Do any of you guys...?

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Do(Can) you guys :

1. Keep journals of your life leading up to the Fellowship's travelling and the War of the Ring

2. Know who you've married from Middle-earth and how many kids you have

3. Can highlight what you were doin' during the war

4. Know what territory you're from and race you are

stick out tongue I was just wondering stick out tongue

I am a Nazgul... from Angmar, I s'pose... what I was doing? Scaring people wink



Well I am am Ennyjay, daughter of Arathorn (Aragorn's lil' sis wink ); wife of Eomer son of Eomund; aunt of Atashanay, daughter of Aragorn and Arwen; friend of Boromir and Faramir, sons of Denethor. How's dat?

well that would suck shadowskill, then it would be just plain wrong to be in love with him, i'll stick with being eowyn.... but, i'm sorry shadowskill i don't do any of those things... my life really doesn't revolve around lotr that much... no expression

Well, I am a weirdo... I already knew that sad

I am a mortal elf and am married to legolas greenleaf.
I do not live in a particular place but spend a lot of time in Mirkwood.
I help animals of middle-earth this is what I did during the war

I am a elf, together with legolas greenleaf, we live in mirkwood, but we spend alot of time in rivendell alot, visiting our elf friends, we love to every once in a while run to mordor, and have a orc killing contest, i always win! *sticks out tounge* me and legolas have been together for ages, and are engaged! We also take trips to the shire, to visit, frodo, sam, bilbo, and all the hobbits

We live a wonderful life here in middle earth, in Mirkwood and there it shall stay so off into my own little world

Um, no you're not.

I, Atashanay Undomiel/Elessar Strongblade-Greenleaf, Life-Mate of Legolas Greenleaf, have 21 children, am the Queen of Ithilien, and moved from the Wood of the Greenleaves long ago. Since Lothlorien and Rivendell have faded, and Middle-earth's true beauty gone, I went away into the West with Gimli, Legolas, five children, Ennyjay and Eomer (after their reign in Rohan, of course) (and after I left my many thrones to my many heirs).

Do you wish to hear more?

I AM a elf brother of Legolas

Your not weird shadowskill as you see the rest of us are partacing so either we all are wierd or you arent wierd. Woo Now my head hurts and im confused confused

lol suddenly Legolas has dozens of wives and several new relatives big grin

and rofl the elvish languages suddenly have far more possibilities of sounds... sh and so on... lol big grin big grin big grin

Ok originally I was an elf in Gondolin... but when Gondolin fell... hm... i became a Nazgul.

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