jackson in trouble again

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What parent in their right mind would let their kid go to micheal jacksons amusement park? that's just asking for trouble, micheal might put that wierd nose where the sun don't shine.

i find that guy very amusing

michael jackson, i mean

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yup again the media making as if its a new child abuse claim which is not....funny this shit comes up when his greatest hit cd is being released
you people think u know whats goin on when u really dont

It's all to do with the Pellicano thing, the 12 years old boy is Jordan Chandler and this is left over from 1993. Michael is small compared to what is yet to come, the law are going to investigate everybody who Pellicano has been connected to. meaning that since anthony pellicano got arrested he may have given up chandler tapes that are makin the police turn back to neverland, and that if that is the case then there will be more stars going thru this...This man has taped phone calls of Evan Chandler
This is just a search warrant of his property.

here the article has it
"Jackson is also connected to Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano, who has begun serving federal prison time for possessing illegal explosives, and is being investigated about whether he secretly taped conversations of celebrities and their lawyers. "

there is no new child claims you idiots


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they couldnt confirm this because they dont know anything right now...
thats y they talking shit
this about Anthony Pellicano

even if this is not for him it steal looks bad

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yea cause the lying ***** Diane Diamond reported it was about child abuse...shes full of shit, Michael sued her 10 yrs ago because she and hard copy claimed they had a video of MJ having sex with a child. My ass, Michael won the case and her career was over.....but now shes trying 2 save her face....its funny because the press, helicopters were all ready there when the police arived at Neverland, this is pathetic...
the DA Tom Snedden is a racist bastar.d

There was a private recording of Evan Chandler saying "If i go through this i win big time" how obvious is that?! Pellicano had released audio tapes of Evan Chandler saying that Chandler would 'ruin' Michael Jackson if he didn't get what he wanted. Before any of this ever happened the childs father "Evan Chandler" wanted money from Michael but Michael wouldnt give him the amounts he asked for.
Tabloids making up bullshit to bring down this blackman when he was at the height of his fame.
Victor Guiterrez was the friend of Evan Chandler whom he USED to propogate the lie of molestation. Victor wrote the so called diary of Jordy called "Michael Jackson was My Lover" and that book has to be the real proof of Michael's innocence because it was such a JOKE. What father would participate in a book with a title that Michael was the "lover" of his son a fu.cking JOKE!
People think Michael settling the lawsuit is the reason he was never charged but there is a REAL reason he was not charged and it has to do with NO evidence. They took pictures of Michael naked, thats horrible and they still couldnt find any evidence that he abused the child. If there was evidence, Michael could have been charged in the months before the settlement. What would have stopped the DA

Pellicano came into possession of a tape conversation between Evan Chandler and the boy's step father. Part of that tape was very incrementing to Evan but the media downplayed it, like they downplayed a lot that pointed to Michael's innocence.Glad that her phones were tapped because that woman was mos def part of that scam in 1993 to bring down Mike. I know it. Because think about it, if she was not, then why did she risk her career just to prove a lie? I mean, if any fool does that, it is only doing that to destroy someone.
I think the best thing that ever happened was the Smoking Gun putting Evan Script on their site. Because most, including Bill O'reilly, had problems believing it. See the reason most thought Michael was guilty was based on innuendos, the type of innueno implied on Hard Copy. But if those individuals follow what the claims actually made, there is no way anyone would believe it. But MOST IN THE MEDIA DID NOT COVER WHAT WAS STATED IN THE SCRIPT. They only repeated the allegation made that Michael was "accused of molesting a boy" without the details of what was alleged.
To me, the civil lawsuit script, the book "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" written with Evan Chandler's consent, are the greatest supporters of Michael's innocence and they are suppose to implicate him. But in my opinion, they are BOTH support Michael's innocence if people REALLY READ IT. But most in the media have not really touched them. BOTH ARE THE BIGGEST EVIDENCE THAT MICHAEL JACKSON WAS INNOCENT AND THIS SO CALLED SCANDAL IS REALLY THE BIGGEST SCAM IN HOLLYWOOD HISTORY SUPPORTED BY THE MEDIA.

hmm let me guess Michael Jackson molest a child every decade huh?!
hmm....mayb 10 yrs from now the the press will say he molested another child roll eyes (sarcastic) some of the press are actually supportive of Michael right now, i guess they know this is some bullsh!t This is all bout Money ..MONEY... MONEY ....MONEY

this is a bringing down of a celebrity, this is the man who brought joy to all of us. You cannot deny this, Michael Jackson is an INTERNATIONAL TREASURE


i saw that on the News

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loserib can u read what i have said pleasse.....=/
man its all over the news....but they need to get thier facts right b4 they talk, again the media r gona have a field day with this crap

they just issued a warrent for his arrest

Okimmi, how are you goin to feel if what he's accused of is actually true? which there is a good chance of.

i dont think MJ could survive in jail. if he is guilty.

He would. Even if they put him in the federal pound me in the @$$ prison. Ya see these jail types got their own wierd society set up there. THey have devised their own (yeah I know it's funny) code of honor if you will. Since a lot of those guys would have respect for MJ there would probably be 3 or 4 who would be like "yo man I got your back" of course there are always the attention mongerers who would try to beat him up just for bragging rights, but we all know he can fight remember the Annie video, and the one with Chris Tucker?

I'm not sure if I believe that or not. I suppose he could have done it, but at the same time I almost don't believe that he did............

theres one thing i dont understand. I was watching the news and they said over 70 police officers were involved in the raid of the never land ranch. I mean i know it's a big place,but come on GOD DAMN 70 cops? you dont even see 70 cops when drug cartel's are busted. Most police stations dont even have 70 cops. They alos had a team of forensic analyzers,and the FBI. You diddnt even see this many braches of law enforcment during 9/11. It;s micheal jackson, a small town hillbilly sherief would have done the job.

I was thinking the same thing......

The simple solution to all of his problems would simply be to stop touching little boys.

even after all the lawsuits and crap he cant control himself..its sad

MICHAEL JACKSON IS INNOCENT I M TELLING U. WHY? this is the kid I THINK whoz life he saved. it was aired in a documentary. the kid was gonna die of cancer and doctors told him he only had 3 weeks 2 live and the kids last wish was 2 c michael jackson. michael jackson paid all his money and it was a miracle and mjz the reason he is still living. he said he wanted 2 sleep with mj coz he didnt like sleeping alone and stuff like that. watch the documentry LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON and c it for urself

i dont care if he's innocent or not. I do believe he was innocent the first time around, because it was settled out side of courts. and i would think a parent would want justice for their molested child instead of money. However this time around, the parents stated they want none of his money, just to see him in court. Besides the kid has cancer. If it was a farce then i would think they would be following the same steps in trying to get a settlement. He probably diddnt do anything as bad as like touch the kids pecker, but he probably did some shit that isnt appropriate to do with a 13 year old, that he believes is just a way to show his affection. Eigther way micheal needs to signal the mother ship this time around.

rages u will c its a matter of time before michael will be proven innocent. just wait n c

rages u will c its a matter of time before michael will be proven innocent. just wait n c. i mean this guy saves the kids life.

i never said he was guilty. Depending on what they say they found. I realyl dont think he did anything. Like i said he probably gave the kid a kiss on the cheek or somthing, and it turned out into an exxageration.

besides. Just because someone is proven innocent in a court of law doesnt mean there innocent.

Evil Dead
I was watching CNN last night..........

Actually, Jackson is not being charged with child molestation.......he is being charged with SEVERAL COUNTS of child molestation..........and it's about damn time. This man needs to go to prison. This isn't Rome......having money and power does not give you the right to have sex with little boys at your will. He is sick.

