How Does A MOD See?

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I mean, if you're a mod and all, don't you g0t like cool-ass p0wers and shit? Do you guyz have like new buttons that command you to ban ppl's asses off KMC and stuff? And how about deleting posts? And threads? Do Mod's have a whole new way of seeing KMC than regular Joe's like myself? I would like 2 know.

No, we just gain weight

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I see. Interesting...

x-ray specs

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I meant the web page.

I would expect with their eyes...wink

that are positioned on their face, or maybe their ass. laughing out loud

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Ok, lame-ass jokes like that will get you a permanent BAN! I am reporting you right n0w!!! Who's laughing now, hmm?

laughing out loud laughing out loud

By the way, don't steal my signature smiley!

laughing out loud

Ah they wont ban me..... I'll bribe my way with favours and cute puppy dog eyes..... wink

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its not funny. I've been able to ban over 5-6 ppl with the Report 2 Mod button. You are but a blink of eye 2 me. Your account will be gone after 12 hours. I swear it.

So do the mods actually look into why someone wants to be banned...

just banning people beause some asks for it is abit ignorant.

I think power has gone to your head wink

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You suck!


well..a mod sees a few extra options to a post besides the edit and quote that we normal ppl see. the delete, move, ip and edit button (wich works for all users, not just yourself)
And you have access to the hidden forum section...the mod lounge (sp)

Thanks....I think you'll find I do occasionally laughing out loud

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holy shit, mon! They got a scret lounge???!!!! Thatz off da h00K!

Dexx would be pretty much expected

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Waitaminute!! You're a MOD! You're undercover!!! RUN!!! Dexx is wired!!!

no, i'm not a mod

thumb upA mod will see with his eyes. That is unless he is blind. In that case his computer screen will be in brail and he will see with his fingers.


hehehe I love having this power heheheh

shouldnt the question be "what else does a mod see that we don't?"
its your fault you've got loads of jokes like "with his eyes" cos you're a dumbass.

No shit.

There are actually 3 hidden forums shifty

We see a harem of artificial intelligence girls always ready to assist and comfort us.

well on my website i am the administrator so i am the raz of my site and there r lil differences u have buttons on the bottom of all threadslike sticky so u can make the thread a note and then it has a lock there where u can close threads and a unlock to open them and then on top of the page lik main page liek instead of just having it say members calendar pm in box i have admin with keys under it where i can go make new boards and bann people and such but i ralrely go in there neore since i made all the boards i wanted to so but i dont have to work as hard as raz since we only got like 30 sumthing members

oh..********* doesn't even begin to compare with this. You can change a hell of a lot more things here, than ********* (wich is pretty much set)would allow.

How come..... confused

For those of you who are unsure who are really mods, and who aren't...

Now you know.

That is accessible from the home page, btw.

I've seen a Mod move threads. Men have posted entire threads about them and have had them deleted. Yet their strength and their speed are still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be.
...But they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors. They are holding all the keys, which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.

roll eyes (sarcastic) i would call u an idiot but ur too funny

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Mods kick ass! But "SENIOR" members such as myself are a lot better!

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