who is your favorite author?

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Rogue Jedi
what are some of your favorite books and authors? I just got through reading "Dhampir" by Barb & JC Hendee.....very good.....

Ane Rice books

Go Ask Alice
Letters from the Inside
Kissing Doorknobs
and some others i can't remember

Rogue Jedi
do you like action oriented books?

action.. not really.. y?

Rogue Jedi
matt reilly writes some good action novels. my sister is really into the vampire novels, but, at my insistence, read three of his books, titled "ice station", " temple" and "area 7". she was very impressed and cant wait for his next book. if you like vampire novels, read "dhampir". it is really good.

I'll check into that.. thanks!

Alan Robson - Non Fiction Paranormal Author
C.S Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia
Stephen King

hayden's minx
I like Louise Rennison Books - not at all intellectual but still very funny in my perspective. - "Angus, Thongs and full-frontal snogging", "It's ok - I'm wearing really big knickers", and "Knocked out by my Nunga-Nungas". big grin
My favourite author is Christopher Golden.

Hey haydens minx cool tag by the way.

hayden's minx
Thanx smile

Angel and Buffy Roks just watching season 4 Angel and Season 7 Buffy on video at the moment. Amy Acker and Charisma Carpenter are my favourites from Angel

i read some good books last month House of leaves, and Iam legend good books, fav book is count of monte cristo and fav author is Clive barker no one writres horror like barker

has anyone read that tru vampire story "THE EMBRACE" ?

happy kine
infinite jest. read it... if you can.

well..my favorite book is "musashi" by eiji yoshikawa. Can't say i've read anything else about him..so i don't really know if he's good or not besides musashi.
I was pretty impressed by the dune series also...so ..for now...frank herbert is my author.

I like Harry potter books

harry potter is great smile

R.A. Salvatore best author ever. Go read the Drizzt saga. The Icewind Dale Trilogy is the best. If you have read The LOTR books this are kind of like them but way better. Forgoten relms is great


dunno...i thought vector prime sucked.

I like books about forensics and history

Rogue Jedi
RA Salvatore is very good....the star wars books he penned are excellent.

This Boys Life by Tobias Wolff
The Basketball Diaries by Jim Caroll
The Body by Stephen King
It by Stephen Kink

Rogue Jedi
big leo fan, eh?

Has ayone read "The complete chronicles of the Jerusalem Man" By David Gemmel? its a really good book.

Another one of my favs would have to be "Dune".

vector prime is one of the worst eu's i've read.

vector prime did kind of dissapoint me , i think timothy Zahn is the best star wars author ive read yet. Is the rest of the new jedi order worth reading ive heard from people who read them and they say there are more bad ones than good. ive heard of the jerusalem man, what is that about? you know i jsut finished the hitchikers guide to the universe has anyone else read that book? i htouhgt it was good but i dont see why its so acclaimed

The Wicca series
The Blue Heren
The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need
(i have no favorite authors, though)

BOPRecruit 16

Lord of the Rings ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Harry Potter ~ J.K. Rowling
Redwall ~ Brian Jacques
Watership Down ~ ?
Roswell ~ Melinda Metz
Spider-Man ~ ?
X-Men 2 ~ ?


Dragonball/Z ~ Akira Toriyama
Cowboy Bebop ~ ?
Kazan ~ ?
Shonen Jump ~ *variety of people*
Naruto ~ ?
Shaman King ~ ?
Yu Yu Hakashou ~ ?

Rogue Jedi
you guys didnt like vector prime? i thought it was excellent.

who do you find your self looking on the shelves for?

Garth Nix, author of the Sabriel series, and Shade's Children

Lord Soth
J.R.R. Tolkien, Richard A. Knaak and Chris Pierson (Pierson and Knaak are 2 of the 20+ DragonLance authors)

Robert Ludlum and John Grishin, Espionage cool

Too many to list!

i'm quite a fan of david gemmel i tell anyone if you read his books you will love it and tolkien is the bomb as well

and i'm not really a starwars buddy

I always search for new stuff from John Grisham

Mario Vargas Llosa
A. Moravia
J.R.R. Tolkien
M Duras
Giovanni Pappini

Phillip K Dick
Stanislaw Lem

Portuguese a.
Almada Negreiros
Fernando Pessoa, Bernardo Soares, Alvaro de Campos, Caeiro.

metal face
chuck palniuk (please read:survivor, choke, diary, lullaby, hell all his stuff)

CS lweis

Micheal Critchon
Peter Benchley
Roald Dahl
Tom Clancy
James Herbert
C.S Lewis
Alan Robson (Non-Fiction Ghost Researcher)
Stephen King
Mario Puzo
Enid Blyton
Grant Naylor
& Douglas Adams

My fav writers are Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov(of course), Greg Rucka, Robert Heinlein, and J.R.R. Tolkien to name a few.

no order

1. Jules Verne
2. FYdor DOstoevsky
3. Alexandre Dumas
4. Victor Hugo
and more

i thinik my favorite right now is Alexandre Dumas (Monte Cristo and Three Musketeers kick ass)

Has anyone her ever heard of Elizaeth Kerner? she has very few boooks out, but i think her works pretty good.

no i have not heard of her. what kind of books she have? what genre?