I hope to see Jackson go to prison. There is no way he would survive....even with his amount of money. Do you know which kind of criminal most convicts hate the most? Muderers......no.......Thiefs.....no......Rapists.....no. The answer is child molestors. They do what they do purely for their own satisfaction giving no reguard to the little kids they are damaging for life. Every prisoner in the prison Jackson will end up in has a little brother.......a nephew....or a son whom they love. The only type of convict that gets NO respect at all in prison are child molestors.

u'll b proven wrong evil dead.

it is kind of strange that this happens to MJ all the time, it aint a coincident, sorry to say to all of you MJ fans but the man is obvious sick in the head and it is time to deal with it

yeah i have alot of family in prison right now and they dont like molesters you should here some of the stories my uncle has told me about what they do to chiled molesters but if mj ends up in prison i doubt he will end up in general population hes to high profile

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I would like to do a bit of social commentary if I might here.

I've noticed alot of Jackson's defenders are foreigners....well to me and Jackson anyway. They are from countries other than the United States.

I realize that Jackson is probably the biggest icon worldwide ever with a huge fanbase in every country around the globe. I would simply like to know some of the reasoning for their persistant defending of this man.

Do foreigners get the same news that we do here in the states? Do they get to see all of his interviews....with Diane Sawyer and other huge broadcasters? Do they get in depth explanations of the charges against him? I really wonder this sometimes..........I hope the answer is yes otherwise alot of people are defending a man when all they really know about him is that he can sing well and dance well.

Yes Michael Jackson is an excellent singer. Yes Jackson is probably the best dancer I've ever seen. Unfortunately, yes......he is a child molestor. He has been accused before........now the police actually have sufficient evidence of MORE THAN ONE molestation claim to put a warrant out for his arrest.

Do you folks in other countries know how the U.S. justice system works? They do not simply put out warrants on people because they are suspected of being a child molestor. They do not issue warrants for a person's arrest simply because they have been accused of a crime. They do not put out warrants on people simply to question them. They must have evidence to even apply for the warrant. Quite simply, there is a warrant for his arrest.......which means there is SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to believe that he did molest these children. This means that not only do the authorities believe he committed the crimes.......they actually have some kind of proof in their possesion.

You see, this is how it works. The police have some sort of evidence (proof) that Jackson committed these crimes. A warrant for his arrest is issued, then he is served the warrant, arrested. He then goes to trial. During a trial, the authorities present their evidence. The accused then tries to give reason as to why the evidence is misleading. A judge and/or jury listens to both sides and decides.

I get the feeling that alot of people think that Jackson is being arrested simply because someboy accused him of molesting a child. This is not the case. I can accuse anybody of being a child molestor. Any child can accuse me of molesting them. Nothing happens........unless there is some sort of evidence to support the claim.

His best bet would be to pull a Roman Polanski.............to run to France where they won't extradite on sex offense crimes. They are actually alot alike. Roman Polanski drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13 year old girl.......the daughter of one of his friends. If that isn't child molestation I don't know what is. Ofcourse he ran away to France because he didn't want to spend a good portion of his life in prison. That would be Michael Jackson's best bet right now........because I think he's in deep doodoo this time.

P.S. What kind of a sick country is France that they won't extradite sex offenders? That is just ridiculous. It really speaks of the class of the their government. Okay.....France doesn't think we should have been in Iraq, I can see their opposition. It's a matter of opinion........but sex crimes? France is basically saying "rape all the women you want......rape all the children you want.......molest all the little boys you want......you're still welcome here and we'll protect you. After all, we don't think these offenses are serious enough in nature to warrant sending you back to your country to stand trial"...........

I'm done...........in summary; Jackson can dance like no other.........Jackson can sing like no other.......unfortunately Jackson can also diddle little boys like no other aswell. The first two do not equate the last.........

evil dead is right

Evil Dead
just saw this:

"besides. Just because someone is proven innocent in a court of law doesnt mean there innocent."

Just to reitterate ragesremorse's remarks.......

There is no such thing as being proven innocent.......there is guilty or not guilty.

Guilty means that the evidence presented leaves NO reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime.

Not Guilty means that there is not sufficient evidence to prove beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT that the accused committed the crime. Basically......even if all the evidence points to guilt, if there is the slightest possibility that the accused did not commit the crime they are found not guilty. This in no way means that the person is innocent or did not commit the crime, it merely means that there is a CHANCE or a DOUBT that the person did not commit the crime.

Perfect example: OJ Simpson. He cut his ex-wife's head off and was found not guilty. Why? There was so much damning evidence that it wasn't funny. They had his shoe prints in blood......they had his clothing at the scene. Why not find him guilty? Because there was still a CHANCE that somebody else could have committed the crime.

This whole this is all his fault for flapping his mouth about sleeping in the same bed as those kids
He should be castrated

I feel strongly about this (believe me)
No grown man should be allowed to be alone in bed with a child at ANY TIME!

we get the same news here in Europe as you yanks does, so yes we have the same information about it all.

does it work?

Polanski wasnt a US citizen, it would be a different matter with MJ though

it aint just sex offenders France doesnt have an extradition treaty with the US, a lot of European countries dont a treaty with countries that still have death penalty.

Why people defend Jackson ? I dont know, guess they have a hard time accepting the reality of it all

not even your own kid?

You know what I meant, but to say it again, there is a limit, should a father be sleeping in the same bed as his 12 year old daughter/son, because he likes to sleep with children? No

And a stranger? NO! No matter how much money or farris wheels he has.

Remember we are not talking babies here...I HOPE!

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yes its very dramatic right now! damn lmao this is so funny

Just now, as Fox News were watching LIVE at the Santa Barbara airport (they were following the wrong plane however, it wasn't Michael's!), they said that Michael and his team (including his new lawyer) were prepared for this.

In February, Gavin's mother took the family out of Neverland and sought legal council. Then Marc Shaffel (the producer/MJ associate) brought the family BACK to Neverland and the Mother and Gavin were VIDEOTAPED swearing that nothing bad happened at Neverland.

FOx News say this tape is one thing Police were searching for, and that it is DYNAMITE for Michael's defense. They say Michael hired this new lawyer way back in February when they first became aware of a possible new investigation.

Michael knew this was coming, when he was live seen arested he showed it on purpose! did u guys not see?!! ahha i love this man!

CNN Legal expert just said Sneddon lied!
He just said Sneddon was outright "wrong," in claiming the California law has changed to be able to force the child to testify. He said that is NOT true and can NOT be done. He said what the law change was that if a child has PREVIOUSLY made a statement it can be admitted as evidence but the child can not be forced to be crossed examined or answer any questions about that statement.

Tom Sneddon said he wont be giving interviews to anyone but he lied! he gave that bi.tch Diane Diamond! shes back to save her face, fcuking conspiracy, im impressed some of the press are really positive!

also at the press conferance! wat a fcuking joke! he was laughing and joking, The fact that they pleaded for any other victims to come forward implies that they don't have any evidence... so obvious!

