Who Thinks Revolutions Was Useless !!!

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Lord Soth
Are you basing the opinion that the movie sucked just because of the ending? I agree that the ending wasn't very good, but the rest of the movie was the s**t.

You know what, I was pissed how they did M2 but gave them the benefit of the doubt that the last of the trilogy would fix everything. WHAT A HUGE LET DOWN... they should of stopped at M1. These mutherfuks obviously only care about money and special effects. Now all the over analyzing people will jump in here and defend this piece of junk. You shouldnt have to analyze ANY movie that in depth.. you shouldnt have to play video games, watch cartoons and read comic books to get critical information. These people fukin ROBBED us and ruined a good thing.

I was wating to see neo go like super sayin on smith and "rewrite the matrix as he saw fit" it was just to jesus like at the end. he should have beatin' the shit out of smith and then gone to see the architect agan knowing that he had to reload the matrix.

this is the kind of ending that someone makes when they want to hav another sequal, and yet it is impossible to make another one. Neo is dead, the war is over, and the ending was something that u can only find in the anal crevaces of Queen Latifah. It kind of reminds me of the Terminator 3 movie, where the ending is something that needs a sequal, but they cant. The Matrix is over and it is over on the worst note u can think ofthumb down

I just wanna kill myself im so disapointed. i feel like i've been raped in the ass by all of smiths clones

I disagree, they left this end open so that these money hungry bastards can one day DO a 4th movie. I guarantee that one day there WILL be a Matrix4, regardless as to what theyre SAYING now. As soon as Keanu realizes he's not getting any other job opening other than Sweet December he'll be back in blink of an eye.

i believe that they made Neo into a program, u know how all programs that do their job is invisible? Well maybe he is a rainbow now

I dont give a rats ass i just want andy and larry to die a slow and painful death to pay for killing the matrix trilogy

Captain REX
Another stupid thread about people being pissed off. For the last time, nobody cares if you are angry!


Absolutely the WORST POSSIBLE WAY to end a great series!!! Do you all remember the feeling you had after the first movie? Well, I do. And I know I didn't feel like I'd beaten over the head with a blunt object like I have with this movie. M1 was one of the most original movies to come out of Hollywood EVER, and look how far we've come. Revolutions is filled with every cliche, corny line, and self-serving BULLSHIT that the Wachowski Bros. could cram in to little over 2 hours. For all you people defending it, I seriously can't believe you enjoyed the first (and to a lesser extent the second) movie. Don't you feel USED???? Doesn't having to come up with your OWN reasons to defend the plot holes make you the LEAST bit angry???? And tying them up in a ****ing online game is just about the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Worst $9.50 I have EVER spent, and I really would like to hear what you people defending it have to say other than "Duh, you don't understand it." What is there to understand???? That Trinity's death makes absolutely no ****ing sense in the storyline? That the invasion of Zion and that bullshit with the kid was NOT in fact the corniest acting ever?? That the Merovingian added absolutely NOTHING to the storyline other than filler for the first 30 minutes??? Come on people, to quote Rage Against the Machine in M1, WAKE UP!!!!! This was two guys ****ing SELLING OUT, plain and simple. They painted themselves into a corner in M2 and what did they do? Well, they just smashed the walls down, grabbed the Wizard of Oz script, and decided to have a warm fuzzy ending. Is there any DOUBT that the Matrix movies would have ended 10 times better if the Matrix were just reloaded again and the cycle was repeated????? My god.....I'm so pissed I just wanna ****in find those two idiots and ask them "WHERE THE **** IS THE REAL MOVIE, BECAUSE THAT SURE AS HELL WASN'T IT!!!!!"

I agree with you on some notes, but keep in mind that M2 and M3 were made simultaneously, so they didnt back themselves into a corner, the whole mess was actually planned.
Like I said in other threads, after M1 it was strictly about special effects and making money. Not only do they sell these 2 junkie movies, but they sell cartoons, video games and comics, They put important information in each and people that see ONLY the movie are left with a ton of confusion. I developed a slight hatred towards these brothers.

thank GOD i didn't buy the MATRIX & RELOADED DVDs.

I have a great QUALITY backup of both of them in DVD-Rs and i don't pretend to pay a cent for REVOLUTIONS.

REVOLUTIONS will stay on DVD-R too, in my closet. The Trilogy SUCKS.

I Think George LUCAS is behind the REVOLUTIONS failure. HEHE.

Trinity had to die, to get Neo to sacrifice himself, to save the matrix, just as Trinity had to enter the matrix in Reloaded to get Neo to make the right decision. The merovingian is a good representation of a program, in that he cannot understand human feelings, cannot understand the lengths the human mind and psyche is willing to go for love. If Revolutions had ended with the cycle being continued, there would have been three movies for NO REASON!! IN revolutions, when the Matrix is reset, basically, from the destruction caused by Smith, it was the best possible ending, because the ONE ended the war, brought freedom for his people. THe Architect said it himself, the humans that dont accept it can be freed, plain and simple. I found nothing wrong with Revolutions, no plot holes, no loose ends, nothing. It is the conclusion to the trilogy, and, if i dont say so myself, was a DAMN GOOD ENDING. Co-existence was chosen, by both human and machine, and they can live in harmony. I want to know what plot holes you are refering to.

finally jedi i was waiting for you to get on all night to stand up for the movie! although i feel the movie did its own job of that. i liked the way it ended

sorry, morgan, wasnt able to see it until 11 Eastern Standard Time...Had Chem lab and classes i couldnt miss...but it was worth the wait...

definelty was. i had chem lab early i got lucky. so much negativity has been posted on the movie i thought it was great.

Simply amazing to me that machines pity the humans and just do an about face.. even if they DID make a deal with Neo. So now we have man and machine living in harmony.. right?

The machines are still growing their crops of people to plug into a replica world.. and people still have to basically stay within Zion, not only because its still their best defense to an always looming POSSIBLE attack, but because the sun is still blacked out and Im sure the temperature is pretty damn cold. So, Id say they didnt really accomplish much after all.

There aren't any plot holes if you're just going to create a bunch of "Makes sense" arguments for everything that doesn't fit in. First of all, Trinity's death scene lasted about 5 minutes. Now I realize that it's not a plot hole, it's just TERRIBLE movie making.

"Co-existence was chosen, by both human and machine, and they can live in harmony."

