what they did.

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legolas, aragorn and Gimli added something special to the film. What do you think it was?

Legolas = Good looks and war skills.

Aragorn = Order and war skills

Gimli = comic relief, spirit and war skills.

that sort of thing.


a sence of power and wiseness plus some comedy thrown in there

gandalf= the feeling he was like frodo's wise old grandpa
frodo=the unlikely, small hero
sam=the companion everyone wants to be
aragorn=strength, wisdom and sense of power

The number three will always have an effect on the human mind. Three is complete (think Kmtk science). When you have three you have an extreme to one end, an extreme to the other, and one person to bring it all together, kind of like the middle. Some of the most popular things come in three. Three stooges, three musketeers (minus Dartanian), "Trio" (rhythm section), Holy trinity.

Pippin= the adorable stupid little helpful friend
Merry= the crafty stupid little helpful friend

Stupid meaning they weren't all that smart...

arwen is not sexy, eowen is better by far

Aragorn - hotness wink

arwen - the best female character (eowyn being somewhere whithin the lines of last male character ha ha boy she so ugly)

sorry aniron

Eowyn - the collest women in the book

yeah right look at the pigs flying, hello Arwen gave up her immortality, she challenged the ringwraiths and she wasn't tempted by the ring when she was taking frodo to rivendell, she fought in helms deep and sacrificed her life with her father by going after aragorn and let aragorn leave her because she knew it was for the sake of others and theres loads more.

what did eowyn do, oh yes killed one measly orc, c-l-e-v-e-r oh yes and made aragorn choke on some soup SOUP SHE CAN EVEN MUCK UP SOUP!

eowyn - she simply gave some different athmosphere
gollum - the very essence
Saruman - being cool n evil 8)
Nazgul - make lotr be lotr
Boromir - the very spirit of men
Calaglin - another character nobody will ever notice

eek! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!! Eowyn is cute.... but Arwen is a (to quote Max from Armageddon) "FULL BLOWN HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!"


eowyn has still her part to play...she's gonna be awesome and she gets my hottie...FARAMIR (DAVID WENHAM)

thank you, but last time i checked i wasn't critizing your opinion.

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