In the statement the investigators made they stated that they were to go forward with all of this before halloween. they made the excuse that they didn't have enough staff to do it and that too many visitors had arrived in california. if this was a real occurence then there is no way that any law enforcement would wait weeks to question someone who they were accusing of molesting a child. that right there should tell you something. i know that if i knew of a child that was or had been sexually abused then i would not let anyone wait weeks to arrest the person who they had "proof" of doing it. BUt they wait till the Day MJ releases his album!! oh yeh what else, "im not in to Mj's music" what kind of response is that! this cun.t is obsessed with MJ, he also knows about the song about him from MJ .hmm...he doesnt listen 2 Mj's music?! every1 fcuking love this mans music

70 officers swarmed his ranch.... WDF is with that?! kinda fcuking desperate! they knew MJ wasnt at home, those bastards

this Tom Sneddon wants to ruin MJ b4 he retires! he wants to end his job killing MJ, his fcuking kkk

Guys dont fall for this crap please

see MJ was leaving and he was waving and blowing kisses and showed the peace sign before he went into the van and left, MJ is in a good strong spirit.

"So even though they have declared open season on Michael Jackson, they'd better watch how they take aim. Misloaded weapons have a way of backfiring. " ahaha lol

His fascination with kids is unnatural and creepy. I realize that you like him and want to back him, but you have just as much information as us, I would hate to see you fall on this as well.

I don't know your views on child abuse, but mine are very strong.

Storming his place with that many officers was not because they were looking for him! How ignorant! They were looking for evidence and on a spread like his that takes a lot of man-hours and a lot of people.

And they do not issue an arrest warrant based on someone telling stories...That is why he was not arrested 10 years ago.

There were NEVER any formal charges brought then due to the child not wanting to testify or lying.

But now, believe they have lots of evidence or they would not have arrested him so quickly

Open a law book, instead of the Thriller album and brush up on the law a little.

if micheal jackson goes to prison. He'll have his own wing with several bodygaurds. I'm sure though if he does indeed go to prison he will eventually find out what it is like to be the boy.

ahem...there are no bodygaurds in Prison...especally for Child Molesters.

He will be lucky if he is not killed like Goghan was in Boston.

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yeh right blah blah, MJ in jail my ass they can keep wishing, please you think MJ is some stupid fcuk or something, you people dont know shit! hey just listen 2 all the lying fcuks, how can u call Mj a child molester when he wasnt even called guitly yet?! please u dont know the real facts so please just stop talking shit out of yah ass

Duh?!? He is in JAIL right now. And you don't have all the facts either, but that's your thing

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his gone already yah dumbass lmao, he left already.....
well stop speculating stuff u dont know, my facts make sence

mayb u should go bak to page 1 and have a look at my post also
its bout the Evan Chandler thing if ur so facsinated

something funny, All the old characters are back. Picking up right where they left off.

Diane Diamond
Tom Sneddon
Gloria Aldred is Court TV representing Gavins family.
hmm she was the 1 representing Chandlers as well.

THis is some calculated sh!t

Also isn't it interesting...how Sneddon issues an arrest warrant and then instead of actually going and getting MJ straight away, goes on TV and publically announces it so that everyone is ready in advance before they arrest him, and the media can then take photos and make it all humiliating for him?

I know there's problems with jurisdiction between different states, but they could have arrested him straight away if they really wanted to. But no.. they had to make it an even bigger media circus than it is.

Only more evidence that supports the sabotage theory...

supporting an acused chiled molester cuese his music is good and i thought i had some twisted morals

o kiMMii o
what a stupid response moron, is that all u can say?! im sticking up for MJ because of his music?! this isnt about his music right now yah fcuk
This is injustice bullshit lynching after 10 years and still going
MJ fans r loyal and will stick with MJ forever, his a big inspiration to everyone, we love him for who he is, were gona stay by his side always. You fools dont know how it will feel when MJ leaves, then ur gona feel sorry, i dont know whats wrong with u ignorant ****.s,
just go back to posing, thats all u do, Michael obviously cares about children but u guys just cant take it , and says he molests...ur all talk
you cant even respond to my answers, MJ is a big icon and is not only about Music, his life/ career is like the greatest show on Earth!

so yeah like you said you plan to stick with him even if he did molest a kid he could also kill people and you would stiill support him all the way to the end huh and to add i could give two shits less if the man dies or not people die every day no big deal if he did molest a kid even better i mean what if they have pictures or something you still got his back then

o kiMMii o
ok when did it say that?! huh u ok there?! something wrong?! fcuked in the head or something....when was Michael ever accused guilty?! damn ur dreaming in there
i believe in his innocence because its the truth! right now he looks confident and back at les vegas, if MJ ever did that to children then i will lose respect for him...lose all of it! but thats not gona happen cause MJ is so innocent. If u dont care about MJ then shut da fcuk up, you seemed obsessed with Michael Jackson or something.


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Sad bastard MJ will prove his Innocence, Then u can da shut up "fala-bag's"

dude he has been charged twice with melesting... .of course he is guilty...

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go back to page 1,2,3 and read all my posts its all there, the media wont report the real facts geez.....his guilty because the media and tabloids say so?! yeh right it looks pathetic for Tom Sneddon right now
he was never charged, MJ has always been innocent, he doesnt need to hide all this shit....he aint scared
everyone is supporting Michael ....he doesnt need people like you

We will see what happens. Very strong words for speclation though, you say you have the facts but I do not think you have all of them unless you are in the mix with him...

o kiMMii o
look just dont be so negative and jump to different conclusions when nothing really has happend yet, God even the media cant get it right, very confusing...
I bet all of the public love MJ really its just that they feel that they have to fall in line with the public stereotype image of him.
All the people who bash MJ r just trying to fit in to what the trash media feed them and r just clones in that way. They r stupid and shouldnt think like that, this is enough! tho it seems everyone is feeling MJ again.
But yeh lets just wait and see whats next...

Or maybe they actually think he did touch the little boys, the guy is obviously screwed up in the head whether he touched them or not.

Evil Dead
o kiMMii o

#1. Why do you so stedfastly defend this man? What in his character makes you think "this man could never molest a child"?....All you really know about the man is that he sings, he dances, he's rich, and he has three children.......that is all you know. You don't know this man's personality. He already admitted that he sleeps with young children, which is wrong no matter what. When you were 11 years old and used to have sleep overs, did you and your friend go sleep in the same bed with their/your parents? Why ofcourse not. That would be just absurd. Your friends parents I'm sure would be outraged........yet Michael admits that he (a 45 yr old man) loves sleeping with little boys.

There is one strike against him - admits he likes sleeping with little boys

Then he was accused of child molestation 10 years ago. Instead of letting it go to trial and clearing his name.....he decides to pay the family millions of dollars to shut them up. It appears as maybe he didn't think his name could be cleared at a trial.

That was strike 2 - refused to let a court clear his name......he wanted to pay the kids' family to shut them up.

Now he has been arrested on charges of molestation.......are we seeing a pattern form yet? The difference this time is that the family refuses to take any money. They don't want any money, they want the man punished for damaging their boy. Did I mention that he has already been arrested? To be arrested for a crime in the U.S. there must first be some sort of EVIDENCE supporting the claim that you committed the crime. This means that the police have some sort of evidence in their custody that Michael Jackson does indeed molest little boys.

That is strike 3...............he's out of there. He's going to prison this time. He finally ran up against a little boy's family who refuses to be bought off.

#2. Have you ever taken an English class? My lord your typing is attrocious. It's sort of a mix between a 3rd grader's writing skills and a ditzy 16 year old blonde's cute little Instant Messaging slang (OMG, Kewl, L8TR). I swear you are challenging the very limits of my capacity to decipher online posts with your typing/verbal skills.