What the hell is this???? Co-exist???? So the people of Zion will just say, "OK, there are still billions of humans in the Matrix but since they subconsciously aren't choosing to leave it, we'll just let 'em be." And if they don't choose to leave, they stay batteries??? HOW IS THAT AN ENDING FOR YOU????? Now THAT seems like the movies were made for no reason to me. And how exactly did Neo change the Matrix "as he saw fit" as Morpheus described??? Morpheus also described the One as someone who would lead to the "Destruction of the Matrix...." and that obviously didn't happen either. And how about a little more explanation into why Neo's powers translated into the real world???? I realize you guys have thought about it long and hard and come up with some answer that fits the movie, but a good movie should not require meditation to figure out. That's what BOOKS are for.
"The merovingian is a good representation of a program, in that he cannot understand human feelings, cannot understand the lengths the human mind and psyche is willing to go for love."
Once again, you seem to have a completely different story in your head that you've created. The merovingian portion of Revolutions was absolutely ridiculous and consisted of "Whatever, I'm not giving you what you want. Oh, you're willing to die aren't you. Well, in that case here's what you want." I mean, the whole train thing??? Could they seriously not explain it any better than that???? It seriously felt very hollow and was not explained nearly well enough to be a coherent thought. I feel that Revolutions compounded many of the problems of Reloaded, in that: The first movie was SOOO much more intelligent in it's development of the story and use of interesting camera angles, light, judicious use of special effects, etc. Clearly the Wachowski Bros. fell in love with all of the CGI at their finger tips, and didn't stop till they'd come up with one half CGI movie and another COMPLETELY CGI movie. To me, the plot holes which ARE there aren't the worst part. It's the story and filmmaking in general. The absolute sinking of the quality between M1 and M3 is staggering, and frankly I'm still pissed over the terrible travesty that was done to the first movie.

Saxman, it seems youre the only one I agree with 100% since Ive seen it this morning.

Most of the posts in this thread are filled with nothing but opinion and no supportive facts which makes this absolutely worthless to respond to in any sort of detail. The point of the movie trilogy was missed by any and all who did not find the ending suitable, and I can tell that you know little to nothing about literary foresights, metaphores, similies, or even logical processes of the human mind, or philosophy. Without a grasp on that, you can only see the movies as a pop culture fad instead of what they were intended for - an insight of the definition of reality, one's self, morals, value systems, and sacrifice.

And, just as an FYI -- we are not coming up with reasons. We are inturpating the story on a deeper level by trying to understand why the brothers did things they way they did. Do you not remember your 8th grade through high school english classes when you picked apart literary works to interprate the meanings behind them?! Same thing. This trilogy is not for the conformist, the lazy, or anyone who is not willing to question anything and give support to the ideas behind the movie. Maybe instead of watching these movies, you should revert back to a Dick and Jane book and re-educate yourself in the structure of sentences, so you can build upto understanding literary interpretations and eventually the movie -- but that would be to much work for you wouldn't it?

I would like you to point out one real "plot hole." And it has to be something that prior knowledge (such as every day experiences, other literary works, and technical data available to us in our own lives) does not cover stronger than steel.

If Trinity didn't die, then Neo would not have been willing to let go of his own life.

The invasion of Zion happened exactly as expected. There were no defenses against the massive number of machines, especially for a small number of humans compared to the billions of humans that fought agains the machines in the very first war before there was a matrix!

The kid was always corny, because he's a putz. He is a 16 y/o boy who idolizes someone who is just as lost as he is. But he believes.

Also, FYI -- They did not sell out, all three movies were written before 1996, but Warner Bros would not commit. For this information you can read the interviews yourself, and rent the documentery "Matrix: REVISITED" -- also watch the extras on all the DVD's.

The machines did not pity the Humans, they ensured their own survival through means other than war.

The convo at the end with the Oracle and the Architect tells us that those in the matrix will be release, probably slowly. Which means the machines will likely find another power source: Heat from the molten rock under the earths survace, or solar power again...leading me to

The humans would not have to stay under ground as the ground is probably fertle again, the atmosphere has apparently healed so there's a possiblity of man and machine working to clear the "schorched" sky, along with the Machines most likely have the DNA for many animals available to clone in much the same way they do humans.

And, Italian, as I've said before, you're the one who made the choice to see these movies. If you don't like the fact that you need to see Anime shorts (which I buy R rated jap-anime imports all the time -- great flicks), ACTUALLY READ SOMETHING, play a game or two....then please don't bother. You're entitled to your opinion that the movies suck, but you're the one who didn't care enough to get the information before hand, and many of us do enjoy animated shorts, comix, video games, and the like.

And man and machine living in harmony? For the time being - yes. Does that mean that war won't start again? No. People are prone to war, mainly when there intelligence doesn't exceed their shoe size and they latch onto misinformation, lack of information, pure opinion, and a fear or misunderstanding that they can use to hate. Such as the arguements that are being used to say the movie sucked.

So I am going to use my freedom of choice to ask you nicely to contain yourselves for those who have not seen the movie and allow them to judge for themselves.

no, the machines wanted to co-exist since they were created. Did you see Animatrix? Also, the humans no longer are in a fight for survival against the machines, so it will be A LOT EASIER to free minds than before. yes, the machines will continue to grow humans, until a feasible alternative to humans as batteries is discovered. Also, the Oracle told EVERYONE exactly what they needed to hear, if that includes telling them the end of the matrix will come by the ONE, then so be it. Also, movies SHOULD be made to ponder on, to reflect upon, otherwise we will become a mindless society.

Okay, breath in, breath out everyone. People have their own opinions to the movie, and so be it. But if you really want to understand what their trying to say, watch it again, as Metamorphisis has said. But to me, the ending was executed pretty well and I dont see any plot holes in the movie...

Listen bud, Im not crossing any lines.. Im 100% contained . People like you PRAISING the movie for its so-called DEEP meaning is no different than someone CRITICIZING the movie. I do have to say though that it makes me laugh when you guys make GUESSES to fill in the holes you say dont exist.

Also, when did you see the atmosphere was healed? They simply went over the scorched sky that was always there.. Of course, I may be missing an important fact from a cartoon lol DNA??? You should write M4. The machines didnt pity humans? They couldve wiped out everyone in Zion and the machines world would have been FINE. The machine have honor now.. and dont break their word. lol

Shit Im done damn damn

spoiler if you havent seen rev yet:
i think that the way they ended it was fitting but sad. giving up to win something isnt what young people should be subjected to. If i was the one i dont believe i could ever quit when i held the fate of the world in my hands. the first half was awesome but after the doctor lady was killed the plot was dragged out almost to the point where it was ruined. honestly i guess i would have done the same thing to end the movie. what all of you are mad at that didnt like it, is the fact that the end has come and most people cant except that something is done and now your imagination cant dream up the ending. wierd, im going to have to give this movie a 5 and a 10. im going to tell my friends it wasnt as good as i had hoped but im probably going to go see it again.

ok, first matrix steals ideas from the bibles, then from romeo and juliet? wow....what a great series of films.


