Does any one hate thier sister?

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my sister is soo mean!! i mean i dont hate her she just bugs the hell out of me!!!! what should i do!??

bug the hell outta her right back.

Pablo G
I'm an only child but I love my neighbor's sister wink


mt lil sisters friends are so annoying.. and i dont get how they hate me simply because i am her older bro.. but how cares.. theyre just evil critters laughing

All my friends (including NTS) hate my brother, just because he's my older brother, too

I've have two sisters and one brother. I share a room with my younger sister, ya'll shouldn't be talking mad

yes, she's sooooooooo annoying, and she gets away w/ everything

Im not really fond of any of my 4 brothers or two sisters but theyre alrite. Sometimes. I wouldnt say i hate them

The Force
my sister is so freakin annoying, and yet i still love her happy

I don't have sisters.... just one bro and I sometimes HATE him
and if I had a sister, I would hate her too.... specially if she'd be younger

does sister-in-law count..... we get along.

But shes a control freak!

i love my brother to pieces! he's so funny and he's now bigger than me so he's my big brother now....i hope he doesn't hate me sad

My sister is going to take over the world as soon as she's ready! She thinks she owns everthing! But....I still love her(lucky for her 2 or else she wouldn't still be here!) But my friends don't hate my older brother... they all have huge crushes on him! sick

Just wait until they are dead, then you will just miss them instead of hating them

The Force
and that i most likely true yes

I don't hate them....I just despise them. wink

The Force
right... wink

hey i dont hate my sister, her friends stick out tongue

hey thanks everyone i mean i love my sis she just bugs me a whole lot!

im a only child thank god...

Ya all have no idea how lucky ya are, I have 5 older sisters an' one younger sister.... Do ya know how long it takes for the bathroom to become free so ya can take a shower!?

Tired Hiker
I feel for you. I once lived with my mom, my sister, and my older cousin Jani who used to beat the shit out of me if I made too much noise while she studied in the other room. I used to hate my sister, but now she's one of my favorite people on earth. Things change in time as long as it's the usual adolescent kinda stuff.

my sister takes about 45 minutes to take a shower, not including washing her hair.

girls cant help taking long showers-we deserve them! big grin i dont have any sisters but ive got three brothers and 2 of them gang up on me which is soooo not fair!

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