#3. Now please respond with the reason you believe Michael Jackson did not commiit this crime. There is plenty of evidence that supports the belief that he did........let's hear your reasoning as to why this man could not have molested little boys.

o kiMMii o
please evil dead ur pathetic, im a MJ fan i know whats going on u dont!
u watch the news all day. all negative reports on MJ, u dont even listen 2 what i have said, u listen 2 everything thats on the news thats it. How can u call Michael Jackson guilty when nothing ever has been said he was guilty?! your a fool, i dont give a about my grammer. i never said i knew michael jacksons personaly, where da did u get that from?! i posted all the facts and u guys keep on ignoring it.

You think Michael settling the lawsuit is the reason he was never charged but there is a REAL reason he was not charged and it has to do with NO evidence. THE ONLY CASE THAT WAS SETTLED WAS A 'CIVIL SUIT' (to avoid a media circus, oh, and we can't forget about the extortion plot by Daddy Chandler)!!!

listen 2 this, it says that this boy and his parents were turned down by two lawyers, apparentely they didn't believe the kids story and wanted nothing to do with it

The only people on the kids side are the ones from 1993 bitter they couldn't get michael then . all the things i have said made sence but u idiots dont have anything to say to my response. so what do you have to say?!

mike has tapes of the mother going nuty cause mj didnt want to fund them anymore. The criminal case has nothing to do with the kids family its the D.A who is prosecuting but unlike 93 the kid HAS to give evidence. so it will happen even if the family dont want it to.This family was totally dependent on mike they had no money at all. why do u think they hired civil lawyers b4 the police ever got involved

please evil dead u think u know everything ok please respond to all my posts.

u know what when Mj finally will proclaim his innocence, then u fcuks dont have anything to say. When this crap is over Michael Jackson is gona be Huge, even tho he already is , but Huge and strong as ever

Evil Dead
It seems to me that you pay little attention to facts.........you have Michael Jackson wrapped up in some worldwide conspiracy to destroy his career (which is basically non existant now anyway)...........let me guess......all of these people you mention were in on the J.F.K. assasination too weren't they.

Puh-leaze..........just look at the damned facts. He has been accused before but paid the family off so they wouldn't testify in a legal trial. Not because of some grand conspiracy......but because he knew if he went to trial he would lose. This time he can't pay the family off so he is screwed.

You still did not answer my question. What exactly do you know about Michael Jackson that the rest of the world doesn't that makes you believe that he couldn't have committed these crimes.

yeah really how do you know if hes inocent or not

None of us can say for sure whether he is guilty or not. Obviously it would seem that he is, but that does not mean that he is. For the kid's sake, I hope not. It's up to the legal system to handle it, though, and we will all know the outcome whether we want to or not.

if he did do it i hope he hangs for it no one should be able to get away with that no mater what there celeberty status is

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ok the Boys father just denied the charges

"Either she places a child in a home in which he's in danger of being molested, or the alternative, she is encouraging a child to make false accusations," Halper said. "Either way, it makes her unfit."

lets not forget the mother acused MJ not the boy

lmao laughing out loud

kim u r so right! michael will b proven innocent just wait n c u guyz.

Evil Dead
"Either she places a child in a home in which he's in danger of being molested, or the alternative, she is encouraging a child to make false accusations," Halper said. "Either way, it makes her unfit"

Now how exactly is this denying that it happened? It merely states that in either case she is an unfit mother and shouldn't be the one to have custody of the boy.

Either she told the boy to make it up.......she's unfit
or she knew Jackson was the child molestor he is and still sent her boy to his home.....which makes her unfit

You people will make up anything you can to defend your perverted pedophile of a hero won't you.

Let me guess........you kids think Jackson has only had 2 plastic surgeries also don't you (what he said in the British doc. last year)........

o kiMMii o
me make up stuff?! ok what did i just make up?!!! i have never said anything false
oh please plastic surgery i dont give a shit....when did i ever say i think his only had 2 surgerys fool.....MJ was obviously pissed at that moment
he said 2?! you really think MJ is gona sit there and say how many surgerys his had, thats non of our business, he wanted Bashir to shutup about it

Evil Dead
oh no........Michael Jackson is capable of lying? Ofcourse we already knew that though didn't we............perhaps he is lying about his pention for deflowering young boys aswell.

and yes you did lie.......flat out.......you said:

"ok the Boys father just denied the charges "

which is completely untrue......the boy's father said the mother was an unfit parent because either she encouraged the boy to lie....or the boy is telling the truth and the mom should not have put him in the position to be alone with Jackson to be molested. You lied flat out to facilitate your purpose............not one place has the father ever said that the boy was not telling the truth.

o kiMMii o
duh MJ was prob embaressed , r u stupid?!
also i got it off a article u gronk, u think i got it out of my ass or something.....
ur imply MJ is guilty when we havnt even got any evidence! if they have evidence Where da fcuk is it then?!!!! they have been saying it for the last 10 years theres evidence but where is this so called evidence?!!!!!!!

and why wasnt it reported to the police? why did they go to a civil lawyer first? why did they go to the same lawyer who worked on the case 10 years ago

And wait and see what happens before you make dumb judgements.

Father Of Jackson's Accuser Denies Charges
Boy In Center Of Bitter Divorce, Custody Battle

POSTED: 7:45 a.m. PST November 21, 2003
UPDATED: 8:00 a.m. PST November 21, 2003

LOS ANGELES -- The attorney for the father of the 12-year-old boy in the center of the Michael Jackson controversy spoke to the media Thursday evening.


More About Alleged Victim

H. Russell Halper told reporters that his client believes the boy's mother is unfit and does not believe that the pop superstar victimized his son.

"Either she places a child in a home in which he's in danger of being molested, or the alternative, she is encouraging a child to make false accusations," Halper said. "Either way, it makes her unfit."

The alleged victim was featured in a British documentary with Michael Jackson. It was aired earlier this year. The boy is a cancer patient who stayed at Jackson's Neverland Ranch on a few occasions and a child in the center of a bitter divorce and custody battle.

The boy's mother had nothing negative to say about Jackson when she told a British newspaper earlier this year that "at no time has (her son) ever been treated with anything other than love, respect and the deepest kindness by Michael."


Okimmi, I don't see how you being a fan of Miceal Jackson gives you anymore credibility in this subject then anyone else. If anything it will just put you in a state of denial about what the man may have done.

Somehow Backfire, she is 100 times more informed than the rest of us.
I watched the news, heard the reports.
But arrested is arrested.
They do not arrest and book someone of MJ's status without A LOT of proof and evidence

Righto. And whether or not the mother is unfit does not negate the charges. It's just that much sadder for the boy.

o kiMMii o
yes yes im denial about MJ is guilty when not even a evidence has surfaced yet...

why Elvis wasn't arrested for pedophelia?! afterall, he went after Priscilla when she was only 13 years old

media values are completly upside down and that the intense media scrutiny will make a fair trial impossible. will see

if its really hard for u guys to understand this then im not gona force u to believe in anything, which i never have but just stated whats really going on but im done with you people.

Thank you!
And Elvis?? Now you're swing at air!

Actually waht's really going on is that it's possible that the man touched many little boys in the pants, seems to me you don't know what's going on if you can't simply accept that he MAY have done this.

Evil Dead
Hmmm............I thought Jerry Lee Lewis was the only one to marry a 13 yr old (Myra lewis, his second cousin).............

Elvis did this too? This is news to me.........what was the uproar about then?! Why were people so pissed at Jerry Lee when the King himself had done it years before.

Gravity Kills
Does anyone else think this is just funny. When I heard about it I could not stop laughing. What just me?