You have still to produce an actual plot hole. And I'll admit, that other than a clear blue sky, the fact that they still have oxygen to breath, and the fact that radiation did not fry them as soon as they soared above the clouds, that I do not have much evidence to support the idea that the atmosphere's healed, but why show it to us if not as a reference to the future using a literary tool called foresight?

Yet if all you're going to do is *****, then why waste your time? I still haven't figured that out....


Thank you. Though, some things I state are opinion, I do try to separate those from the facts. And you do need to know the details...


There isn't anything you will ever see that is an orriginal idea. Movies, books, or shorts have common literary themes between them, and often refer to other works of literature. That does not degrade the work in the slightest, and most of the time, makes for a better piece of work. But if you don't like hearing that, then please do ignore it. It does not bother me in the slightest.

huskies suck OSU!!!!

Neo let himself die because everything in the matrix must be balanced. The architect works to balance the equations in the matrix.
Since the oracle says that Smith is Neo's OPPOSITE...by letting SMITH take over NEO, then the matrix equation is balanced once again...so Smith no longer has control and the Matrix reboots

well...thats what i saw from the film

I just a saw a suck ass film. Effects were good. Acting was horrble. Trinity or "Trin" as Neo suddenly calls her was breathing pretty good after that poll got lodged in her lung. and will someone please tell Hugo Weaving that acting with your teeth is a bad idea.

On a personal level i was a little disappointed with Revs, but too say its the "Worst Movie Ever!!!!!!" is going a little far. I take it you haven't seen Titanic or Gigli or Pearl Harbour or........ wink

As with Reloaded i hope it gets better with more viewings. It was certainly a lot to take in on just one viewing so i'm pretty hopeful its a strong grower.

I think most of you where dissapointed because the film didn't give the answers you where expecting.

Sorry, nobody ever said something like that.

The only problem the film had, as far as I am concerned, was that you had to complete the puzzle by yoursef, it didn't help you by giving the answer, but you had to put the pieces together.

I liked the film

lil bitchiness
I think what pissed most people off is the fact that this is the LAST in the Matrix triology, and it didnt really gave it an ending that anyone expected...i.e. destruction of the machines, explanation of few things....which didnt really happen, as just more questions arose from what film...My favevourite in the triology is still the first one...by far....
Personaly i was more shocked, than dissapointed in the film...

I thought it was good. What good would Neo kicking Smith's ass have then going to the Architect done? OH WAIT.. THAT'S RELOADED. You wanna see that... watch the 2nd film. This leads on perfectly to The Matrix Online.

anal crevices of queent latifah????? WTF? HAHAHA

l dont see where neo dies.l mean l was seeing the whole lights stuff around him as he was led away by the machines just as he did when he entered the machein world.so who says he died.besides, even the oracle says they hope to see neo someday.
l think this was the best ending possible.not the obvious that ppl wanted.this is the matrix ppl.who would have thot that there would be peace btw humans and the machines.the matrix is still there and who ever wants to be free is set free and whi ever wants to exist in the matrix will get that and be a battery for the machines.l thot the maytrix was going to be destroyed.hahaha.nice movie.

I will say again. Believe whatever you want to believe.

Why do you think the Wachowski's said in an interview after the release of "The Matrix", that they would take the blue pill. Why? Why would they want to know the truth when they can believe whatever they want to big grin

Remember, it is your choice to believe or not.

Have a nice day. But it could be a bad day depending on what you choose to believe...

Rubbish ending my arse!

sifer i think ur taking the movie a bit too seriously... the matrix being my favorite movie, and reloaded bein rigth after that, i was majorly dissapointed with revolutions... example of plot hole/unexplained thing ... remember the whole morpheous saying "purpose" in smith's voice in reloaded? i remember reading ur post about it sifer.. and then running straight to the dvd player to catch it... i was waiting for that answer, as well as many others in Revolutions.. and i didnt get most of them... and can u please explain to me why the ending was good? not the neo dyign part.. but the very end with the girl and the rainbow.. how much cornier can you get? im so damn upset at the conclusion of such an amazing series of movies.. i waited till after the credits expecting sumthin liek "JK" at the very end.. i dont know.. im just pissed off...

Mr Anderson

The orange lights that Neo saw were the by-product of electrical intelligence, computer data streams, and electrical inputs..when you see the lines in him getting hotter in color it's increasing the current to his body electrocuting him through his nervous system. Hey is layed to rest, and the ship that carries him off is very symbolic of viking like funerals.

The Oracles comment about seeing him again was a reference to the anomaly, not the man. She understands that human nature is to in peace, but in war. We are a war like creature, and to secure peace is to prepare for war. So the peace will not last forever, but it will last long enough for a reprieve.

That platform that carried him off looked like the program in Second Rennaisance when seeing it in gold-o-vision.

Hey sifer you know what you one of those "you just dont get it" guys are'nt you?.

Ask yourself how deep was terminology, the conversations. Where they something any simple movie goer could'nt follow?. It was a dummed down version so that everyone could understand it, no matter what you say that is fact.

For someone who is always so into what he says you seem to have about this much to say about revo's:




same goes for all the other's....explanations are hollow and telling me that "believe" is the key....pffft please. I didnt wait seven years for "believe" apart from M1, and reloaded.....I "believe" I want my money back.

stupid noobs, you cant see past the films you dont understand....

If you think this movie is great, your just a tool of the W. Bros....why they would screw so many people is beyond me, but my adive to all of you is to not go and see it a second time...we need this movie to flop.

Dave = tool

Exactly. Why should I post something? I may not feel it necessary so the likes of you can retort in a childish manner and still "not get it". Listen, if you don't get what the Wachowski's are trying to say, try watching some Bill Hicks - someone who will spell it out nice and clear for you.

But as I said, believe whatever you want.

Im sorry did you say noob mr. I joined a month before you did and on top of that I cant read someone's opinion and make a good substantial retort?.

Im sorry was that you?

Hey did i push your buttons there optimus? you know what you're right I mean this whole time i have been discussing reloaded with you guys and you would'nt believe how many "you just did'nt get it" remark's I got.

FACE IT PPL THIS DIVIDED FAN BASE IS A SIGN! and i'll tell you what i know which way the fan base is leaning towards but when the dvd is out in three weeks you'll come to that harsh realization yourself.

I would prefer to read those Dr. suess books you sent me sifer with the note attached saying......"MAN THESE ARE DEEP!"

Why do we NEED to make this movie flop? So you can feel better about yourself or make your life a bit happier? Please, that is just foolish. You didn't HAVE to go and watch it, but you chose to do so.

Also, because we like something it makes us a tool of something? So, I like Lord of the Rings and the whole of Middle Earth, so I am a tool for the Tolkien Family? Nonsense.

