The Super Brawl *M3 SPOILERS*

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My god, the Super Brawl in M3 is such a DragonBall Z homage it's not even funny...I knew the Matrix was inspired by anime but I didn't think they'd make a fight scene that looked like Vegeta vs. Goku round 3. At least they did a good job of it, and proved that a live action DBZ movie isn't "impossible" in the process...

ive never seen Dragonball Z before in my life so i wouldnt know blink

When I ws watching I was like: Man! DBZ rip-off. I think it looks awfull. Specially them flying! Age Smith looks so fake!

thats because he had too many cookies!!

When Neo was impaled through several feet of concrete then there was no more doubt. The giant ball of energy was pretty close. I swear, I was just waiting for a surprize "KamehamehaAAAA!!!" from Neo.

I have never and will never watch Dragonball Z.

The Ones
i havent seen revolutions yet so i wouldnt know. im still waiting for the dvd of it in the mail

I love DBZ, and I loved the Superbrawl because it made me believe the DBZ Live Action movie will work!

Yeah, the obvious DBZ part was when they were in the air, and they punched each other at the same time and there was a huge shockwave of rain. That's kind of like the DBZ shockwaves when they hit each other. And the cratering part. It would of been cool if Neo shot an energy wave. Then Smith could of blocked it and been like haha you weak fool, and then he'd power up a Spirit bomb and be like, MUHAHAHA ITS OVER Mr. Anderson! TRY AND STOP THIS ONE! SPIRIT BOMB!!!


He would use his hands to stop the bomb and kick it back up to Agent Smith, then Smith would be like NO WAY!!! And he would dodge it and the bomb would explode in the air and destroy half the buildings.

Then it would show Smith smiling looking down at Neo pathetically

Then Neo would be looking up at Smith with a little grin like Vegeta does

Then Neo would say, is that the best you can do all powerful Smith?

Then Smith would reply with, Hmpf, that was luck on your part Mr. Anderson.

Then Neo would grin again, and in slow Matrix motion he would power up a kamehameha wave. And then he would say, it's over Smith, it is INEVITABLE!!!

Then Smith would laugh, HAHAHA Mr. ANDERSON try that puny attack.

Then Neo would say, Alright, and he would power up his wave more and it'll cause the asphault on the ground to start cracking and a huge aura would start streaming out of Neo, and he would say, FOR TRINITY!



And Smith would try to block it, but the blast will consume him, making him disintergrate. Then all the other Smiths would blow up.


MC Mike
What the f**k?

And then I went outside and saw the sun.

laughing out loud

i loved that scene yes but i despise DBZ mad

the slow mo punch

i loved that big grin but the best part was he was wet shiftywhistle

It truly was raining when i came out at 6:00. SERIOUSLY!!!!! yes yes

it was dark when i went outq

what huh

ignore the q

i think the w bros are trying to make us wet ourselves
they know u really need the toilet, and that you are not going to get out of your seat for anything!
so, they make the scene which is most anticapted right at the end. and its all rain trickling down!

yeah, it was raining when I went to go see it too...

I'll call it the 'ultrabrawl' (cuz the only thing they fell short of was throwing fireballs). The bullet time rain was just damn awesome. The flying part was inevitable, since neo and smith are like yin and yang

raver "I'm SUPPOSED to say something right now...."

Yeah, i kept waiting for Neo to power up the Kamehameha wave, or throw an energy disc his way...and from what i hear, it was raining everywhere that day, or at least everywhere i've heard of...

I think it would hav been more DBZ if Neo was beating the crap out of Smith and then all of a sudden, 3 smiths gave there power to that one smith, and then it would hav been an even match. Then we could say its total DBZ paroty.

Alias> LOL yeah

I liked how the rain got freakin pushed back by the shockwave. I mean, I knew that would happen from the trailers and stuff, but when I actually saw it big grin And when the shock wave would die off and the rain would all collapse back down... Three thumbs up **tells roommate to put one of his thumbs up**

and when smith flew in the building and they both hovered that was coooool cool and i wasnt expecting it smile

yup, but ya, when the water all just went straight up and then came down, that was awesomethumb up
Maybe it wasnt the best movie, but its got good chances to win some visual effects awards

AliasNeo> Good chances?? Good chances?? It had better win the awards for the next three years. lol In fact, I'm sure in the category for best effects we'll end up seeing Reloaded and Revolutions. Hopefully they'll tie and both win it.

i still loved it but i curse the people who made neos outfit, why must it have been black whistle

What's wrong with black?

out of Revolutions the super brawl is the only downfall of the film. I mean it is deffaintly visualy astonding. However It really diddnt do anything new. It deffaintly diddnt build as much suspense as the fight scenes in the other movies. This is why the ending seemed a bit anti climactic to me. I still liked it, i just think for a final duel between our hero and his opposite a little more should have been done on a grander scale. It was a step down from reloaded. I did really appreciate that The battle wasnt one sided though, atleast untill the end. The end of the battle gave it great humanity aswell, with Neo respaonding to "why do you do it?" "because i choose to"

i think it was more like Superman and Doomesday.

yeah but doomsday was bullshit.

because it should have been white angel

i think she means she wants to see through it roll eyes (sarcastic)

correctomundo B man wink

i was right -again! happy

you know me quite well wink

i know more than you can imagine

oh care to share some of these things whistle
my imagination is a tad dangerous angel

i would say i know enough....

so do the rest of us wink
but on the white outift eek! damn that would have been nice evil face

all i know is that the brothers are geniuses. I think that they knew it would get all of these strange reviews...and I think they put in a few loose ends to keep people talking. If they would have just tied up everything right then and there, the the matrix phenomenon would just die in a year or so. But it all leads back to the question. You know the question, just as I did...Is there gonna be ANOTHER matrix?! I wouldnt put it behind us...

The Omega
I think the real question is

"What is The Matrix Online?" smile

"No-one can be told what The Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself"

that is the most genius line to have in a movie, to be used in trailers smile

i like that yes

yeah and the ending of revolutions was incredibly similar to the first movie

Super Brawl was the Shit....DBZ like yeah! I was waiting for Smith to do Big Bang or Final Flash (I love Vegeta) lmao big grin

I Thought the super brawl was amazing, it rocked, although I think the fight should have lasted a bit longer and smith should explain exactally why he can fly after absorbing the oracle but otherwiese it was an amazing scene, lastly i think that neo should have done a bit better in the fight and some of the weaker smiths should have healped the super smith so that they could overthrow "the one"...


Seriously, why Neo never got the idea of shooting fireballs/energy blasts is beyond me...

He wasn't trained by Master Roshi, thats why...

I remember that. It was very BIG Episde,that they
did't show in the U.S. Have it on video.

I loved the Last Battle in M3 it's EASILY WAY better than the fight in

No Why? For one thing it did'nt Look NEARLY as Cheesy and Fake.

Another Good reason is because MOST of it was not CG, it was just HARD hitting, punching and kicking action by the Actors and great camera work, along with slomos and rain and cut scenes on the mark of the Lightning flash.


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