Matrix Revolutions Ending Theory

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I believe the ending could either go 3 ways:
A) Neo cut a deal with the machines before jacking in for the last fight. His life would be reborn just like the last 6 times but now Neo and Trinity fall in love again and have a choice to leave or stay.
B) The machines take the dead bodies of Neo and Trinity and insert their minds into the Matrix (somehow realistically) making it their only option to live and be together also raising the question - what is real? How do you define real? - what your mind wants it to be! The matrix now becomes their heaven on earth so to speak.
C) The oracle can see the path of the one so when she says we will probably see Neo again that means that now the W Brothers can figure out a way to write him back either in another Anamatrix or Sequal. My bet is another Anamatrix because that allows the actors to do other movies then come back real quick to add their voices. The W Brothers could work on new and entirely different films while 9 different artists work on their short Anamatrix stories. also, the Anamatrix by itself seems lost next to a trilogy box set. I see owning the matrix trilogy and a Anamatrix trilogy box set. It makes sense. All the movies are based on japanese anime and now let the anime artists continue the story - it was their creativity that brought the matrix to life in the first place.

Trinity is dead, there is no plugging her in, no more Trin. Neo, well, his body seems to be dead, however, it is my belief he is still alive, and a part of the matrix, no longer human with coding, but coding itself...and there will be no more movies...


Way to get straight to the point.

"Trinity is dead" - that was so firm it hit like a ton of bricks.

I too believe Neo is still alive but for a different reason. If you go back to the first movie, remember when Neo jumped into Smith, and the white light came out and blew smith up and Neo popped out okay. neo blew smith up from the inside. In revolutions i believe the same thing happens. Neo lets smith take him over, but as we see with smith sayin the oracle's quote, neo is still inside smith. All the people smith took over are still inside. So Neo blows smith up as he did in the first movie, but since they are all connected he blows them all up. After smith blows up, all the people he took over are still alive, as we see with the oracle and the little girl. We know everyone is still alive because the architect says he will let everyone free. If everyone else is still alive then why wouldn't Neo be. Also back in the real world, when the machines are taking the plugs out of Neo, they show Neo's view with the wierd fire and stuff again, showing that he is still alive. I think he was just drained since he did save the world and all.

Thats a pretty cool theory jizzbone.

But what about the light that actually came out of neo and the shock/electrocution that followed??

well if neo survived then smith survived. they are 1. remember that smith is a program to balance out neo, as per the oracle. so if any bit of neo remand an equal portion of smith would. the only possiblity is a rebirth of some sort.

Neo would not necessarily be dead by ANY means. Remember, he can get into the matrix without being hooked in? So what's to say by that point in the movie getting "unjacked" without an exit would kill him? His mind and body are now seperate (at the end of the movie,) and he still lives, i'd bet my life on it.

lil bitchiness
agreed with that. I think Neo is still alive, but as a part of Matrix now....

I cant get over trinity though..sadsadsad

Trinity will come back to life. Neo cannot live without trinity.

i think neo should hook up with Persephone

whoaa bios.. my name is!!!!!!!!!!

Jedi please don't put words like "Neo" and "dead" in the same sentence. Do it for Korri no expression

I have a theory that the ending is a complete ripoff of romeo and juliet.

If you hate it so much, why do you still talk about it?...It's not like anyone values your opinion

PriestJim> im sorry, korri, forgive me, but i have to...

also, do you understand the consept of Yin and Yang?

And how is it a ripoff of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo kills himself because he thinks Juliet is dead. Juliet kills herself because Romeo is dead. It's not even close to the same concept. There also was no war...

neo asks how he stopped 4 sentinels by thinking it. He actually stopped 5 at the end of reloaded. How did they make such an obvious mistake?

well there was - the fued - and their deaths for love ended it

jizzblone sums it right.his theory makes more sense and l accept it all the way.l had forgot about the light in m1.that takes care of the reboot theory that most ppl say was used to kill smith.l never bought it.
and yeah by deleting smith, neo actually freed everyone who was infected by smith hence we see the oricle lying in the hole where the smith had theory.hahaha

well i dont think so! madmadmad

Jedi> tis ok sad

Best two quote in this thread:

Trinity - I agree. She died. You saw it. She died in the real world. That's it. She ain't coming back. She was Neo's love interest. Nothing more.