Scroll up optimus and read my post again

Firstly, my last post was in reply to jiggaman, not you. The one before that, was for you. But I will say this:

I came into this thread saying to believe whatever you want to believe and that if you liked the film of not, it is your perogative. But what do I get in response? Flames/childish remarks because YOU don't like it, you think I shouldn't like it either. But you know what, I don't care!

Believe whatever you want to believe!

EDIT: Oh and I will be buying the DVD when released and do you know how much it would bother me if even noone else bought it but me? Not in the slightest. I would have MY copy because I like it and no-one else is going to change that opinion. It's your perogative and choice to be a fan or not. No-one elses.

Wait did I hear someone say childsish remarks? Well aint that the kettle calling the pot black. Childish, if that's the way you wanna see it that's fine but ppl agree with me and it's not just one or two. Ppl are starting to speak out and the monumental failure is inevitable.

If you notice sifer I put content behind what i say. I dont just come out and say f this and this movie f'ing sucks and leave it at that so when you speak about those ppl leave me out of it.

Hey does'nt mean i dont still respect ya optimus, just means i dont agree with you on this movie but, fear not we will both be in a greement in Dec. when the best trilogy of our time comes to AN END.

Oh yes indeed - Bring on Return of the King big grin

But childish I was referring to such things as:

"I would prefer to read those Dr. suess books you sent me sifer with the note attached saying......"MAN THESE ARE DEEP!""

And if you notice, I said IF you don't understand...

I never said you didn't. Because EVERYONE interprets it their own way.

Guess we both got a bit on the childish side and look i really dont feel like argueing with one of the ppl i still respect around this place so as far as you go...we agree to disagree ok?.

Believe me i dont mind going back and forth with other ppl on this forum but, i do respect you and i would like the respect to stay mutual and not get thrown away over something like this.

"Im sorry did you say noob mr. I joined a month before you did and on top of that I cant read someone's opinion and make a good substantial retort?." explain who u joined a month b4, please

Nicky.> u obviously didn't understand any of the story AT ALL!!
If u claim Revo. was crap!!... On the contrary...I think it ended perfectly, and I wouldn't have wanted it ANY other way!!!!!!!!!! U r strange!!http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/blowup.gif

ha! who's the noob buddy, read it again....and you claim you understood revolutions...O_o.

In case you still dont get it here a hint...you're the mr.

answer the question, who did u join a month b4?? cos it looks like u refer to my wise self

i was lookin forward to ur answer about the whole "purpose" thing sifer... did u miss my question? im not trying to stir up an argument or anything.. just wondering if youre dissapointed with sumthing so interesting not being answered in the movie? also... your theory about morpheous wit the whole green and tie clips and all that stuff.. what did that lead to? and was it supported in revo?

I basically think it fell down to him being under control. He pursued the Prophecy blindly without question and this is probably what the green represented in the end. But I don't know, this could still be answered in another format such as the comics (which are free and available to buy if you choose to). But he also did wear an awful lot of purple which represents humanity in many cases...

I may make a thread in a few days but I am still thinking alot of the things through at different angles. Know what I mean?

I did miss your question though, yes.

thanks for the reply.... and although i didnt enjoy this movie as much as the other two.. and hated the ending.. i will rewatch it to see if maybe i missed anything... maybe ill learn to appreciate the ending? i sure hope so...

Metamorph -- you want plot holes? how about a few to start off with and more to come? and pls try to base your theories on facts and circumstances the movies actually provided us with. too many theories i read on this forum are untenable simply b/c they don't provide realisitic assumptions or are not based on anything the movies suggested or showed.

1) who is neo really? we all know the function of the One, but how does the One become the One and more importantly, who chooses the One? why was Neo chosen to become the One?
2) is Neo dead? this should be a yes or no answer, not maybe otherwise it's a plot hole...
3) what is the function, role and pupose of Sati and how is she able to do the things she does?
4) although destroying the sentinels at the end of M2 put Neo in a physical coma in the real world, how did he end up at Mobil, a place where no real human has ever gone?
5) is the architect the RSI (residual self image) of the head machine? at the end of the movie, the architect states that he will keep his word on freeing the humans, but neo made the 'peace pact' with the head machine, not the architect. what does 'keeping his word' mean in this context?
6) explain why smith came into the real world through bane in M2 and yet didn't make any attempt to come through every other person plugged into the Matrix (esp. after he assimilated everyone) in order to rule both worlds. i mean, all he had to do was have 50 to 100 of his clones come into the real world while he was fighting neo and he would have survived - at least in the real world

1) the one is randomly chosen when the buffer for disbelief reaches its peak, and the ONE code is placed in the next human grown. Neo is human.
2) I cannot answer that definitively, because it is still debated. Do i believe Neo is still alive, yes. Do others, no.
3) Sati has no function, no purpose, which is why she was to be deleted, and why Rama-kandra sold the termination code for the Oracle's shell to the Merovingian, so that his daughter may live. She is able to do what she does because, "she can". THat is the easiest way to explain it. She has no purpose, thus, she has no parameters inhibiting her abilities, so, she can do whatever.
4) Neo now has a connection to the Source, like any program, so he was, literally, supposed to be dead, however, the Merov placed him there so he couldn't cause Merov any more trouble. If you are asking did he just wake up there, with nothing but the Source putting him there, i am not sure if that is true or not, but, it is possible.
5) No. The Architect no longer has to "balance out the equation", but he is the seeming "God" of the matrix. thus, he controls, in a way, the prophecy, as the Oracle does as well...the deus ex machina does not need a RSI in the matrix, because it is ruled by Architect and Oracle, amn and woman, Yin and Yang, Human and Machine. 'keeping his word' means that the Architect will not interfere with humans freeing other humans.
6) Smith's domain is the Matrix. while he can leave if he takes over another human already freed, i do not think he would have the ability to leave the matrix on his own without free will...Smith still has a purpose, thus, i do not think he has a choice in the matter as much as Neo or Michael do.

Follow this carefully

Neo is just a man. He was subconciously given a choice to believe in the programming of the matrix or not. His subconscious chose not to. The tramatic experience of his death by Smith in M1 brought this choice out front, because by rejecting the programming the program cannot kill the mind. Neo chose himself as the one by a simple mathmatical probability of anti-conforitism and a nature to question authority.

Yes. The nueral overload that the machines gave him electrocuted him with his own nueral network. This is why you see him jolt back and scream in agony as light spills forth from his mouth. Then he is pulled off in a manner reminecent of a viking funeral.

Sati's function is to introduce us to the idea that the machines can feel, too. Her programming has no purpose, but to define one would be to define beauty. Thus the reason she made a beautiful sunrise. She is able to manipulate things in much the same manner the Mero manipulated the cake, and is given as a very powerful program because her parents were SYSTEM programs, not Matrix programs.