Well not funny, but not suprising. I get really defensive about Child Abuse and being an abused child myself. Someone HAS to stand up for the children...Who is doing that here??

o k guyz just tell me 1 thing. and please please please look at what i have said coz u never do that!

in the press conference the media asked sheriff how long they have known about this. they said 2 months. the lady then asked why did u wait for two months and the sheriff said because of halloween. now u tell me, if the sheriff think that there is a child molestor and he is loose and is free, would they let him b loose for even 1 day? wouldnt they just arrest him right away. why did they wait eh? if they think michael jackson is that dangerous

o kiMMii o,ur opinion wud be bias since ur fan of his,i think he is guilty,u have to admit it is kinda wierd being charged with sumthing like this twice and children having sleepovers at a 45 yr old mans house,dont u find that a little creepy?

o kiMMii o
me bais please tell me how?! cause im a fan of MJ, that doesnt make me bais because i told all the facts, that doesnt make sence.
you are the people stated Michael is guitly when nothing has said that he is. So tell me whys that?! your just speculating, But you dont say the facts. Why dont you wait and see for yourself what the real thing is. Michael loves children ..why?! because they wont judge him, most of the people around him maybe are just looking in for some cash, maybe this childhood has affected him, and yes it does seem like it. Michael has donated alot of money to charity but people over look these things..Why?! Media will never report nething good about Jackson.

I think that, along with the confidence and vigour of his exit from the police station demomstrates his intent to win both the case, if it ever gets to court, but more importatnly the publics opinion.
Also his lawyers made it public they were angry at him being cuffed.
The public thinks Michael is stupid bcuz this is happening again to him but really Michael is a very very smart man and he knows what he's doing

Abrams was just talking with a panel and he brought up the possibility of Jordy being called out of hiding to testify. This one black guy said that that could be a good thing for Mike. Meaning, if Mike in fact did not moleste Jordy, then Jordy could be forced to come to court and testify that Mike did not hurt him. Mike can kill two birds with one stone.

How much you wanna bet that the prosecution will never do this? Why? It may look like Mike was guilty because he settled, but what if he wasn't? It is a big chance they will be taking.

Now, as far as the defense goes, they have the upper hand. Why? Because Michael knows what is in those documents...he knows why it was settled....he knows he is innocent. He could give Geragos the ok to subpoena Jordy to court. But if they do, the prosecution is gonna fight it because they will say, "Mike must be innocent if they are calling on Jordy".

Why was Michael arrested? Why was he handcuffed? Does this mean they found evidence at Neverland? Why wasn't he arrested in 93 when he was accused? Well, folks I found the answer.

What is an arrest?
An arrest is when the police take a person into their custody to charge them with a criminal offence.

Not everyone charged with a criminal offence will be arrested. Depending on the circumstances:

The police can decide to tell the person that a charge will be laid and a summons to go to court will be given to the person later
Or, the police can give a person an appearance notice, a written notice of the charge that says when the person has to go to court
Or, the police can arrest the person and take him or her to the police station.

IN other words, they HAD A CHOICE. They could've given him an appearance notice like last time. But NO, Sneddon wanted a BIG SHOW. He had to bring in 70 cops, a forensics team, dogs, helicopters and an ambulance to raid Neverland like this was some high-profile MURDER case. Then, he had to top it off by issuing an ARREST WARRANT for Michael and bringing him in in HANDCUFFS. He had to parade him around for the media to see TO MAKE HIM LOOK GUILTY! The reason why he raided the place when Mike was gone was so that he could issue an ARREST WARRANT , to publicize it all over the DAMN WORLD! If he'd have done it when Mike was in Cali, no warrant would've been needed, cuz he would've been in their jurisdiction and they could've taken him in on the spot! In addition:

Criminal charges are laid when:

the police have talked to the Complainant/victim
there is enough evidence to show that a crime was committed
the police are able to determine who is responsible for the crime
the police have spoken to the Crown prosecutor

Seems to me all of the above except for the EVIDENCE part have been done. If they found evidence, why didn't they charge him when he was arrested? Cuz they DIDNT, just like they didnt LAST TIME.

The media has been going Jihad on MJ for decades now. The guy's one of the richest men on the planet, everyone wants some of that money, and I'll bet he gets 365 lawsuits a year that we never hear about. He must be able to pee lawsuits by now, so what makes this one so different?

But I'll tell you this for nothing. NOBODY can look me in the eye and tell me that Michael Jackson faces fresh allegations of child abuse in the same week that sales figures show his latest complilation album and DVD is headed straight for the number one spot, and then tell me it's a remarkable coincidence. Even the Marx Brothers didn't have that level of timing. Jacko didn't even WANT to release this album. He's had a falling out with Sony, and was obligated to release one more album before he can terminate his contract.
So, right when he's finished with Sony, on the WEEK that the album comes out, out comes fresh allegations and everyone saying his career is definately over and that he may even face jail.
This smells fishy. Nope, scratch that, it absolutely stinks like a public toilet.

And as for parents who want one of the richest men in the world to write them a cheque for an out of court settlement, well, I got one thing to say to that:
I don't think the man who sexually molests an innocent child is anywhere even near as evil or sick as the parents who literally pimp their child to him for money.

It's amazing how many people have already decided he's guilty, without a single shred of evidence. The strongest case for the prosectution I've heard so far has been "Well, he LOOKS guilty." Oh well done, way to go, Holmes, you've cracked the case wide open! Jeez, we really could have used your skills in the OJ trial, you'd have showed that jury the error of their ways, huh? Check out Matlock over here.

Why did everybody suddenly forget that in the justice system a man is innocent until proven guilty? Nobody is using the word "alleged" in the media, and because the man has not been convicted of a crime, referring to him without using the word "alleged" is very, very, VERY ****ing ILLEGAL.
Speaking of convictions, funny how everyone's fogotten R Kelly's one lately. R Kelly is a good example. He was tried, convicted and sentenced in a court of law, was found guilty of having sex with a 14 year old girl, and not only that, but the sick **** videotaped it. You know who R Kelly is, because despite being a convicted pedophile, he scored a number one hit with a song called "Ignition" a few months ago. Everyone in the clubs was dancing to it and making out to it.
Here's some of the lyrics:
"No im not tryin to be rude/But hey pretty girl im feelin you/That's why im all up in yo grill/Tryina get you to a hotel/Now its like murder she wrote/Once i get you out them clothes/No more hopin' and wishin/I'm bout to take my key and/Stick it in the ignition"
It's a song about sex. A song about sex, written by a convicted PEDOPHILE. People talk about how Michael Jackson's career is now well and truly over. Well, videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl obviously didn't hurt R Kelly's career any, because he's out, free, oh, and scoring number one hits.
But because the media haven't been persecuting him for years, and because he's popular with idiots in nightclub, somehow it's OKAY for R Kelly to have been convicted and still have a career, but not for Michael Jackson to after allegations without a shred of evidence.

o kiMMii o

o kiMMii o
I bet alot of you watched Larry King Live, Court TV etc etc....
you all know what happened, what a joke Diane Was!
shes so stupid!
Did you hear her? "I keep in touch with all my sources" and then later catching herself...."not that he tells me anything serious...."

this case is getting funnier and funnier. The prosecuter leaking to the reporters.... ?!!! what?!
Has there been anytime a prosecutor attack a defendant that personally unrelated to the case??
Larry asked the PERFECT question and she put her foot in her mouth. Just yesterday she DENIED to Oxman that Sneddon was leaking information to her. Now she just said he is a "source".
Diane Dimond got very nervous and almost couldn't talk when Larry asked her why Tom Sneddon gave her the interview......he said it wasn't very useless
. She was definitely caught off guard by that question and it was difficult for her to try to formulate a lie. But she couldn't come up with anything so she just said "because I asked". Larry raised a great question by asking her "Why would a DA do an interview like that in the first place?"
If you notice when Diane Diamon is on any television show, every anchor tells her specifically "No Speculation" why? Because they know what she is capable of and the trouble she can cause a network for leaking false information. It spells 100 million dollar lawsuit.