I think she may be fantasy too/not sure.....

I used to always look for works by dean r. koontz~watchers and clive barker~ cabal(aka night breed) I guess I was more of a horror fan than I have thought..but now I pick up lots of totally different authors works

Lord Soth
I also like J.K. Rowling, she's a great writer. The movies suck though

I liked the first one... didnt care to much for the second

Rogue Jedi
my fave author is matt reilly.


Lord Soth
Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman (team)

Lady Bri
C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

their books are THE best

Diana Wynne Jones and Fannie Flagg..... there's more I just can't remember them.

Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy are also good authors.
i like michael crichtons Five Patients.

Lord Soth
I agree, but I've only read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by Lewis

Did you know Tolkien very much disliked Lewis' writing.

Lewis > Tolkien

No, I actually didn't know that Tolkien disliked Lewis' writing, but I do know that Tolkien converted Lewis to Christianity.

I have a list but I'll have to go with Tolkien and George R.R. Martin as my two favorites since I can put my LONG list up, lol smile

Lord Soth
All the DragonLance authors:
Margaret Weiss
Tracy Hickman
Don Perrin
Jean Rabe
Chris Pierson
Tonya C. Cook
Paul B. Thompson
Richard A. Knaak
Douglas Niles
John Maddox Roberts
Michael Williams
Tina Daniell
Kevin Stein
Mary Kirchoff
Steve Winter
Mark Anthony
Ellen Porath
Dan Parkinson
Linda P. Baker
Roland Green
and more that I can't remember/don't know of yet

omg i forgot about Robin Cook. i think his books are great (some)

Lord Soth
What has he written? The name is familiar......

Neo_Version 7
J.D. Salinger

Wow, I didn't know that, interesting. What was he before?


way too many to list. there are so many good authors, i'd have to look througfh millions of books to determine my favorites.

Scrappy Doo
My favorite is definitly H.P. Lovecraft. Some of my others are Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, Bruce Covell, and Augest Derleth.

stephen king

really? well they must have been pals 'cause screwtape by lewis was dedicated to tolkien

I use to look for anne rice alot too smile

Stephen King if my number one fave, but I also like Robin Cook, John Grisham, John Saul, and Anne Rice. Has anyone read any Laurell K. Hamilton?

Micheal Critchon

J.K. Rowling
Madeleine D'Engle
J.R.R. Tolkein
C.S. Lewis, in no particular order.

i used to be a fan of the Baby-sitters Club, by Ann M. Martin. i read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and Charlotte's Web by E.B. White, and they were both great. big grin i have 3 books by Lemony Snickett, and i read 2 books by Roald Dahl.

when i was younger i liked the Bernstein Bears and Dr. Seuss. not anymore, though.

I for one love to read, and I was just curious who some of your favorite authors were

1. Stephen King - The master of horror. I have read many of his books and I have loved them all. My favorite King book would definately have to be The Talisman. I also highly recommend, The Black House, Needful Things, Dreamcatcher, Bag of Bones, IT, The Stand, Gerald's Game, The Dark Half, Green Mile, Misery, Dead Zone, Rose Madder, and Salem's Lot.

2. Isaac Asimov and his compilations, I love the ones made after the Hugo awards , there are great stories made by him

3. Several authors that are unknown to people that speaks English, M. Delly = 2 french brothers, Rafael Perez y Perez, a great spanish author of historic novels and Concha Linares Becerra, great romantic novels, all of them of the 30's and 40's of the 20th century

4. The once and future king-TH White--Love this book really becuase i love king Arthurs tales.

5. Of course Tolkein -- have read the trilogy 23-25 times since I was twelve.
Love David Eddings -- but only The Belgariad -- the rest of the books messed with the personalities of the characters, to my distress.
I adore Patricia McKillip's The Riddle Master trilogy -- it has flaws (it being the author's first major work) but the magic and the mystery and the haunting love just recreate my soul when I turn to it.