The same way he was able to see the machines after he was blinded. The same way the sentinals communicate with the machine city and recieve their orders. All metal acts as an antennae, and Neo, haveing touched the source and gain "root" access if you will, was able to tap into the entire computer network, not just the matrix. Mobile Ave is not inside the matrix, and when he used his power to shut the sentinals down he inadvertently connected to the machine world in a manner he didn't know possible, and his only exit would be through the matrix itself. I have written about this in greater detail, and if you know anything about computer technology with a level of knowledge past the MCSE and CCNA certifacations you could have put that together on your own.

No, the architect is not the head of the machines, he is the head of the Matrix, and has his own intellect. The peace pact for Zion was made with the head machine, the Oracle asked for the Architects promis to release the other humans. She's the one who asked if she had the architects word, and this is because she understood that the humans would still want to free those enslaved.
First, we don't know that he didn't try to assimulate others, they did not show those details. Second, after Bane, the only other ship to enter broadcast depth (gee there's the wireless thing again) was the Neb, and if you remember Smith did try to assimulate Morpheus. So, if all the other ships were preparing to fight the machines in the real world, and the only ship to enter broadcast depth was the Neb (and later the logos and the one that was destroyed -- with their efforts to help the Neb), then Smith would not have had the opportunity to take over anyone else. By the time he took over EVERYTHING, Neo was the only one entering the matrix.

So, please explain where the plot holes are?

Neo died because he needed to become a rainbow. And that's that. Nobody is going to tell me otherwise. Please PM me if you have any questions about my "theory".

meta> we really do not disagree, except on the part of Neo being alive or dead, but it depends on the way you look at it. Is Neo going to get up and go to Zion, no. However, he IS still alive. And Neo did not choose to be the one, he already had the code. He had to choose to accept the fact that he had the code.

This movie was for two class of people: the intellectual's and the action crowd. The intellectuals have their supportive theories and the bang-em-up crowd have their guns and bullets and special effects.

for those of us that enjoy CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and some form of CLOSURE. no dice.

some weak characters in M3
1. Persephone - nothing but a vixen
2. Merovigian - a french weeni with with henchmen
3. Morpheus - a peripheral character in M3. Obviously, he got over THE PROPHESY pretty easily. That was a plot hole in his character.
4. Ghost - He had some air-time, but we didn't get any real dialogue from him that meant much.
5. Seraph. Lost potential there. The 'Angel' never showed his true potential.
6. The Twins. So they died in M2?? They were a new innovation in M2. Sorrily, no such innovation in any major characters in M3.

We are allowed to like or dislike a movie. fair enough. But to say t his was the BEST possible ending. That belies a desperation to BELIEVE this movie was great.
... as a matter of fact, the characters didn't matter in this movie - it was all about resolution.

I do agree that the character focus here was lacking compared to the earlier ones.

I thought this movie was absolutely pathetic !!!
Everything about this movie just bombed, theyve made the original look really bad. It only confirms that these useless sequels werent meant to be...

Anyone share my thoughts?

And by the way, im no matrix hater, its my alltime fav. (the original).

Tired Hiker
I thought reloaded sucked when I first saw it but I watched it again and I loved it. Do you think Revo is that type of movie? Do you maybe just need to see it again to understand it better?

Snafupen: my god i think you are right!

Viz: You are without a doubt the best dam member going right now.

You know what i noticed about some of these answers before, they did'nt listen to the person when they asked for no mumbo-jumbo and said to please keep it to fact.

The neural overload...dude did you see a special edition where they showed the convo between dues ex machina and neo?...cuz i sure as hell would like to see it.

Jedi: the man simply asked you to go on facts and circumstances the movie provided us...when you say "i dont think" you already strayed off that path.

I don't even consider it a film for "intellectuals" because I loved thinking about all the possibilites at the end of Reloaded, as did all of my friends. But we were SEVERELY disappointed at not only the ending but the writing of the entire movie. People on this board seem to come up with their own theories about things and then pretend like it's common knowledge and that anyone who saw the movie would come to the same conclusion. This is not only ridiculous, but also the sign of a terribly flawed film. One should not have to fill in the gaps that the writers screw up. It's simply BAD WRITING. The COMPLETE LACK of Morpheus being of any importance whatsoever in the last movie is an excellent example. He was arguably the most dynamic and interesting character, and so what happens? He becomes a co-pilot for Niobe. There are a number of other examples that you pointed out, and it's extremely frustating to see such a great series swirl down the toilet. Also, most of Meta's answers to the plot holes posed to him were simply him speculating. That my friend, is not evidence that a plot hole isn't there. It's evidence that you've come up with your own FILLING for the plot hole.
"His subconscious chose not to. The tramatic experience of his death by Smith in M1 brought this choice out front, because by rejecting the programming the program cannot kill the mind." Please show me where this is explained in the movies.
" have written about this in greater detail, and if you know anything about computer technology with a level of knowledge past the MCSE and CCNA certifacations you could have put that together on your own."
This is frickin hilarious. So now you need to be a computer nerd and have MCSE certifications to enjoy this movie? That doesn't seem wrong to you??????? I love how you come off sounding all high and mighty about that though, way to sound like a complete snob.
Look, I understand that some people liked this movie. Fine, whatever. But don't tell me that this movie answered all those questions convincingly because it did NOT. You filling in answers does not a movie make, and thats exactly what you're doing in most cases.

Saxman you are speaking my language dam these guys are good!....Forgive my frustration and not being able to come across the way i have wanted to because they have been beating me up with the "stupid" stick and i have been tryin to fend them off but, you guys are awesome!. These are things that I have thought about in the last few days and im so glad you guys layed it on the table.

Great job guys!

I loved it, it was brilliant.

Tired Hiker
I'm going to go see it on Movie Monday.

It kinda depends on how you look at it, as a movie its fine, but compared to the brilliance of the original, its nowhere near there.

I thought Reloaded was useless, The Matrix should have ended after the first film.

I left the theater and said wow. But then I started thinking about it and was very disappointed. It fails in many levels.
To much CGI just like Reloaded but these looks a bit more fake. It doesnt have the boring dialogs Reloaded has and the action isnt over done lengh wise but it doesnt leave has much of an impression. And I understood the movie. Its quite simple actually.
To bad they never really explain what Persephone really is and Mero for that matter. To bad they werent used more. Mero looked really cool big grin
And also Seraph Angel withou wings??blink
In the end the Club Hell scene (inside with Mero) and Zion fight was the best.

Also they should have had some flashbacks to remind us of how Reloaded ended.
Guess this 1 needed a strong beggining like The Matrix and Reloaded have.

I'm glad to hear they don't have flashbacks for Matrix: Retarded, I certainly don't want to relive that crapfest anytime soon. wink

Well they should have cos Revolutions starts kinda out of the blue. It could have been Trinity dreaming just a little from the end would have been enough.

