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let's dig up some matrix trivia!!! submit your fav intersting fact about the trilogy. I'll start: Brad Pitt was orignally cast as Neo.
that came from moviemistakes.com.. there are other cool facts there, but we can do better

Pitt was not originally casted as neo. He was a candidate. As was Kevin costner and Will Smith. They wanted Ewan Mcgregor but he was busy with star wars.

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Can't beat that, but here's some:

-Keanu Reeves had had neck surgery before filming and it didn't heal, which is why he didn't kick much in the first movie.
-The Burly Brawl had more movements than the entire first movie.
-The Matrix was created when the W.Bros. were asked by a friend to come up with an idea for a comic book.
-In the bathroom fight between Smith and Morpheus, Smith stopping Morpheus's punch by punching his fist was an accident, and Hugo Weaving thought that he had broken his hand.

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More trivia:

The idea of Neo becoming blinded and then being able to "See" life force is identical to a major plot event in "Dune Messiah", Book 2 of Frank Herbert's Dune. The major character with god-like powers is struck down and blinded through betrayal, only to reveal later that he can still see but in a whole new way.

The Oracle smokes 'DOUBLE DESTINY' brand cigarettes.

The filmmakers estimated that one ton of water was poured down over Weaving and Reeves every minute during the six weeks in which they filmed their final showdown.

The ending of Neo is remarkebly similar to the end of King Arthur in the Arthurian Legends. Arthur killed Mordred, leader of the army that was tearing apart Arthur's kingdom, in a one on one fight, but was mortally wounded. He was then borne on a barge to the "Isle of Avalon" to be healed.
It also says that he would 'sleep until he was needed again'. Neo is "mortally wounded" (has his 'self' nearly destroyed) in the one on one battle with Smith, the leader of the army that is tearing apart the Matrix, and ends up being borne away, with us not truly knowing if he is alive or dead, to be 'healed' of his wound. The Oracle/Seti also says that they "might someday see him again".

When Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph are chasing the Trainman, they run past some billboards on the walls. Some of them advertise Powerade drink which is found in the Enter the Matrix game (it's common in Australia, where this was filmed, so this isn't major trivia, but interesting). Also the last billboard Seriph runs past says "Follow the white rabbit".

There are many references to the first Matrix movie in this movie: signs on the subway that say "Tastee Wheat", the car that Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are driving in after Neo is rescued is the same one used to take Neo to the Oracle, even the license plate is the same: AA034. The reflection of him looking out is also identically shot.

AWWWW I was going to add the Taystee Wheat factoid. It's a billboard in the subway in Revolutions.


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One more ... (about the Smith family)

Will Smith as Neo, and Jada as Trinity, after the first movie Jada asked for be in the sequels ...Niobe was a "gift"so to speak ... (sorry for stealing your phrase Jedi, this will not happen again)


Ghost in the Shell...w00t - AMAZING Movie in every way.

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-The lobby scene took a week and a half.
-They had a whole room full of extra pillars to be used.
-Though it's pretty impossible to notice, in the scene where Morpheus and Neo are walking along the sidewalk (where the Woman in Red turns into Agent Smith), they used many twins and triplets to show that the Matrix had glitches.

No, Mouse made the 'Agent Training Program' and the twins are to show how he cheapskated it, just duplicated the code... smile

Good one, the training programs are NOT in the matrix, newbies! helloooo!! a long time ago in this forum someone said that a hovercraft was flying over the scene, in M1, when morpheus shows neo the real world inside the construct! I hate when people try to talk about a movie, and the ideas behind them, and they didn't even listen to the dialogue!! mad

did you know:

That Neo's alarm clock finally wakes him up at 9:18. Why? It's one of the Wachowski's wife's Birthday (aug 18th)

The shot of Neo choosing the red pill is doing two things. One displaying a great visual effects shot because those reflections are put on by computer. And two, showing the two different sides of Neo's personallity at that moment of choice.

Carrie Ann Moss is an awesome driver... She had to learn all kinds of stunt driving for Reloaded, and apparently was one of their best students.

The liscence plate on Smith's car in the beginning of reloaded says IS5416. ( Isaiah chapter 54 verse 16: " Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy." --KJV). Spooky huh? That fact is thanks to JediHDM wink

What about Morph -- The greek god that had to do with dreams -- How 'bout his car? In reloaded his liscense plate said DA023 (Daniel Chapter 2 verse 3: " And the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was troubled to know the dream." --KJV). Who was the king? Nebuchadnezzar.


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Actually, I'm correct... it was stated in Matrix Revisited. Guess you haven't seen it...

