What was you favorite effects shot?

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Everyone post their favorite special effects shot. i'm not talking about entire scenes, i'm talking about specific shots. (hehe.. my wording sounds like its from revo) anyways, my favorite is during the super brawl, when neo is punching smith and the camera zooms in on his hand and we follow it through the rain. while it has that animated look, its a beautiful shot. there were lots of nice ones, but that really impressed me.

cmon now!!!! didnt anyone else at least remeber any effects shots?!?!?! this is pathetic

im not talking to u coz u stole my signature miffed

uh no i didnt.. my sig is from a desktop wallpaper i made. it took me a long time to make b/c of all the layers in photoshop. plus, i think if you look at your sig and then look at mine, there is hardly a resemblence. (last time i checked, neo doing his power pose thing ISNT in my collage)

My favorite shot was when Commander M. was getting overun by the sentinels and he was taking 'em all out. It was a sad scene but still cool.

My Favorite shot was when the oracle was taken by
Agent smith.

ps.who is godshinto

godshinto makes all the kewl signatures for ppl

EyeMakeMovies> i was going to use that picture

oh eye see... well, there are a lot of pics in mine, so if you use one of them they wont neccessarily look the same..

my fav fx scene was when Neo punched Smith in the face, where you could hear the rain drops hitting his fist and the imprint of Neos fist in Smiths face...

yep big grin

EyeMakeMovies> blink

I loved the shockwaves that would push back the rain

other people besides him make sigs many people actually do it their selves and make ones for others


the scene where neo goes to punch smith, and it goes so slow you can see each individual raindrop....that was too awesome

yeah i know that

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