I guess they figured most people who are in the theater would have seen Reloaded recently enough to not need a refresher.

Yeh but they shouldnt have.

Its the worst beginning ever (IMO)

Well I'll take your word for it, I'm sure it's just one in a number of flaws the film has, and when I see it, I'll be sure to exploit them evil face

big grin

What sucked about revolutions? Was it because Neo died?
Was it because there were basically very few new stances in the
martial arts?

In Smith's word, "It is inevitable."

Matrix introduced, Reloaded questioned and Revolutions answered.
Some answers we do not like...some answers we do. It is your choice whether you like the one presented or not.

Perhaps it is best to know why you hate it so much and perhaps...see the movie from a diffrent perspective.

Kes> Revolutions is the second half of Reloaded, thus, they are meant to be taken together, not as seperate entities.

For me, revolutions brought up new questions which weren't really answered in full.

Such as Neo being able to use his abilities outside the matrix and view the machine world as if it were some kind of code like the matrix.

Can anyone answer this for me without giving me any jargon and actually give me proof of how and when this ability became apart of Neo??

It obviously wasn't always apart of him. Something must have triggered it. Anyone have a clue as to what it was??

The Omega

ahhh ok.

Thanks for clarifying that, i was a bit confused.

1rst focused on stroy and some special effects.
2nd focused mostly on special effect.
3rd focused on half story half effects...and crashed and burned. Some parts of story was good, but the Zion scene bored me beyond belief except for captain mifune and the missile launchers.

2 words...SHUT UP!!

Y-chromo kid
Revolutions was ordinary rather than useless. The first M is my favourite and stands head and shoulders above the other two. M1 was a perfect little film because it was fresh, incorporating some compelling ideas into a neat story structure and then polishing everything with an original gloss. To my mind the bros did something commendable, gave us a film with something to say that was also exiting and entertaining. I think the second film showed us that artistically things were beginning to come apart at the seams (perhaps they should have done a few more rewrites). M3 is all over the place, the bros seemingly forgetting what made the whole thing so great in the first place.

metamorph and jedi> you guys answered the questions exactly the way i anticipated: differently. the fact that everyone on these forums has differing opinions on the answers to the questions i posed is a strong indication that there are plot holes to this trilogy... personally, i disagree with some of your answers as well, but that's a different point i'll address later.

now generally speaking, there are two reasons why ppl have questions regarding a storyline: 1) they don't 'get it' (i.e. certain facts or circumstantial evidence have not been conveyed properly for them to put the peices together, but once they are presented, understanding naturally comes) OR 2) there is a shortage (intentional or not) of underlying facts to support a consensus opinion, resulting in multiple views and opinions.

as stated before by both darkvirus and saxmanuw, you guys are simply filling the holes in the story line by presenting your personal view of the matrix world and even you two differ in your respective opinions. you simply need to accept the fact that there are holes in this trilogy - if there weren't, ppl wouldn't be asking the same old questions - unless of course, we ALL don't get it.

and metamorph> some of your answers make no sense. take your response to my question #4.

firstly, all metals do not act as an antennae. virtually all metals are conductive to electricity, yes, but not all act as antennae. if that were true, i could use the iron in my own blood to receive radio signals from broadcasting stations directly... additionally, can you refresh my memory as to when neo touched the source in M2? this kind of answer is pretty ridiculous cuz even if we were to suspend our disbelief that in the Matrix world, all metals do act as antennae, in what other scene in any of the Matrix movies do we see conclusive proof that this is the case. my point is that you have to base your answers on what occurs in the matrix world, not what occurs in our world b/c the laws are NOT the same. after that, you need to make sure your facts are straight.

and how about your response to my question #6. who the hell cares about broadcast depth and the rebels plugged into the matrix! you're clearly missing the point. i'm talking about the millions of ppl ALREADY plugged in who he's taken over... why can't he simply go into the REAL world via these ppl (since in M2, he already assimilated plenty of ppl)? if he's only a product of the matrix as jedi suggests, then he wouldn't be a threat to the machines in the real world because then all neo would have to do is make the bargain with the head machine and then reload the matrix rather than fight smith. the ending would have been the same, no?

i shouldn't belabor the point, but you don't know all the answers, so don't claim that you do cuz all you're doing is stretching your opinion to patch up the glaring fact that there are significant holes.

I know but it doesnt change the fact that they are presented seperatly. Not sure what you meant by it but I'm assuming its the beginning I talked about. They could have done that to the theater version and take it out of the DVD version (most likelly a Reloaded/Revolutions will came out). It would make more sense.

The one's powers do not translate into the real world, neo can feel the machiens through the source that is connected to the matrix thru smith, so basically the connection thru smith allowd him to feel the source and thus he could see the machiens in the real world as well as destroy them.

Saw the movie and I was so let down, how could they do this to me!

The movie was not really a movie it had spawned to something else, most answers remained unanswered this is totally unfair to a fan like myself.

Looks like there will be matrix 4 either in film or anime the story will spawn on and on. Morphous maybe back which makes me happy but I would like to know a lot more about the mero,his role was far too significant to just ignore.


"I thought it was good. What good would Neo kicking Smith's ass have then going to the Architect done? OH WAIT.. THAT'S RELOADED. You wanna see that... watch the 2nd film. This leads on perfectly to The Matrix Online."

Lol thats exactly what the brothers want to hear. Man you've just been so played its unbelievable. LOL

Elizabeth - Have another look at the original, then compare. Personally it took every element of the matrix and stretched it so far it de-values the original. lol ill confess it wasnt as bad as i might have said, i was a little angry at the movie and blew off some steam. But it was nevetheless disappointing. And it bores me to death about how people go on about 'the deeper meaning'. I reckon that you ultimate die-hard fans who refues to ever beleive that the trilogy could be terrible are trying to convince yourselves that it was a great movie. It wasnt, the matrix in my mind is no trilogy, its the original on its own, these sequels are more like cheap add-ons for hollywood to poach some more cash. The story in the original was complete (as a movie that is). Smith should never have come back, and Neo would have ultimately saved the world, heck, he is the one. It was never meant to be a trilogy, and these poor 'fillers' that followed only confirm it. So go on and tell me i dont 'fully understand' the movie, insult me if you please, but in my opinion the movie was awful, full stop.

Alot of you people don't understand that no-one really knows about The Matrix: Online except all you internet junkies and hardcore fans (maybe thats the point?) and such so the end being left open is kind of odd and well.....stupid.

I am a big fan of the matrix and use the net quite alot and i had no idea about this The Matrix: Online and still don't know exactly what it is. Ofcourse i only found out about it yesterday when i came here.

I have no idea why people want all these things explained. Even if there was no Matrix Online, I am far happier with things beiong left open.

A story that ends with everything tied up, is a poor story.

