anyone have alternate endings to revolutions?

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well since we are biting at each other about the ending, why dont we show off our 'over-wachowski' thoughts and say what endings should have been?

I could be completely off about this, but I think it should have ended something like this:

First of all, Locke should have died in the attack of the sentinels. I hated him more than any character in the story (even that annoying Kid who self-substantiated). Morpheus and Niobe should have kissed at the end of the "war."

It's about time Trinity died, but that way?? What a crappy way to go, and for Neo to not even see it.... She should have been taken by Smith. More reason for Neo to fight him. Then, in the end Neo and Trinity should have been sitting in the Architect's room, dressed in white (not their normal color) looking at all the people to free. The Oracle would soon join them to have a pep talk about freeing the others when The Architect comes in. Neo approaches him, reminding him of the warning, then in some cool way destroys the Architect, leaving the world to become purely free.

Granted, that's not the most detailed ending, but something like that. Better than what I saw.... I can't even give a bad analogy of it.

didnt kenau say in an interview "ive seen a version of the film, but not the final version" or similar

I didn't mean Keanu not seeing the final movie, I meant Neo was blind when Trinity died.

i didnt read ur post stick out tongue i thought this was about if they had alternate endings huh but i didnt think so...

That ending sounds cool but would neo still "die"? He has to...remember? Would that just be program Neo? And how would Trinity just be there, she has nothing to do with the anomoly besides the fact that she loves him...

My ending would be that Neo realizes-Through visions what he has to do to save mankind(Trinity included). Trinity stays behind, Neo makes her...He just has an errie feeling. At the end of the movie, it's revealed that Trinity is pregnant with Neo's baby. Don't ask me how I dunno...I just thought this up as I was typing.

Edit: Don't ask me how they find out. I know how it was concieved wink

Good god am I an idiot.

what happened, happened, and could not have happened any other way

::Elevator stops::

how do you know?

dave123> I agree.

my alternate ending, They give me my money back.

joeboy> LOL. I liked how they did it. The more I think about it the more I like it too. erm maybe I'm just weird

**insert 14 replies where all of you agree**

Aaaaaahhhhh(is said in understanding)
:Elevato Resumes:

Aaaaaahhhhh(is said in understanding)
:Elevator Resumes:


sorry,pressed submit after i pressed back just to see what woul happen

the ending was perfect. It was the only ending that was able to be done without making the other films unessicary. I do however like evil deads theory, about Reloaded and revolutions taking place before the Ending in the original matrix. That is a great theory.

There seem to be a lot of people who hated the ending, so if you are one of those people, how would you have ended the Matrix? Should Neo have lived? What if the machines overtook Neo and they won? So I say stop the whinin' and get to explainin'!

I thought the ending was good, so no complaints from here. A few people I talked to seemed to be disappointed with the fact that the machines were allowed to continue and he would have preffered to see the machines get destroyed and the humans take back earth.

I wouldn't have changed anything!! Sure there are some sad things...but isn't life like that?? No gains w/out losses? The bros. have a bit of a fatalist sense of humor when it comes to writing!...and actually, regardless of the losses, the ending was somewhat positive! Good things were acheived!

I would have liked for trin and neo to live. I wanted neo to kick smith's ass at the end. it ended basically in a draw and that is boring.

some random shit happens intermitantly, but it leads up to neo realising its MWAM, zooms into a fullscreen view of his eye then pans out again to reveal him still jacked into a power plant, then shows all the ppl from 'zion' still infact plugged in ghost, niobe etc (morpheus, trinity and several others, prob neo as well would have to be programs for this to work)

A movie like this needs a trick ending.

The One Part 2
I liked the ending. The only other thing that would have satisfied me would be the total and complete extinction of the human race.

that woulda SATISFIED YOU?!?!

Joeboy, you really cracked me up. lol lol

I would just like to see a decent long drawn out fight between Smith and Neo. Seraph got to kick real butt with the Mero. Morphous kick butt with the twins and trinity kick butt of a different agent.

Finally Neo and trinity go see the architect and kick him to the curb....

I di not want to see the machine completely defeated but I wanted to be on the ropes in a bad bad way.

Seti,persephone should of had a least some really deep part in the movie etc.

i have a good ideo for an ending angel

Going then.


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