Neo - He died too. He sacrificed himself for humanity. To kill Smith. WTF you say?

Neo and Smith are opposites, positive and negative, the opposite sides of a mirror or Yin/Yang. One needs the other to live. If Neo dies, Smith dies. Neo realized this at the end of the fight, when Smith said "Everything that has a beginning has an end." And then went a little crazy. Neo understood that the Oracle was inside Smith and fighting with him. It was time to end what was happening. And that was by letting himself get killed by Smith. This took an already unbalanced equation and a system that was crashing, and threw it over the edge. If one side of an equation becomes "0" the other side must become "0".

Neo then sacrificed himself (a la Jesus) to save the rest of humanity.

He is dead and gone. Will he come back? Only if the war starts up again and another "One" is needed.

I get what your saying. Your smith died because Neo died.
This would be a good explanation if it wasn't for the fact that neo couldn't have died just by letting smith take him over. Everyone that smith took over lived so Neo also too has to be alive.

i dont think smith still exists, because now neo is balanced - i think he has both the positive and the negatve inside him,and because of that, he is neutral. this may mean is is no longer "the one" but he is still a pretty shit hot guy!!!

wannabtrinity> exactly...except for the hot guy part.

What the f**k?

Is it possible that Neo wasn't a person with coding, but coding that was attached to a human body? Perhaps he's like the girl...just a program written by the machines, but he did a Smith, and assumed a human "host".

This would be how he can be "jacked-in" without being "jacked-in"...he never really leaves the matrix...

Of course, that opens up a whole NEW can of worms....Is the MATRIX the matrix? or is it a Matrix within a matrix?

Wouldn't it be logical to assume that the reason that Neo can see in the "Real" world is that, like the matrix, it is nothing more than code? (Remember the ending of The Matrix (1)? He saw the hallway as the green characters? Maybe that's what was happening in Revolutions...He started to see the code of the larger matrix...

Captain REX
I'm with the "Separated Mind and Body" theory, with Neo still in the Matrix. Again.

does no one get the Neo/Agent Smith ending?? It's got nothing to do with being a repeat of Neo blowing Smith up in the first movie. Yes Neo did a 'deal' with the machines - which is why the film ends with Neo's death and the end of the war.

Agent Smith is unplugged - he's not part of the system anymore (remember him giving Neo his earpiece and saying "You set me free"?). But of course Neo is plugged into the Matrix and not only that (unknown to Smith) is sitting right in front of the top machine honcho in the middle of the Machine City. As soon as Smith 'assimiliates' Neo - Smith becomes 'connected' to the Matrix again and is therefore instantly destroyed by the machines.

Neo doesn't destroy Smith (as in the first film), Neo sacrifices himself to enable the machines to destroy Smith and save their city. In return for this sacrifice, Zion is saved and the war ends.

i'm with the "Separated Mind and Body" theory too.

whatever happened to the original smith? I thought he would be the one fighting neo at the end or am I missing something here?

it was the oracle smith, who had seen 'the end', that fought in the superbrawl

knock knock neo
After seeing the matrix revolutions its fair to say that i was confused as hell, but after having time to think bout it ive thought o my own theory and would like to know ur own catch on it all.

The architect has all along designed the matrix to his own liking. The oracle on the other hand wishes to see a matrix where people are free (in the sense that they can leave if they really wish to, without having to fight the machines) The one as stated by the architect is a systemic anomaly which he ultimately wishes to get rid of, to create the 'perfect matrix', to do this the "one's code" must be re-inserted at the source. and in return the machines call off their attack (as if there is no "one" humans, ultimately have a very small chance of destroying the machines). However the oracle who has learned of the humans emotions (as that is her program purpose) feels there is no need for the war at all. So she needs a situation where the "one" can bargain with the machines. She is able to convince the architect to help her probably by saying that by doing this it will create the "perfect matrix"

So, the oracle and the architect bring smith back which 'un-balances the equation of neo' which means he can do the things he can do (i.e. copy himself go into bain etc) When neo meets the architect he tells him some truth and some lie's, however it is purely irrelevant what the architect says as the oracle would have already forseen that neo wouldnt have returned to the source. Smith then takes over the the matrix and neo bargains with the machines thus ending the war. when smith takes over neo it "balances the neo equation", irrevocably destroying smith. Neo however now has no purpose and his code is re-inserted into the matrix and so the matrix is re-loaded.

