Which rocky is better

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rocky II or III ?

Pablo G
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This is by far the best rocky i see that there is a rocky thread kicking allready but i just want to talk about this rocky because i think it was the best when rocky fought the russian guy drago for no money in russia on christmas and he trained in russia in the elements i luved it. my kind of movie. really great who else liked this one the best


The original Rocky was a great movie, all others are crap.

Pablo G
Rage all rockies are cool and JC and I are cousins, we are kidding around.

yeah ok i can see how rockyII is a good movie. I cant deny that it isnt. I just see it more as a remake of the original. I thgouht the story was told in the first. It had great meaning and inspiration. All others had none of this. part two just gave everyone the victory that they diddnt get in the original. Part 3 was one of the worstmovie sequals ever come on MRT. And what about thunder lips(hulk hogan) part 4 tried to re-make the originality and inspiration of the 1st movie, but failed. The first two rocky movies were realistic and could actually happen. The realism was the beauty of it. Part 4 was like a comic book, they wanted to make a way for rocky to seem unbeatable so they gave him a machine to fight.When the russians started cheering rocky's name that was horrible. Russians dont care to much for americans at all. They hold gret pride in there athletes,and would follow them into hell with support. PArt 5, well the crapness of that film is so utterly apparent i dont think it's faults dont need to be pointed out, there far to obvious.Now theres gonna be a rocky 6. stallone needs to get in a paralyzing accident so he cant act anymore

I forgot when Rocky vrs Douf Lungren. The Russian guy... but I think that one was by far the best of all time.

Actually ive only seen the first rocky, which was a great movie. I'll definately check out the part where he takes on Lundgren, but the others dont sound too great, especially the way Ragesremorse puts it, lol.

there makin a new one

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