favorite scene in the matrix movies

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Darth Revan
I have a few:
the scene in the lobby of the building

I also like the freeway scene in m2 where they are fighting like 10 different guys at the same time

And the one where the french lady tells Neo to kiss her:
french lady: *tells Neo to kiss her* (I forget the exact wording)
Trinity: "excuse me??!"
french lady: "just a sample"
Trinity: "sample this!" *click*
Morpheus: "Trinity!"

Ha she's so funny when shes mad laughing
Sorry if I sound weird

the lobby
the lobby
the lobby
and.... the lobby

The Chateau fight scene.

I have many others.

The burly brawl. Pointless, but fun. The superbrawl was rubbish by comparison {I said BY COMPARISON for all of you nitpickers}

lil bitchiness
All twins scenes rock...big grin

especially when morpheus, neo and trinity get in the lift (ater leaving merv) and one of the twins blows a kiss to trinity....

I wish neo would have stopped the elevator and whooped their asses...I hate the twins.

I liked club hell well when they entered club hell you know the upside down bit... well that scene in revos and I liked the burly-brawl and chateau and in matrix one the lots a guns fight!

lil bitchiness
xeous <

why?! Im persuming you havent seen asny of their day time shows...hahaha...very non matrixy or cool...roll eyes (sarcastic)

I mean the twins in the movie, I could care less about the twins in real life.

Darth Revan
Oh yeah and I also like the scene where they are going into the garage and the twins are following them and Trinity (I think) shoots one of them like 10 times in the arm when hes trying to get through and then he just heals himself
The twins are so freaking cool!

They suck. And why doesn't the twin just go ghost like and fly through that door?(the one that gets shot)

W. Lee Chojin
Hi guys ...

In the beginning of the Matrix, Neo is in trouble with his boss because he was late to work. While his boss is talking there are two people washing the windows. They never show clearly the face of the window washers.
I heard the window washers were Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski.

Anyone knows anything about that ??

That isn't my fav. scene, but I think it's interesting ...

I'm stealing your avitar for AIM...

W. Lee Chojin
thumb up ...

Darth Revan
Why didn't he just fly through the door? Simply put, because it would not have been cool enough if he had not gotten shot a bunch of times.

what do you mean? if the door shuts, then they can never go through it again.....

the twin that gets shot doesnot ghost through the door because, if he allows the door to be closed, then the connection will be lost and they will be stuck up in the mountains...

my favourite is with the u.p.i general when he stood alone against the sentinels..

Revolutions- The Whole Movie

are you talking about Captain Mifune in the APU?

*spoiler alert for those who haven't seen revolutions*

the bit were trinity dies after they crash land. i know its a really sad and depressing kinda scene but its so emotional and i thought really well acted. plus i'm i sucker for tragic love death scenes......don't quite know why blink

and of course i also love the bullet time action scenes AKA the lobby big grin

in all the films?


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