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What was the significance of Neo being blinded?

hah... we know hes blindfolded before we saw the film

Yeah but you don't know he's blind. Some might just think that it's way too easy and he wants a challenge.

no.. we regulars knew that too.... smile

..mm, significance...

**Bump** answer the question McFly!

the significance is that, Neo must Neo must focus on the problem at hand, he must let go of Zion in order to save it...

It could be that he became blinded so that he could relise he actually had the ability to see the machines and such in that weird orange code which looked awesome.

Like if you go deaf your sight will get better and vice versa, except he has this extra ability, when in the "real world" he was too busy actually concentrating on his normal vision to notice this ability, or he wasn't ready to accept it.

I don't think there was any philosophical significance, if that's what ur asking!...Just Bane/Smith trying to mess him up! It did however allow Neo to have a clearer vision once he got to the machine city, and to wack Smith's head off! wink

If he wasn't blind he wouldn't leave Trin. If he wasn't blind he would have seen the blue sky and he wouldn't want to die. After all, even though Neo is a hero, he had been an everyday guy and he had weaknesses!

The Omega

Neo's being blind is significant to saints. the oracle made mention of it in Revolutions or the game..sorry cant remember...shes talking to someone and say 'why are so many saints blind'...i could b right but who knows?

The blind thing is basically saying that he was confused before but now he sees clearly, he understands his purpose. Sort of Ironic.

i need hugs sad

the greek blind seer was called Tiresias, Omega, if u're referring to that.

and the story he was in, at least one of them, was Oedipus...

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