I totally agree.

Leaving things left open leaves the movie to live on as people will discuss it for years after the film is released.

I was kind of speaking for the masses there. All the ones that come in here all pissed off and such, i was just trying to justify their anger i guess.


MC Mike
Yes! Thank you, Ush! I find it a GREAT advantage they did NOT answer all the questions... as do most of the people I know where I live...

BTW, I think the people that think that Revolutions was cool, shouldn't be in this Thread. It's about people that think it was useless. I must agree. I was so happy about going to go see it. Then I get out of the Theater and I am so pissed off. I fell asleep through half of it. (maybe that's why I didn't like). (But, then again I fell asleep because I knew the ending was going to **** up the rest).

Xam The Prophet
What a dissapointment, really. If the film had ended 10min from when it did end...Great. If they had left it at Smith winning, sure not a happy ending, but at least more realistic than all the crap that happened to make it all nice and happy...Smith exploding..rigghhhttt, a peace between machiens...BAH HUMBUG!!!

Good point smile

I still cannot understand why these matrix films were not just 2 films, that would been enough. Revolutions just dragged on and on and at the end it was just a waste of a very good opportunity. Sure the special effects were great but one likes to see a good story told. I do not mind open endings but it built so much up with reloaded and the matrix that it just imploded rather than exploded for revolutions.

Well I HATE open endings that one of the major reasons I HATED this movie.

its the same kind of ending X-2 had, open ended but having a definite ending that die-hard fans would understand...i don't get how this movie gets so much rap for this when, it has been done before, in the same manner...Come on people, am i not right?

The Omega

Ok, I get it smile
I guess you are correct big grin
I think we should inforce that a little more smile

its the same kind of ending X-2 had, open ended but having a definite ending that die-hard fans would understand...i don't get how this movie gets so much rap for this when, it has been done before, in the same manner...Come on people, am i not right?

X2 being a comic x men fan I thought that was well done but revolutions just sucked big time, so many charcters but few were used, there will be part 4 I can see it happening, just look at the terminator and alien.

The matrix will go on and on,they built up all the new threads about the matrix then we get this half baked movie, come on this could of been a great great movie but they just messed it up.

I am so pissed, lucky I have a GF to cheer me up , just so pissed off by this movie. Seraph,the twins,oracle,mero,persephone,the trainman with the watches all just wasted characters.

i could not agree more about the wasted characters, as i've said before the movie seems like it isn't really thought out and rushed.

But that doesn't mean i didn't enjoy the film, the majority of it was OK, some parts made me wanna jump out of my seat (thats a good thing), some bits made me laugh at the cheesiness.

So this movie basically has everything!!

And after coming to this forum and having some questions answered and the discussions about the film have helped me understand it a little better and helped see that maybe there is some greatness behind the effects.

The Omega,perhaps what got people's goat was not in fact the open ending but the open opening. If you hadnt played ETM, would you really know about the Logos being powered down and in hiding?Maybe the confusion with some people started there...

qmpho> I know what you mean. I loved the movie personally, but I can see how it would be frustrating if I didn't know about the things from ETM, the Animatrix, and so on. I don't know if I would love it as much if I didn't know all of this extra information. I would've been confused. And it would've seemed rushed, full of holes, and, well, like quite a let down. hmmmm.... I have to think about that

Jedi and Omega

I still think that people are just not used to the format that this movie entailed. Unlike X2, it had a continuance of a plot carried over from the first two movies, not just a story line that had no impact on the last. I mean, come on, if you went in to watch Revo without any knowledge (or little knowledge) of the symbolism, the story, and other details, it would be like picking up a great novel and reading the last few chapters!! Sure there's more to the Trainman, Mero, Peresophone, Seraph, the Architect and others - but not in relation to this story relating to the 6th version of the matrix and Neo's connection. To build upon these characters would have only led to confusion of what the story was about, and that's why people are having such a hard time digesting it! They are used to a story that starts, builds, climaxes and concludes in one sitting. This trilogy started in the first, builds in the second, and climaxes and concludes in the third. The story is done.

What's so sad is that this is becoming typical of our society today as it reflects on the lack of motivation for intellectual interpretations, apathy, lack of resolve, shortened attention spans, and a need to be spoon fed. The irony in this is that is the basis for the system which Neo and the crew were fighting within the Matrix. These are the minds of the very people we are trying to save!! stick out tongue


I personally haven't played ETM either, but I was able to deduce very quickly what had happened. However, what I see that could have been frustrating (and one of the only disappointments of mine) was that there were cut scenes - like the conversation between Niobe and Ghost when they were in the Logos after it was powered down.

I donno, maybe I just spaced out and missed that, but I do not remember seeing any of that scene in the movie...and I'm sure there's more to it. However, it seems to me that many of the same people who are complaining now were complaining about Reloaded being to long and to confusing? Could this have effected the final cut of Revolutions?

simple fact is. Revolutions couldnt have been better in the story department. All you people who were hoping for a dumbass idea such as a matrix within a matrix dont understand story telling. Revolutions was the story the brothers wanted to tell. Just because it diddnt have the ending you hoped for doesnt make it a bad ending. This ending was an obvious one when looking at the previous two. It was a great finale with everything from the first two including a style of it's own. If it had a deffinate ending on weather the humans or machine's won. Then you'd all be bit*ching on why the machines or why the humans won. They gave the die hard fans a great gift doing the ending they did. It answered everything the story was hinting at, and gave it meaning. It also left questions so the story could live on in heart. There was no other way to end the series without making the other two films seem pointless, or without a cop out.

Metamorphosis- no, I played ETM so was expecting one of the first scenes to be the search and rescue of the Logos, and i knew why they were in hiding, but if you didnt(and kudos for deducing) i could see, with little connections to Reloaded, how people would say WTF is the revelance of this scene and these people? I guess thats why people are bashing the "irrelevant" characters so much. The only irrelevant character was the chicks twisting each others nipples in the Club.
Fun, but irrelevant...

if only the game play was good then there would have been a good game there

Ok. None of you know me, and this way to late for anything of a sort, but I feel i should say my piece anyway. Morpheus is describing Neo from the prophecym which, if you were paying attention to Reloaded, you would have heard that the prophecy was bs. And in the first one, the guy that was born in the Matrix who could control it who gave them the prophecy, he was one of the last 5 "Ones". The Prophecy was bullshit fed to Zion as a way to give them hope. As for powers going into the real world. The source is universal, for all programs, all AIs, all machines, and all of the like. Therefor, when he connected with the source, he stayed connected, or at least a part of him did. So in the real world, he can see them, and he take there metallic asses down two. And seriously, dumbf- dumbshit: what plotholes? Maybe if you payed attention to the DAMN MOVIE, you would have noticed that everything was covered.