I only read books becuase i Commute to work every day and it gets very boaring without a book to read.
smile smile

hmm..right now - stephen king n anne rice big grin

J R R tolkien! despite his passing....... sad
but he wrote de all too famous LOTR books!
man me read dose books too many times!......

book forum no

let us bookworms hv fun man we ain't hurtin ya!!stick out tongue


stick out tongue

Tired Hiker
I'm a fan of Tolkein, and Richard Bachman's 'The Running Man'. Richard Bachman is Stephen King, of course. If you have not read the Running Man, you will find it to be very different in many ways that the movie. It would have been a tragedy, yet better, if they stayed true to the book, which is actually a short story, maybe 210 pages or so. I highly suggest someone goes and reads this cuz I'm dying to discuss the ending with someone. It is so bomb, the way it ends in the book.

though Id move this to the book forum but since I cant I just have to dish out spankings big grin

i never can find this book th

eek! i hv that book just bought it yesterday im DYING to read it!!!!
ive read soo many of his books!!!!!!!!

Tired Hiker
I think it is called 'The Bachman Chronicles' It is four early Stephen King novels in one book. Damn, it's gotta be on Amazon or something. I borrowed it from this girl I knew in seventh grade. I don't actually own it, but I'd like to find it tooo. With three O's.

Tired Hiker
I was in seventh grade at the time too. Just so I don't sound like a perv. Well, at least more of a perv than I am stick out tongue

i can't seem to drag myself outta this forum long enough to read the book thowink

Tired Hiker
rolling on floor laughing You can't be serious. How coincidental would that be?

i know!!!and not many ppl i know love SK too - let alone know tt richard bachman is SK too
and to think i actually bought it yesterday!!
now...if only i can drag my butt off this forum n go to read itwink

guys what is "girl who loved tom gordon"..bloom you wrote about this in the stephen king thread I made..I never heard of it..is it good?

wow this has been moved...thanks to finti(I think)looks like i dont have to dish out spankings lol..now to merge


it is GOOD!!!!abt this 9 yr old girl who gets lost in the woods...v.touching *tear*

I read somewhere that The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is going to be made into a movie. Has anyone read the new Dark Tower series called The Wolves of Calla?

Terry Pratchett - a must for comedy and fantasy lovers
Robert Jordan - His on-going wheel of time is quite inventive fantasy writing.
George Orwell

Have you read the latest Discworld Corran?

Yes, I have then all, some on hardback, the latest I read was monstrous Regiment, is that the one you mean?

Elmore Leonard
Michael Crichton
Roal Dahl
John Grisham
Stephen King
Mario Puso
that's all i can think about for this moment

Crash Overload
Crichton By Far. He Is A Genious! well, he researches a lot, And Writes in simple terms. Plus Most Crichtoin Books Are Science Fiction, The best. Also J.K. Rowling wrote five good books.

dr. seuss

Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. Both their series I find were very well written.

I hope my bf never reads this as he rags me about it enough already - I've read A LOT of Jackie Collins books. I'm still browsing shelves for anything by William Sutcliffe though, I've read his only 3 books and they were GOOD!

If you guys like Grisham, check out my John Grisham thread. It's a poll as well.

J.K. Rowling is a great writer, especially since Harry Potter was her first work. And the movies were great.

J. D. Salinger
Chuck Palahnuik (sp?)
Chris Rock (Yes he has a book. Very Funny.)
Chistopher Golden

Does anybody read David Baldacci? I've heard some good things about him and I started reading "The Simple Truth" today.

The D
Best horror authors have got to be Dean Koontz
James Herbert
Stephen King
and Richard Laymon

big gay kirk
JRR TOlkien has to be my favourite, simply because he wrote "Leaf by Niggle," by far the best of any of his works... I also like Terry Pratchett (met him twice!!) and Greg Bear. George Orwell wrote som e good stuff, and John Christopher, of course, especially The Prince in Waiting Trilogy... peter Beagle's Last Unicorn has to be my favourite book, simply because all the character's have exactly the same problem, but deal with it in such different ways...

Wow theres a book I read a long time ago, in galaxy far far away....

Indeed the book Running Man is far far superior to the film, as books generally are. My brother has a copy of it, so I think I'll borrow it off him and read it again.

My fav author however is Anne Macaffery, I love all the Dragons of Pern books she wrote!

My favorite author is Rober Jordan. The wheel of Time is great.

J.R.R. Tolkien
Terry Goodkind
Philip K. Dick
Anne Macaffrey
R.A. Salvatore

big gay kirk
Oh, did I mention Tanith Lee??


L.M. Montgomery
Joanna Fluke
Diane Mott Davidson
Rita Mae Brown

Dario Argento
Edgar Allan Poe
Bret Easton Ellis
Michael Ende

Lord Shadow Z
James Herbert
Dean Koontz
John Grisham
Stephen Leather

Marilyn Kaye (she writes the Replica Series)
JK Rowling (i think we all know her)

Piggle Humsy
Chris Manby - She's good for a bit of ol' escapism. yes
JK aswell
and Tolkien of course.

