Scary Movie 4 !!!!!

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Yhea I can count and they have started work on the 4th movie of this series of spoofs. This time The fourth in the series has a special focus this time around on superhero movies. I can't wait to see it. There is one article I did find.

i can't wait to see scay movie 3! they finally have one thats rated pg-13. do you know what 4 is going to be rated?

I dunno bout scary movie 4. they shuld end it on a good note with 3. n i dun think the comic book superhero stuff culd be very funny.

i didnt like the 3rd one........i think the 4th one is gonna be even worse.

the 3rd one was horrible...yes it had a few very funny and noticable jokes, but it was overall not funny and just a horrible movie.

so when is 4 suppose to be coming out?

well 3 is supposidly a 18 (over here in Britain) and is yet to be released here until the 28th of this month, I think it may be amusing to see the comic superstars being take the piss out of, even in scary movie 3 it does the Matrix and in the advert it seems funny.

3 is going to be 15 in england i went to the preview with my aunt she is a movie reviewer I fort it was funnier than the 2nd one but din't have a story by the way 4 is going to be 18 they also pissing about with jeppers creppers 2 and final destination

they really need to stop making those movies...the second scary movie sucked and the third doesnt even have the wayans brothers in it.

OMG not another one!!

Hehehehe....Okay a bit negative back there but to be honest the scary movies are losing their touch. Scary movie 3 had it's fun moments but to label it as "FUNNY AS HELL"? Nah!

But I'm hopeful that if there is a Scary Movie 4 it will be funny. If not? I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD.

I noticed also the Wayans brothers are ot in it, they are directing/producing it though - are you sure they aren't in it for a while

well the scary movies are good...its a good break at least its not another teen movie lol stick out tongue (if anyone got that joke)

no the wayans brothers arent in it methodman and redman are in it

The second one was awesome! What are you talking about? I hated the third one, though.

And your point is....?

Yeah they should stop. Theyre overdoing it.

Its not that they are over doing it, but they are simply doing it without the wayans bros.

I rock

I think there's going to be a 4th scary movie. Just think about it. You no in Scary Movie 3 it said Episode 1: Lord of the Brooms. Well there's going to be a sequel because it said Episode 1. There's going to be a Episode 2. And Scary Movie 3 did very well in the box office even though it was an ok movie.

here its snide this ive only just found out about scary movie 3 and there thinking of making a number 4 already?? confused ninja mobile

SCARY MOVIE 3 SUCKED! They should only make a 4th one if the Waynes brothers are in it...The only part I liked in that WHOLE movie was the part with JA becuz JA is HOTTT!

hell no HELL NO i aint gonna sit around and watch this damn movie come out MOVIES HAVE LIMITS TO HOW MANY SEQUELS U CAN HAVE and this along with the friday the thirteenth movies HAVE CROSED THE LINE!!!

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