OK dipshits, if the "batterys" dont wont to be freed the people in zion or the "real world" can not free them because they wont accept it and go into a state of complete shock. Second of all the theme of the movie is everything happens for a reason. There are no plot wholes in the movie if you see that is the theme. They live in harmony because it was a human who saved them...had Neo not saved them then the machines would also not exist. No one ever said they had to stay in ZION. I also think it is pathetic how you have nothing better to do then wine and ***** about a movie YOU didn't like. THE MOVIE was amazing. No the directors did not sell out in M2 and M3 because they were made at once and released seperately. WHO THINKS THESE WHINEY BITCHES NEED TO STFU! I DO!


yeah i deffaintly agree with you. These same people bit*hen saw the movies more than most die hard fans, they own the first one and reloaded. There just upset that the movies diddnt turn out to be what they created it to be in there mind. These movies arent what you want them to be. They are the story of the wachowski brothers. This story is told flawlessly with great pace and style. Not to mention great cinematic work. It ended with an ending to give the entire movies meaning. It also give you a chance to become apart of the movies, it leaves some questions unanswered and lets you decide for yourself. This allows the story to live on through you. I mean these people made reloaded and revolutions for you, they made them because of fans request.

One more thing, how is the prophecy bullshit? I mean everything that was prophesized happend. Doesnt this make the prophecy true? You know the oracle tells people what they need to know. Maybe she told morpheus is was a lie because it was what he needed to know. Because everything that was said to happen in the prophecy happend. It could be coincidence, but the entire movie is based around logic that there is no coincidence.

ragesRemourse -- MattMan -- dskjdskldj

I applaude you for saying the same things I have been trying to make points on for days!

I fear that no matter how you explain it, there are some who are just not going to understand that.

rages -- I especially agree with what you stated about how if it ended they way they wanted to (or some other corny cop out fashion) these same people would be raising hell and the rest of us would have been disappointed in a pathetic ending to a great story. If it turned out to be MWAM, or if the machines/man one, then it would have seemed to sci-fi fantasy with an unsettling and unrealistic ending.

The fact is, the characters that did not have the developement, as intruiging as they were, had no more to do with this story. Just like in life we meet interesting people every day, and we may even interact with them for a time, but when our time is done they were but a moment that intersected with our path and went on. Life gives you questions not answers - so did these movies. I find the questions that they give very satisfying, and the answers that I recieved very rewarding.

No. This movie could not have been better.

yeah i agree. with the movies being rewarding. They give you a sense of fantasictal adventure that has been absent in movies and books for a long time. Not to mention the thoughts they provoke. I truly dont know where people got the idea for an MWAM. I mean the brothers care so much about these movies, and about how the fans will accept them. im angered at just the idea of a mwam. That would make the entire story pointless. you would have to ask yourself why the previous two were made. If an MWAM was introduced into the story. This is just proof of how so many people give somthing meaning that was never intended

Down to the defeat of agent smith, everything was carefully maticulated into perfection. Alot of movie makers care about the story there telling, but they rarely go the extra mile to give it style, and substance. Everyone involved with these movies cared about what they were working on. It is very apparent. Especially with all the little things the brothers incoorperated with. Like the names of characters and the dialogue they use which refers to certain philosophers.This is just one of a thousand little things waiting for your discovery Its a perfect circle with many circles within itself that offer great entertainment. All you have to do is open your mind a bit.

The Omega

I guess I didn't like it because some people died that I didn't want to die sad

I would have liked it more if the ending helped make another one. Like a Matrix 4: Rejoice

The Omega

Big let down. all this could hae been done in last movie. This ruin the trilogy. When they have a big deal about reloaded machines, you know they filling time. It was a waste of my time. I want be downloading this from the net.
m1 good
m2 ok
m3 waste of time

I feel for all of you who think this is great scifi. The doesn't rank near the classics like the day the erath stood still, aliens, star wars, blade runner and others. This ranked with armegedon, and not as good. hollywood attempt to make more money instead of a better movie.

No suprise that they released it world wide. They were afraid the message would get out. Even Mr. Reeves new it sucked, he took a flat salary over points.

You know they will have sequels and spinoff movies

It all about the DOLLAR. I am ashamed to say i wastes all that time analyzing the movie.

I agree! I was very dissapointed.

joeboy> I'm sorry you didn't like it. Man both sides of the fense seem to have no idea why the other side could feel the way they do...

f.y.i, this is not rated as the usual scifi flicks, so i think it's unfair to compare it to those other movies....this is real, well near real, it could happen, and this is exactly the way it would be in real life

oh my god. You realy think this could happen. So could star trek and the terminator. GROW UP.

Wow, real??
Now I might why both sides of the fence are wonderning why the other liked/disliked. Some think it's just a movie, others are all about this in RL

actually, that's BS, it's the complete opposite, keanu gets 15% of the ticket sales, not a fixed salary.


Hey guys.I've noticed something interesting around here.Pretend that this forum is The Matrix. Pretend that the people who like the matrix are agents(Sorry).Now pretend that the opposing side are the rebels.Get what mean?

No erm could you explain

**puts on shades, and reaches for his issued gun**

**pulls out desert eagle** Mr. Impared, we'll need you to come with us...

Also, i see it more as the ones who like the movies are the rebels and the ones that don't/dont understand it are the ones still plugged in...

MC Mike
*follows suit to Simple*

No idea....

I agree with joeboy... complete disappointment, total letdown, horrific ending....

But at least I made a banner to honor the great Neo.....

*starts cloning self*

I don't think so.*punches agents* they all fly back against the wall the way Neo did in Revolutions at the train station*

PersefonePotter or Joeboy> could you guys explain why you didn't like the ending (or any other part in particular)? I'm just curious what parts you guys thought weren't up to par.

*takes over some more people*

lol I honestly cant beleive you guys really love this movie. Its amazing considering how appalling i thought this movie was, a serious clash of contrasting idea's here. Which is all good, im not firing anything at you lot, if you loved the movie, great! Youve obviously seen sides of the movie which i havent, and i thought that neither movie even compares to the brilliant original, which still lists as my alltime fav. Im disappointed, you guys arent, i guess there were very different expectations of the trilogy, mine certainly werent fulfilled, but hey, thats life, too bad.

vvrulz> *colapse in relief* Thank you!! Finally someone who didn't like it who can just agree to disagree, without thinking the other side is stupid. We appreciate that dude. I can understand eveyone else being aggrevated over the let down, but at least you are dissapointed but still open to other people liking the movie.

*I liked it by the way*

Darth Revan
Fools. *pulls out lightsaber*
*starts hacking away at both agents and rebels*


*pulls out MY lightsaber* Do not try to stop me, for i am more powerful than you can hope to be...*force pushes darth revan into wall*