Clerks Cartoon Movie

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I watched the commentary to the Clerks cartoon DVD and they mentioned making a movie of it. Has anyone heard anything more about it? I think it would be cool if View Askew adds characters from their other movies to it.

They have cartoon character designs for:
Willam (Mallrats version)
Sh*t Demon (I'm not sure of the swearing rules on this board if anyone can help me out)
and God

Haven't they already made a movie of Clerks, if so it was released in 1994.

^Above is the official movie poster^

yep there is already a movie released of clerks,

Evil Dead
He's talking about the ANIMATED movie they are making based on the animated series.

Smith says he still wants to do will probably be the next VA project. Hopefully they can be working on it while Smith is filming Fletch Won........if not it will probably be a few more years before we get to see it.

Gravity Kills
I heard he has been working on the script for some time now. Wait a minute did kevin not say he was done with makeing Jay and Silent Bob movies? Well at least that is what he said on the Jay and Silent Bob strike back DVD.

nope they aren't finished making the Jay & silent bob saga yet, if you go onto their website they mentioned on the DVD extras it will show you that a film called "Jearsey Girl" is intended to being made

Evil Dead
#1. Jersey Girl is not an Askewniverse has no correlation to any of the Askewniverse films (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Strike Back) you saw at the end of Strike Back, God has closed the book on the View Askewniverse. Those characters are all gone for good.

Jersey Girl is a stand alone all of Kevin's future productions will be. No more Jay, no more Bob, no more Dante, no more Randal, no more Banky, no more Brodie, no more Holden, etc.............

Jersey Girl has been finished filming for a while. Originally they pushed it back because they wanted Gigli to be released first........because they believed the major promotion for a big studio flick would drum up more excitement for another Affleck/Lopez flick. Boy were they wrong. After the Gigli fiasco they decided to wait a bit to give the audience time to forget about it so they wouldn't skip Jersey Girl believing it to be another Gigli. They then had a few test screenings of the film........and changed some stuff around. It should be released early in '04.

For future news on this movie and all of the Askew movies go to

Again......Discos.....Jersey Girl has nothing to do with any previous Askew movie or characters...........

#2. Yes........Smith is done with the Askewniverse characters in films.....but not in cartoons. He has already promised a Clerks Animated movie and has been working on the script for the last year.

#3. Smith's next project is Fletch Won........a prequel to the two Fletch movies that starred Chevy Chase. Originally Jason Lee was to play the role of the young Fletch but the studio had other plans, they want a big star. Smith stood his ground against the studio insisting that Lee play the role.........eventually Lee said screw it, it wasn't worth the fighting...if the studio didn't want him as Fletch he was out. He had a new wife and child to worry about right now anyway.

On a personal note.........I believe Jason Lee would have been the perfect Fletch. He is great at humor......and hell, he even looks alot like Chevy Chase did 20 years ago.

evil dead you are almost right but kevin smith has anounced that he might do jay and silent bob strike back 2 where he wants to make a cross over of all of them its going to be set in the mall where dante and randel now work while a comic convention is well on the way and just started building next door is a new church sounds good but could use a new title

Topic ppl

Evil Dead
gregmss........where do you get your information?

and please oh please say it is from View Askew and not an off handed remark Kevin made to a fan to patronize them because they believe the only material he can write is dick and fart jokes...........

not the website the mag

(of viewaskew)

Evil Dead
when the hell did View Askew start publishing an official magazine?

What is the name.....I'll have to check it out. I've heard nothing of it.

I dont know if it out in the states but it's called kevin smiths insider

Hmmmm... do you think you can scan in the page where your information came from and post it here?

I got An Evening with Kevin Smith and he said that Strike Back did conclude the Jay & Silent Bob movies. He said stuff about them getting old and such. Therefore, according to this DVD, there would be no more J&SB live-action movies. That wouldn't disclude the cartoon movie. Cartoons can stay young forever (Bart Simpson, ten years old for 15 years).

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