Piggle one eye
x x x x

clancy, ludlum, coonts, lynds, lynn, bond, and plenty of others that i cant think of right now

Thomas Harris ( only written 4 books in 20 years but Silence of The Lambs and Hannibal are master-pieces - quite superb)
( he invented Hannibal Lector after all - You've got to be pretty genius to come up with a charecter like that - who was also voted Holywoods biggest villan too)

I'm also a big fan of Douglas Adams and Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy
Hilarious Books
Can't wait for the films

Margaret Weis
Tracy Hickman
JK Rowling

RA Salvatore, Peires Anthony, and mebbe noone else

jrr tolkien
jk rowling
anne rice
stephen king
douglas adams
nick hornby

dunno who else....maybe bulgakov, kafka but ive read only a few books by them

Predator 89
1. Frank Herbert
2. Dean Koontz
3. Douglas Preston
4. Lincoln Child
5. Stephen King
6. Daniel Silva

Robin Hobb-The liveship trilogy
Diana Gabaldon-Outlander series
Francine Rivers
Jane Austin
Left Behind series

I have lots of fav authors... I like Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Ardagh and Lemony Snicket best smile

Dont have just one big grin

timothy zahn is pretty good, but I barely look at the names of authors messed

Mickey Zucker Reichert
Juliet Marillier
Charlotte Bronte
Margaret Atwood
Briget Aubert

And many more!

Of course, J.K Rowling and J.R.R Tolkien. But then there's R.L Stine, Diane Hoh and John Sanford. Christopher Pike's good too.

Tom Clancy
Stephen King

Primitive Screwhead #1
1. Stephen King
2. Michael Crichton
3. Clive Barker
4. JRR Tolkien
5. Douglas Adams
6. JK Rowling
7. Scott Adams (if you want to call Dilbert literature)

Neo_Version 7
1. Dan Brown
2. J.D. Salinger
3. Paul Coelho
4. J.K. Rowling

Julie Garwood
Jo Beverley

H.B. Gilmoure and Randi Reisfield. cool

christopher pike...or stephen king..

Terry Pratchett

i like jo row n abit of mark twain n abit of dickens n well... i dunno how much do i actuallu like but i guess all r gud

I like Mercedes Lackey yes And many other science-fiction authors too #ye#

Terry Pratchett and Jonathan Carroll

Piggle Humsy
Loads but some are...

Chris Manby, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green, Louis Sachar, JK Rowling.


Didn't quite catch what was said in the first post.
But my favorite authors are:
J.R.R Tolkien, Tom Clancy, H.G. Wells, Robert Jordan, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole and some others I don't remember the name of.

Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, Raymond E. Feist.... and some others I can't remember off the top of my head stick out tongue

Ah, how to name but a few when there are so many great authors...

Still, some I am the richer for having encountered are Pratchett, Le Carre, Tolkien, Mieville, Dickens, Hellar, Wells... ahhh, to many, far to many to chose from...

all authors are all good
when I pick up a book I get so interested in it
some good authors are, J.k Rowling of course for her HP books, Tolkien,
Louis Sachar, C.S. Lewis, Jenny Nimmo, Caroline B. Cooney, and so much more.

Ernest Hemingway
F Scott Fitzgerald
Rod Mckuen
Walt Whitman
Ezra Pound
Shakespeare (overrated, but still good)
Charles Bukowski
Allen Ginsberg
Jack Keruoac
Gertrude Stein
and Jim Morrisons poetry.

Douglas Adams

Isaac asimov
Arthur C. Clarke
J.D. Salinger
Joachim Fernau

Puddin Pop
Lynne Ewing is really as well as J.K. Rowling

Hum... Sharon Creech, JK Rowling, Daniel Handler, Douglas Adams, Louis Sachar. Those are pretty much the only author names I have memorized. Usually if I only read one book by an author I couldn't tell you who wrote it.

Stephen King is a fantastic author/writer

its so hard to pick....

laurell k. hamilton
amelia atwater rhodes
emily bronte
and a milliion more

Robert Jordan
Phillip Pullman
Joseph Heller
RA Salvatore
Frank Herbert
Orson Scott Card
Garth Nix
Jon Stewart (read America: The Book. Now.)

Libba Bray


I have got loads here is list of some of my favourites.
Paul Stewart
Matt Stover
Darren Shan
J.K Rowling
C.S Lewis
Antony Horowitz
James Luceno
Eoin Clofer