Tom Sneddon, the District Attorney of Santa Barbara, has been playing the race card with this accusation from the beginning in 1993. How?

By the mere fact he trusted that accusation of the boy and father in 1993 although that case was so BOGUS.

Let's break it down. You had Evan Chandler, the father of the boy making the first accusation as a Dentist who longed to be an ASPIRING SCRIPT WRITER. He had to his credits Robinhood Men in Tights.

So, Evan goes to a social worker so that the social worker (as required by law) must report the accusation to police by law. So, Evan Chandler NEVER took his son to police to give a statement. Instead, he decided to FILE A LAWSUIT, in the middle of the criminal investigation.


What parent would not cooperate with police at this point??? If it were your child, WOULD YOU TOTALLY IGNORE AUTHORITIES TO FILE A LAWSUIT???

Tom Sneddon wants the public to believe Evan Chandler didn't speak because Michael settled the lawsuit as, hush money. BUT, THE POLICE INVESTIGATION BEGAN IN AUGUST 1993 AND THE SETTLEMENT OF THE LAWSUIT WASN'T UNTIL JANUARY 1994.




After the lawsuit was settled, Evan Chandler would participate in a book titled "Michael Jackson was My Lover," a reference to his OWN SON BEING THE "LOVER" OF MICHAEL JACKSON.
















Why cant you get this through your thick heads

Evil Dead
I'm done with this thread.........some people will never believe their hero can commit wrong doings.........even when their heros have a past history of committing the same wrong doings.

I will close with this........and think about it very carefully.........

I bet when Michael Jackson gets to prison he will be very remorseful that he spent so much time and money to make himself look like a woman.

o kiMMii o
hehe i bet when he proves his innocence you guys wont have anything to say! your done because you aint got shit to tell me. and your come back was about his looks. WOW

From: [email protected]
To: -----------
Subject: Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 16:59:29 EST

I feel the need to let the cat out of the bag and let the Christian community know of an up coming book which I have authored that is in the process of being released by my publisher called "Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Case."

I was the sole legal secretary that worked for the attorney of the father of the little boy that accused Michael Jackson of child molestation before, during and after the 1993 allegation. I have known from the very beginning, and reveal in my book, that Michael Jackson was set up of the child molestation charges from the very beginning. I originally gave this information to Michael Jackson's investigators at the onset of the investigation, but because the case settled and never went to court, the information that I provided never came to the public's attention.

Redemption explains what was going on behind the scenes and in the court system that caused Michael Jackson to settle. Instead of closing the case, Tom Sneddon vowed to change the laws just for Michael Jackson. In his press conference yesterday, he specifically said that Michael Jackson is being charged under the newly form 288(a) of the child molestation law 288, which charges anyone "who willfully and lewdly commits any lewd or lascivious act with a minor," is guilty of child molesting. Sneddon qualified that it is different than 288, which deals with the actual sex act of child molesting.

I am asking the Body of Christ to be prayful for Michael Jackson in light of this ugly demon rearing its head once again. If there was a scred of credible evidence against Michael Jackson of child molestation in 1993, he would have been brought to justice regardless of the settlement. He had two county DA's offices investigating trying to build a case against him. I am contending that if he didn't do it then, he is not guilty this time. But the perpitrator is still the same, even though the accuser is different.

Please don't let the hype cloud your vision concerning the motive of the D.A.'s office in this case. If Tom Sneddon was really searching for the truth, how did I get overlooked by his investigation when I worked diectly in the office of the attorney of the 1993 accusers?

In my book I have a chapter titled, "A Ram In the Bush." It speaks to why I was there to witness the original set up of Michael Jackson. If you can understand Michael Jackson's spiritual mission, trying to bring world peace to this nation, it should be clear that Satan is the only one that has always tried to abort it, as he has done in times past. The chapter ends by saying "for all the love that Michael Jackson gave to millions of children...God gave Michael a ram in the bush!

Anyone that knows me, know that public attention horrifies me. I have been fighting the thought of coming forth with the truth, but I can say that God himself has been leading me and guiding me to come forward. If there was anybody else or any other way, I would opt out. But God reminded me that this is the true meaning of a missionary. One who is willing to put their life on hold for the sake of another. Christ was our greatest example when he laid down his glory and came to save mankind. And need I remind you, he came in the name of love, and they crucified him too falsely. (Let's not forget the whiles of Satan that are comon to all men).

This is not a plug for my book, but a plea for Christians to remain prayerful for Michael Jackson at this time. I contend that had Michael Jackson gone to trial the first time, he would have been exonerated. I stand firm in believing if he was set up the first time, which I witnessed, he is being railroad once again into the charge of child molestation by a D.A. that has been carrying a vendetta for 10 years.

God bless you all for listening to my heart's plea for prayers and God's justice in this case


come on now california dont have an active kkk and i know that for a fact he may or may not have done it but im not buying the racism bit i mean if the case was in lie mississpi or some where like that maby but kkk in cali thats funny

o k guyz just tell me 1 thing. and please please please look at what i have said coz u never do that!

in the press conference the media asked sheriff how long they have known about this. they said 2 months. the lady then asked why did u wait for two months and the sheriff said because of halloween. now u tell me, if the sheriff think that there is a child molestor and he is loose and is free, would they let him b loose for even 1 day? wouldnt they just arrest him right away. why did they wait eh? if they think michael jackson is that dangerous


Evil Dead
You cannot arrest a person because you "know about" a crime they have committed.............Kimmie, you might want to do a bit of research about the laws in the United States. I don't know how your country works but here in the U.S. you must have some sort of evidence before you can arrest somebody you suspect of a crime. Which is why no legal charges were pressed against Jackson 10 years ago. The DA's office did not have enough evidence to prosecute Jackson w/o the little boy's testimony............ofcourse the little boy wouldn't testify in a legal trial because Jackson paid his family millions of dollars (undisclosed settlement that has been estimated as anywhere between $14-$20 million) to not testify........but then again you already knew that didn't you. You already knew that Jackson paid a kid $15 + Million not to testify against him in a court of law. The true actions of an innocent person.

Back to the subject.........this isn't communist China. You cannot be arrested simply because you have been accused of a crime, there must be evidence. The very fact that Jackson was arrested bares testimony to the fact that they do have evidence that Jackson did infact molest this boy. It's pretty funny that the warrant for Jackson's arrest was issued right after they raided Neverland huh.......as if perhaps they found the evidence they needed at his home when they raided it.

And I'm still waiting on an answer to my question. You say that everybody in the world is being brainwashed into believing Jackson is a child molestor by some big conspiracy between the media, government, KKK and anybody else you can think of............because you KNOW he did not commit the crime. I'll pose the question again.

What do you know about Jackson that the rest of the world doesn't know about him that makes you so sure that he COULDN'T have committed this crime?

You are just a fan sticking up for your fallen idol. There are many reasons to suspect Jackson is guilty........and actually a bit of evidence (since he was arrested)..............after Jackson is found guilty you will still persist he is innocent......that he was the victim of some worldwide conspiracy between the media, the government, the KKK, the neo-nazis, the freemasons and the grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Even if Jackson is found guilty you will not be able to admit that he is. He could sign a full length confession tomorrow and plead guilty......and you still wouldn't believe it. Why? Because you are a fan boy (well girl in this case) who is so biased that you base your opinions of a legal case on the accused's capacity to entertain you and not on the facts of the circumstances surrounding the accusation. This makes your opinion null and void, worthless.

lol, "a big conspiracy between the government and the KKK". That would be hilarious.

