't want to read spoilers, you simply skip over the thread.

Lord Soth
I avoid spoilers like the plague. I refuse to any anything more than the trailers reveal, just because the level of excitement is proportionate to how much you know going in

I read the one spoiler that said Neo killed both the Twins in Rev....that was total BS! lmao

Now that I saw Revolutions, it's time to trash some spoilers. The spoilers that I read were close to being accurate, but were ult wrong.
I read something the machine brought Neo's body to the main-machine. That never happened. A second one gave a bigger role to Pers, can't remember what right now. Wrong again. My point is that while the spoilist nailed the major points, any Matrix fan could of done that. A true spoiler would of told amount minor details that haven't been mentioned in trailers.

you would still read it if it was right, right?*Nods up ad downn eagerly*

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