Poll: your favorite volume (book version)

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Nice and simple poll...probably been done before, but oh well...have fun! cool

EDIT: I voted for Fellowship, but Return of the King was a close second..

return of the king all the way...

Fellowship. Had more pace and excitement.

Fellowship obviously a little slow due to setting up and that awful Tom Bombadil rubbish

Return of the King i was about ready to give up on it wishing the darn thing would simply END

so Two Towers wins for me and the Huorns getting the fleeing Orcs at Helms Deep would be my favourite part.

Plus its the only book in which i can get along with the depiction of Smeagol

ROTK. no explanation needed.

yup, i thought it was very descriptive, and very good...

THE RETURN OF THE KING : stick out tongue that book makes me cry bunny

LOTR: the best book

thumb up excellent work tolkien


yeah, rotk. i actually cried at the end. He wrote the bks so good, but then again it is Tolkien.

TTT, with ROTK a very close second

ROTK definetly!


Yep! ROTK.....

rotk, but ttt is very very close behind

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i think rotk book was the best because you got to see the kind and innocent characters, hobbits, experience and change b/c of the war.

yup, but for some reason i didn't really like fellowship too much, movie or book... it just wasn't as exciting i guess...

RotK is definitely the best. The others are good too, but RotK is better.

i can't wait for the movie, i thought towers was so awesome, i loved when sam, frodo, and gollum/smeagol were all at the gate of mordor, pj did very well at that part, it was perfect! i can't wait to see the battle at pelannor fields! i'm so excited... 25 more days and counting...

eek! rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance

Aww I know that RotK is great but I think it wouldn't be doing as good if the movie wasn't about to come out...

Well it's a fact that the sales of LOTR books went up with the movies.

I like Return Of The King the best both movie and bookwisesmile

RotK took me a while to really get into the other two books the first time. Two Towers is close behind.

hmmm i love both the Two Towers and Return of the King.. but i guess i like ROTK a little bit more. i wish they put in the Faramir/Eowyn love story in the movie and the Scouring of the Shire was also pretty exciting.

All of them are my favorite... i'd have 2 say fellowship of the ring and return of the king are really close but rotk beats it by a little and two towers is last but i still love it as much as everyone 2

I enjoyed RotK the best, best ending to a story ive ever read. TTT and FotR are both second as i enjoyed them equaly

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