They should just leave the dude alone man. I dont like him much, but its not like he's bombing iraq or anything.

No, he's touching little boys in the pants, which is worse then bombing iraq

I agree with what someone posted earlier. Who is sticking up for the children here?

Who is thinking about them?
What if he did do this?

Doesn't anyone here care about a kid or kids that will be scared for the rest of his life?

No he is not, he is accused of touching kids you sick f%$*!

well therez a difference between ACCUSED and guilty. i can even ACCUSE michael jackson of molesting me. the point is, the day when he is found guilty i will believe u all but till then i am gonna have a neutral way2 look at it.

o k guyz just tell me 1 thing. and please please please look at what i have said coz u never do that!

in the press conference the media asked sheriff how long they have known about this. they said 2 months. the lady then asked why did u wait for two months and the sheriff said because of halloween. now u tell me, if the sheriff think that there is a child molestor and he is loose and is free, would they let him b loose for even 1 day? wouldnt they just arrest him right away. why did they wait eh? if they think michael jackson is that dangerous


Evil Dead
I posted this for you already in my last post......so I will simply cut/paste it here again.

"You cannot arrest a person because you "know about" a crime they have committed.............Kimmie, you might want to do a bit of research about the laws in the United States. I don't know how your country works but here in the U.S. you must have some sort of evidence before you can arrest somebody you suspect of a crime."


"The very fact that Jackson was arrested bares testimony to the fact that they do have evidence that Jackson did infact molest this boy. It's pretty funny that the warrant for Jackson's arrest was issued right after they raided Neverland huh.......as if perhaps they found the evidence they needed at his home when they raided it."

Now what makes you think they had any evidence before they raided Neverland last week? After all, you need evidence to arrest. What makes you believe they were in possesion of evidence for two months?

evil dead is right i live in modesto where the scott petterson trail is going on and he was a suspect like as soon as stacy went missing but they did not arrest him of the bat they had to get proof first to even try him now compard to what jackson is acoused of scott petterson is way worse he is being accuesed of murding his wife and unborn child but they did not pick him up right away cuese they had to build a case against him

See that is where you are wrong, he would never be arrested if you simply accused him. Get a grip or at least a better come back than that.

Just interested: how do you think touching little boys is worse than bombing Iraq? It's not like Michael is killing these kids the way our bombs are killing people in Iraq.

I'm JUST WONDERING what you're saying: but I DON'T agree with touching little kids the way he's accused of doing. (Not trying to attack you)

Michael may sleep with kids but I don't believe he touches them to get any sort of pleasure...

That is just wrong, how could you believe that? What grown man should be sleeping with kids? Please just answer me that.

And killing children in Iraq and/or anywhere else is just as bad!

I have a good friend that was molested as a child, when it was first coming out, everyday he wished he were dead and tried suicide twice just because of a man that "liked" to hang around with children.

hmm, ill still go with innocent until proven guilty, but if he's guilty... then to hell with him, literally.

innocent till proven guilty died a long time ago in america

yes it might have died in america but it lives around the world. this is 1 simple fact: INNOCENT until proven guilty, even the sheriff said it in the news conference so there u go. if michael jackson is guilty, i will become sick of him and wont like him at all anymore THAT I AM TELLING YOU, but if he is not found guilty that would mean i would continue 2 love him


Evil Dead
no dice.......

In the the doc. Jackson doesn't say "I share my bed'.......he is asked point blank "you sleep in the same bed with these children?"....to which he replies, "yes".......he then goes on to say that it is wrong for you to think in a sexual way about him sleeping in the same bad with the children........that all they do is sleep.

I'm sorry.......your whole article lost it's credibility there........you know, some of us have actually seen the documentary where he himself states it.......to say it is false, that he just sleeps on the floor now is grasping at straws. Why would anybody lie on national tv saying that they slept in beds with little kids?.

I'm not for or against Jackson, I have no proof that he did or didn't do all this, I just want to show you all this link to MJ's Official Press Room...

You know prison is full of people that have been convicted "predicated on a big lie"

Whether he did it or not, child molestation is a heinous crime that must be thoroughly investigated

So we are all in a holding pattern here. I think everyone can agree on that!

big grin

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oh shit thats funny

LMAO at the pic

laughing out loud LMFAO!! laughing out loud

Cool pic 98R1 laughing

well since were in on pictures

^ laughing out loud LMAO laughing out loud

Thanks wink

o kiMMii o
damn it wont work, cant upload stupid gif

If I were a mom, first I wouldn't let my kid hang with MJ. Second, if anything like that did happen, it would be by accident, AND I'd want his ass in jail. Who cares about his money??

^ yes

any body see tthe footige of the seceret rooms in his house they were creepy they had pics of lil boys with their shirts off plasterd all over the room

o kiMMii o

laughing out loud

LMAO at the pic. kim u've joined the mjni message board eh?

o kiMMii o
haha hey alic88 yup i have! smile

hey i got a pic of the boys mother shes crazy


alic88 read this here are some things that stand out for me!

They waited after the Halloween holiday to raid Michael's home, because they had their law enforcement covering the people coming in for the holiday. Since when does someone that they feel is abusing children more important than covering a holiday?

They put off filing charges on Michael formally, because they have to get their website in order first. Errr, o....kay! Since when is putting a website together more important than filing with procedure after you already arrested this man and made him pay a ludicrious sum of bail. I guess that is to help them with their failing economy, huh?

Sneddon's demeaner at the press conference being all jovial. There wasn't alot of professionalism going on and everybody caught on to that.

Sneddon said that he would not be doing any interviews with media in the press conference, but the same day, he did an interview with the reporter that "broke" the story, Diane Dimond, who has been going on every news outlet releasing "leaked" information from high sources. He has done a few more interviews since then as well. So much for not doing interviews with the media.

Diane Dimond says that Sneddon isn't her source, but later slipped and said that he is. She also said that they gave each other Christmas cards throughout the past 10 years.

CourtTV broke this story with Diane Dimond, who also so happens to own the SmokingGun website, who earlier this year released Jordy Chandler's affidavit that caused a huge storm. Gloria Alred who has been trying to get Michael's children taken away from him for the past few years, daughter works for CourtTV.

The mother of the child has a reputation of being a crackhead.

It has been reported that the boy was caught shoplifting and him and his mother were approached outside a JC Penny's shopping center because they were caught. The mother later says that the security at Penny's abused her and her son. They ended up settling out of court for a large sum of money.

The mother and the father of this boy divorced and in those proceedings, she claimed that the father abused her and her children. It has been reported that the daughter when speaking with the judge and lawyers, without the mother being present, said that her father didn't abuse her.

It was reported that the mother and the children are living in "filth". Where is the apartment and car that Michael gave them? Where is the money that the mother received from the settlement two years ago? Why are they living in filth? Does the mother not clean the house?

People that are on drugs, especially on crack, you have to be very wary of. This mother has a reputation of being a liar, a scam artist, and is living in poverty. Her reputation is shot. I feel really bad for her children. If her son does have cancer, I hope she realizes that her greed can do alot more harm to him than anything. He found someone that they called a "father figure". Someone that paid for the medical bills. Someone that gave them necessities for living: car and home. Someone that showed unconditional love and gave them some peace in their lives. Someone that opened his paradise to a sick child, and that child became healed. Someone now that they want to destroy this man for the evil of money.

