Neo's not THAT One?

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In M1, Morpheus is telling Neo about (roughly quoted) "A long time ago there was a man born inside the Matrix. He had the power to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. He freed the first of us." and how Neo's supposed to be the reincarnation of this man, and will free all of humanity from the machines.

Now this is something I haven't noticed in the forum: Neo doesn't have the powers to remake the Matrix, does he? He can see code, stop bullet and fly but he can't rewrite the Matrix.

Do you know who can? Sati. In the end of Revolutions, she's created a sunrise, a rainbow and has removed all the green tint that was in the Matrix in both M1 and M2. This little program that the machines thought had no purpose, actually had one. She was the one that in the end "fixed" the Matrix and made the Architect decide to free the ones that wanted to be freed.

Neo's role then? Neo's purpose was to help Sati on the way. Since all the other Ones before Neo chose the other door in Architect's office, they didn't stay around long enough to let Sati be brought into the Matrix. If it weren't for Neo's choice to take the door back to the Matrix, Sati would stay in the Machine world or possibly in Limbo (Mobil Ave.) and would never have remade the Matrix after the death of Smith.

What do you think? Could Morpheus' savior really be anyone other than Neo?

Also, Sati was created from scratch by two programs, can you call that "born inside the Matrix"?

The none
Interesting thought man.

But if Neo isn't the ONE, then who is? I just couldn't think of another candidate at this moment, can u? As for Sati, she did only admit that she made the sunrise, not the rainbow or erasing green tint effect stuffs.

But then again, isn't the sun rises every morning before that? And the Matrix need not be fixed by her, the Archie did that in a blink already while she's still lying on the street.

My guess is she, as a programme without a "particular" purpose, actually means she's kinda "universal purpose" (pretty ironic isn't it?), I mean all these is kinda symbolic, sunrise, rainbow, tint erasing, giving us the idea of a wonderfull new world is about to come.

And that, is her purpose.

Neo can re-write the code. That's how he's able to fly and stop bullets.

I never said that Neo isn't the One (he is), just that he may not be the savior Morpheus was talking about. He may still be the One, as there has probably been 5 Ones before him, it's just that the person that could remake the Matrix a long time ago (maybe in the first Matrix) wasn't a One, an anomaly, he was something else. What, I don't know.

And I still don't think Neo can re-write Matrix code. I've yet to see real proof of that.

Well how exactly does he stop bullets and fly without re-writing the code??

Everything is in code, he alters the code so he is able to do such things.

I think i know, as you saw at the end of Matrix Reloaded, Neo stopped those machines and as you can see in Revolutions Neo can see Different in the Real world (He sees all Yellow coded stuff) His Powers are starting to evolve in the Real world, His powers i think would of got better and better like when hes in the Matrix, But Since Neo had to goto the machine world then go and Die, it just all stopped there.

So the orgianal One,(what morpheus was talking about in M1) he didnt goto the machine world and he didnt have too stop smith and he didnt die till ages later, so his power would of got even better in the real world and he used his powers to Free the first of the people? like morph said in m1


Well how exactly does he stop bullets and fly without re-writing the code??
Everything is in code, he alters the code so he is able to do such things.

alter............ not rewrite

i dont know and no one will ever really know beacuse it wasnt said in any of the films, maby them might say summing in a interveiw but till then NO ONE will really know, But as i said if Neo wouldnt of died his powers would of got more and better, so he would be able to fly and stuff in the real world

The One Himself
Perfect...In M1 Neo started to see the code and then he was able to re-write it

Isn't re-writng an alteration in itself?

yes it is. and the other way around to.

to alter the matrix is to rewrite parts of it.

closing...stick out tongue

Interesting how you forgot the important half of the prophecy. The other "half" was that the "One" would end the war with the machines and free the humans.

In case you didn't see the last movie, (Big spoiler here)

NEO ENDED THE WAR. THE HUMANS AND MACHINES STOPPED FIGHTING. He also obtained the machines agreement to free the humans. (It is not going to happen overnight, but overtime.)

Sati did none of these things.

Neo did.

congratulations then. You seem to have understood the trilogy altogether and don't need to think about it anymore. As for me, I'm not satisfied with a solution as easy as that. As The Oracle mentioned in Enter The Matrix, Sati is a girl of great importance. My mind is open for suggestions about her true role in the trilogy.

why don't you have a goodnights sleep and think about it and then come back with the answer?>>>ur such a newbie wink

Neo_Version 7
Does that mean Sati can stop bullets and do kung-fu? Cool!

have a good sleep too

The Omega
Sati = A program written by Rama-Kandra and Kamala, who does not HAVE a purpose. There a countless threads involving her.

Neo = The One (Oracle and Architect "The Matrix Reloaded"wink. Neo did NOT fulfill the propehcy as it was presented. The prophecy was a lie, created to control the dissidents of the Matrix, and to control the anomaly created by the collective disbelief of the 1 % who didn't "believe" in the Matrix.
Neo, NOT The One, brought an end to the war.

Clavis & Goodnightsir> Shouldn't it be possible to have a discussion without resorting to kindergarten language. That never leads to ANY resolutions WHAT so ever.

Evil Dead
doesn't the whole "born inside the Matrix" part of the prophecy tell you right away that it could not be Sati? Niether of her parents were programs inside of the Matrix, both were programs whom functioned in the real machine world. They had to make a deal with the Merovingian to smuggle Sati IN TO the Matrix to hide her, so she would not be deleted (which is what programs do when they don't want to be deleted...they are referred to as exiles).

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