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Originally posted by SimplePriest
did you know:

That Neo's alarm clock finally wakes him up at 9:18. Why? It's one of the Wachowski's wife's Birthday (aug 18th)

Her birthday would have to be september 18th for that to be true.

The destination label on the train the Trainman jumped onto to get away from Seraph and co. was "Loop"

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loop, and it was also 0101

laughing i remeber that!! i had to get loads of screenshots to try an prove them wrong... roll eyes (sarcastic)

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Vim, I think you owe me an apology. yes

Aside from that, they considerd Leo Decaprio....roll eyes (sarcastic)

That was the label on the train that ended ran Smith over in M1, too (I think).

Another thing I can't confirm, but that I think is in there, is during the Agent training program. When it freezes and we see Morpheus, reflected in his sunglasses is Smith's Desert Eagle pointed at Neo in the left lens, and it just pointing (at Morpheus' head) in the right. At the end of the scene, it shows just Neo in the left and Neo at the business end of Smith's DE again in the right.
I haven't seen this anywhere else, but I think it is foreshadowing Neo's choice between his life and Morpheus'. But that's just me.

After Neo slays the agents at the start of Reloaded just before Smith comes, when he looks down the alley, in the shadow of all the fire escape ladders (is that what they are?) and shite, the shadows make the word 'HIM".

yes Bet no one noticed that!

P.S Its quite noticeable, have a look.

Thank you guys, thanks for all this extra info. Now all of you go get some more!!! Joke!

The advertising board in Trinity's roof chase in M1 is advertising the same Guns that the agents use.

The ad board that is seen near the start of the freeway scene in M2 is advertising 'Steak' - a reference to Cyphers scene with Smith in M1.

The events of 'The Second Renaissance' took place between 2090-2139

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* Two freeways were referenced in the movie. They were the 101 and the 303. Freeway signs during the freeway chase include "Whipple Ave," "Woodside Rd" and "Marsh Rd." These are three real consecutive exits on the 101 freeway, south of San Francisco.

* A tractor-trailer seen in the freeway chase has the words "Big Endian Eggs" written along its side. This is a reference to the story Gulliver's Travels. The Lilliputions were very small and had small political problems. The Big-Endian and Little-Endian parties were in disagreement on whether to open soft-boiled eggs on the big or little end. The term Big-endian has also been used as computer terminology.

* Keanu Reeves voluntarily offered to give up a claim of the ticket sales when producers thought that the film would never gross more than the cost of it's special effects. The said claim amounted to around $38 million.

* The movie script was code-named "The Burly Man." That code name is the title of the script that Barton Fink is working on in the film called Barton Fink.

* Morpheus sat in the same red chair when he is telling his plan on how to access the source as he did in the first Matrix, when he offered Neo the pills and explained to Neo what the Matrix really was.

* The Merovingians were the ruling class of France in the 7th Century A.D. and also the name of a type of Gnostic Church. Many elements from the church appear in the Matrix movies.

* All red and blue colors had to be removed when filming in downtown Oakland, thus sidewalk curbs were painted over, according to city officials. Also no plant life or greenery could be present, so it was filmed in the winter when the leaves had not sprouted yet.

* The role of Seraph was written exclusively for Jet Li. Once Li declined the role, the character was re-written for a female role offered to Michelle Yeoh. She later declined the role due to scheduling conflicts.

* Supposing that the "movie time" was consistent with "real time" and that he was flying at a constant rate, Neo was flying at 1875 miles per hour when he flew from the Merovingian's palace to the freeway to catch Morpheus and The Keymaker.

* The final battle between Neo and Agent Smith is based on the final fight from the 1999 Korean film Injeong Sajeong Bol Geot Eobtda.

* It took the crew two months to design the device to make the perfect rain drop.

* The jazz song "I'm Beginning to See the Light" is playing when Neo is in the Oracle's apartment. A similar version of the song was played in The Matrix.

* The ship named Hammer was really named the Mjolnir after Thor's hammer.

* John Gaeta, the special effects coordinator for The Matrix series, had a cameo as an APU operator.

* In the first Matrix, Neo is getting out of the car and looks down a road in the pouring rain. Trinity says, "you've been down that road, Neo..." Neo fights Agent Smith in Revolutions on this same road.

in reloaded those were the same cars showed over and over again in different sequences on the highway. also the cars were all gm made(buick,oldsmobile,chevy,cadlliac,pontiac,)

Wow this is all very cool and amazing stuff. Too bad I don't know any sad

Keep it up guys!!! smokin'

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