I hate people who judge someone they only know from the news.

i agree wid ya kim. i absolutely think mj is innocent. 2bad other people cant find it. i guess they'll have2wait n c

o kiMMii o
Btw that so called secret room video is 10 years old please give me a break, its been in the mags years ago yeh secret my ass.

regardless of when it was filmed its tsill not right to have pics of underage boys half plasterd all over your room

I think kimmie might think so, I mean they are just little boys right? Maybe she will change her tune once she has kids of her own and some celebrity likes to look at their naked bodies.

i h8 michael jackson hes a FREAK!

o kiMMii o
man i have that footage on tape and there are no pics of boys naked u fcuking liar, theres pics of children and Mac, the room is full of toys how pathetic some people can get, get your facts right ur dreaming again.

How do you think pedofiles lure children in, with diamond rings? watches? maybe a good 401k program...No they use toys

I am still looking for your justification of how a grown man playing with children is a good/sane thing? Is that how it is in your country?

look u just let the court decide wheather mj's guilty or not, leave it 2 the judge. till then, i m gonna say mj is innocent

And that is your right, until then I say he is guilty stick out tongue

o kiMMii o
Stop being a fool Bhang are u getting that from the lying bastard Ray Chandler?! You watched "Michael Jackson Unmasked" huh?! Dumb tabloid show. Ray Chandler was caught lying on Larry King live but the media are to stupid to relize. on Larry King Live, RAY CHANDLER SAID THE FOLLOWING:

Don't you find this rather strange, the DA saying the boy REFUSED to testify THUS he was REQUIRED to put in a new law to make a child testify.

Now the investigation began in August 1993, and the lawsuit wasn't settled until January 1994. But the DA NEVER asked the child to testify DURING THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION???


This case is just getting more ridiculous by the minute.

MJ cares for children his not as sick as this world. Fine to you is Guilty until proven Innocent right?! is that what your saying?! If this is how u wanna play it, Ok MJ will prove this in court. If he is innocent then dont tell me u still think his guilty because thats just so stupid.

This is a new statement from MJ "Accusations have nothing to do with the boy, it has more to do with the greed of his mom".
Michael still cares for the boy, but it's the mother that is behind this.

When the boy was asked to give his video testimony he refused. Someone said this was also mentioned on fox that hes not the willing victim they thought he was.

I hope the boy gets better.

The mother claims this all happened around in feb/march. But that inturn blows her case away as she was at neverland in march and talking MJ up in april/may.

The media and DA can keep leaking lies/talking but MJ will do all this in court.

your funny in not one post did i say the boys were naked i said they had no tops on and if you do have the same interview on tape you would see that there are pictures of boys not whereing shirts but its ok your write im lieing cuese you see im in on the whole thing you see we here in california where the pop is over 50% hispanic are all bigg kkk members and you see we just all want to bring mj down

I like eating burnt penguins, especially when they have got choco sprinkles on them! stick out tongue

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I agree with you kimmii. they r all being so unfair and that Macauly Caulcin picture is just EVIL!
They are all so judgemental, i'm not even that much of a fan of mj but i don't think he molested kids! And plz could u stop writing in those big chunks and stick to bullet points bcuz i cant b bothered to read it all.
And Bhang, you act like all you care about is kid's welfare and that s**t but what about mj's kids!
What will happen 2 them if their dad goes to jail. I think you are really selfish.
And you know why all this has happened, because of racism! the world can't stand to have a black man on top. People are so desperate to bring him down and the people that he is kind enough to take into his
home (and even his bed) just want to get whatever they can get from him.
I think he probably is a bit messed up in the head but look at his childhood upbringing- how else could he be! Evne so no one deserves this!

thank god someone like mistyblue has come. people just dont realize that mj is innocent. i mean i hate writing long posts 2 explain this but overall my post will say MJ IS INNOCENT and i love him as a person and as a musician. hez my idol

you know if it was racist i would figure they would go after somebody with power not a washed up popstar i mean last i checked i belive that his album is only 13 and thats very low for a jackson album and if he did do it he should have his kids at all

If Jacko was such a washed up superstar then why do they talk about him 24/7?! America is racist period. They call Elvis the "King"
Michael Jackson the proclaimed "King Of Pop" and Justin Timberlake "The New King Of Pop" ?! It's kinda funny how the media are so desperate to erase his legacy. I find it hard to believe Justin is the new king or whatever because he doesnt deserve that title yet, if he surpasses Jacko's stage then maybe thats acceptable but i don't think anyone is able to do that. Plus Justin is a jacko rip off thats for sure.

lol well said steve. btw if u wanna know LOSERIB michael jacksons album NUMBER ONES was number 1 in uk and is no.3 in its second week. britney's album was 10 in its first week and way behind in the second week. USA isnt everything. and if anyone else would have suffered these kind of allegations he/she wouldnt have even sell 100 copies. mj is the KING OF POP forever. justin timberlake is good but i hate it so much when people call him the new king of pop. they all need 2 think what mj has done for music

Well, they dont call his house "neverland" for no reason.

They should just start calling it "never-leave-your-kids-here-land"

they should call it that when there is proof that he does do weird things. frankly, no proof has ever been found

in the U.S every1 seems 2 be pretty unwilling 2 look beyond the evil picture the media r tryin 2 paint of mj and try 2 judge the truth 4 themselves. i mean think about it- if he was molesting kids he must be evil and y would an evil man give all of the money away to charities that he has and do all the good that he has done! he actually allowed the cameras into his home and answered all sorts of personal questions that bashir asked him and let them film him holding hands with that boy hu had cancer so I personally think that he has nothing to hide and I will b really shocked if he is proved guilty but if he's not all the people hu have been cruel to him need to eat their words!

purple princess
i think that mj is innocent he produces gud music nd bashir sux he makes a big deal out of nothin

Yeah i agree the case is already falling apart for the accuser, its so obvious now. 70 cops at Neverland was just a big show and stunt for the DA. Why have the media calm down all of a sudden?! its gone quiet cause over the last few days only positive things have come out. The press always twisting the facts to fit a story. The ones who can't see the conspiracy are blind or are not willing to accept it.

Evil Dead

"i mean think about it- if he was molesting kids he must be evil and y would an evil man give all of the money away to charities that he has and do all the good that he has done! "

Um........John Wayne Gacy, the infamous serial killer was a clown......he performed and delighted children of all ages at their birthday parties. He would mime, make baloon animals, prat falls, etc.............this however did not stop him from savagely killing people. Your argument is dumb.

"The ones who can't see the conspiracy are blind or are not willing to accept it."

Holy hell..........we who don't see a conspiracy are blind? Okay.......the world is plotting against Michael Jackson because he has entertained us for so long with his singing and dancing. Yes, that's it. He has given us so much enjoyment over the decades that we have all banded together to destroy this man as clearly the enjoyment he gives us must be stopped! No longer can we stand to be thoroughly entertained by his excellent singing and dancing! It is just unbearable!

i dont think thats true cuese didint r kelly get accused of sleeping with a thirteen year old and he still sold hell of records and on a side note did you know who else mjs lawyer is also defending scott petersin the guy here in modesto that is accused of killing his unborn baby and wife
sometimes you can tell how a person is by the company they keep

no u cant. bottom line: michael jackson is the king of pop and he is an innocent person and u will just have2wait n find out urself

this case is already dissolving. the father of the kid has now officially begun his battle with the mother for the custody of the child. the father is saying that the mother is insane and she used 2 b in physatric(dont know how2spell it) hospital. so there ya go lol