Aragorn Healing?

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whats up with aragorn healing Farimeir i thought elves could only heal

To quote READING RAINBOW, "its in a book". Aragorn is called the healing king, or the healer. I can't seem to recall which one. They might bring that up in the next movie. Or they might cut it because a small 12 second dialogue or monologue could potentially take up too much room and they want to cram down our bruised esophoges as much fighting action and excitement as they can get into ROTK.

there's something int e book abou thow the king is supposed to have healing powers and what not, and that weas important cuz then the poele could really see that he was the riteful king...i dont exactly rmemeber why he coul dheal...i can check tho...

"The hands of a king are the hands of a healer" (or something very similar.) That's the quote that's used. Aragorn is an excellent healer, excelled only by the Elves, namely Elrond, and... (spoilers)

heals Faramir, Eowyn, and Merry, and saves their lives.

I heard that any sequence not involving action, humor, death, or legolas was cut from the movie.

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Well it does contain death, in some way.
Of course not only elves can heal... that's stupid. But they're the best healers.
If men couldnt heal, how could they ever open the Houses Of Healing?!?

But Aragorn (who knows a lot about plants and herbs and stuff, like Asea Aranion aso.) is quite good, he does have some skill.
And don't forget he is related to Elrond and grew up in Elrond's house wink of course he learned something about healing there.

oh god Blah blah the goddamn book pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
there is a verse in the book that EXPLAINS IT all
"Athelas verse"
When the black breath blows
and the death's shadow grows
and all lights pass,
come athelas! come athelas!
Life to the dying
In the king's hand lying

AND while in the house of healing an OLD WOMAN (Ioreth) had said:
The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known

so it really really fits that Aragorn uses Athelas leaves to heal......and he DOES heal


hands of a king are the hands of a healer.....aragorn is isildurs heir and heir to the throne of gondor (resisting urge to go into boromir speech AGHH) gondor has a steward till the king returns to calim the throne aragorn being heir...aragorn healing...blah blah blah PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER FOR ILLUVATORS SAKE

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Amen to that wink

but dont the rangers know how to heal to or are they just very good with plants i thought i read something about that i probably wrong but o well

i think since they travel around so much they know their plants... but i'm not for sure....

Originally posted by GABRIEL05
To quote READING RAINBOW, "its in a book".


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Agreed, theses are pretty STUPID questions that can all be answered if some people would actually try to READ something once in their lives.

i know some people think that the book is too hard to read, but it really isn't, well it least to me... i read them when i was 12....reading

If the books are too hard for you to read then you probably aren't old enough to watch the movie anyway.
It's these kinds of questions that made me stop coming to this forum.

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In the book it says somthing akin to "The hands of a healer are the hands of a king" which is the begining of a poem. It bascially means that kings should not just beable to make war and should beable to heal...all in the numenorain timeline can heal now...but only with kingsfoil...Aragorn has mega ultra leet beat ass whicked (or in other words really good) healing powers beacuse hes got some Maiar and Elven blood in him, as most numenorains do.

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