However this time the matrix has been written on the oracle's terms where humans if the really wish to (but who would want to) can return to the real world and most probably return as they please.

The question still remains, is neo alive? unfortunately no. The anomaly was re-inserted to the matrix. But there is of course a possibility that he could return as should the 7th matrix fail another systemic anomaly will appear ie neo.

This probably think this is a load of bull but its my spin on the matrix, let me know what you think.

The One Himself
I think Neo is now merged with the Matrix...The body is over but his mind is not. That is the meaning of lightning blossom-lotus at the end...He transcended to a higher level..He does not need the body anymore...

Wow! That's what I think too! ....U made it sound so much better than me tho! stick out tongue

The One Himself
Smith in Reloaded: "Thanks.."

Neo: "congratulations!"...

Proboaly the same thing happened that happened in the end of Reloaded, he was in a coma thing.

In revolutions, we learn that Neo seperated his mind from his body, but he never reconnected. So in the end his body died, but not his mind. So his mind is still alive in The Matrix, i think.

Trinity is dead.

Another Animatrix would rock.

Did anyone notice the TASTEE WHEAT billboard in the train station in Revolutions?

Neo's gone, he is not imprinted over, with, in, above, beyond, through, under, on the matrix in any way. When Neo was taken by Smith, he had a link to the collective Smith consciousness, because even though all the Smiths were different, the virus/worm code stayed in tact. Think about when Smith approached Neo in M2 - one Smith walked up and started talking, and without skipping a beat another walked up and finished the sentance where the first Smith stopped, then the next Smith did they same, etc. When Neo's fighting a handfull of Smiths, and they are in trouble, hundreds pour onto the scene without needing a call. The Smith program is linked through all the Smiths. So the anomaly that Neo carries - the one that gives him his power, and that creates fluxuations in even the simplest mathmatical equeations per the Architect - caused a fluxuation in the Smith virus/worm and it's collectiveness. He also gave the machines a direct link to the collective Smith, but could not just be unplugged to kill it - so the machines cooked the data stream. They sent a signal through that destroyed Neo's mind in both the real world (through overload) and through the Matrix world (through deletion), but before it destroyed Neo's mind it passed through him to the collective Smith conciousness and trickled down to every Smith.

I do not see any way around Neo being gone. Sorry Korri. sad


laughing ====> your such a nutter

The relation to Neo and Jesus has been made since the first Matrix, with the Death and resurrection, along with many many other details that I am to lazy to type right now. If you're really curious PM me, and I'll give you a bunch more.

The way Neo was carried off on the platform was more reminiscent of a viking funeral than of the King Author myths - which are also based on fact BTW (as in there really was a King Author, but not how we perceive him from myth), and, in both fact and fiction, it is clearly stated that King Author died. I was fascinated by the legends growing up...

Anyway, as for your question about why the Machines needed Neo if all they needed to do was "unplug" a person connected to the matrix. If you read my previous posts, you'll notice that I've talked about this - but it works like this:

Neo carries the anomaly. Smith is the exact opposite, trying to balance out the anomaly. Smith did not really take over Neo, as the anomaly was to powerful to allow for the mind to be completely destroyed when Smith takes over like that - thus Smith only had control of Neo's connection to the Matrix, and inadvertently gave Neo full access to the collective consciousness of all the Smiths (if you remember, they demonstrated in Reloaded that they were all connected in one thought pattern when Smith approached Neo in the park after meeting the Oracle). Because the anomaly causes fluctuations in all mathematical processes, this gave the machines a direct connection to all Smith programs running, and not just the one connected to Neo. Without the anomaly, they would have just destroyed the Smith connected to the person they unplug, and nothing else.

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