Star Wars Episode Iii The Slaughter!!!!!

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Tired Hiker
Personally, I think it would be cool if EP3 was just a big slaughter fest. Two and a half hours of Anikan venting. smile

Sure why not.

you may get your wish yet my young padawan.

it would certainly appear so.

Except GL won't.

Darth Jello
The movie is STAR WARS not schindler's list

Plus they have to keep the PG-13 thingie...

They can go around the blood and it would easily be a PG-13.

Just a bunch of troopers and Jedi falling to the ground dead, no blood.

Darth Jello
I thought lucas would use his clout to get a pg

When limbs get chopped off, you don't see blood.

exactly, GL is very good at setting up shots so he can keep his PG ratings. It may kill the "realism" (like in Jedi, those thugs of Jabba's should have been getting sliced from shoulder to hip the way Luke was swinging, but I have to accept that they can't show that). Look at how they handled the tuskens, you clearly got the idea that Anakin butchered an entire tribe of people, but we didn't have to see it. Although, him and Padme's chearfull banter in the ship afterword sort of killed the mood but oh well.

Yeah, the Tusken Camp scene was pretty violent ((though they don't show KNOW!!))

This may be slightly off topic and I've mentioned it before but I did see a DVD cover--Special Edition of Ep2 rated M/MA.

Darth Jello
they do get worse ratings in europe because in some countries there violence is tolerated much less than sex and language. I want action but I want substance and love and politics too. If you want a slaughter fest there's always something stupid like the matrix

Hey i like the matrix :-(

Leave the matrix alone (though i hate the sequels). I think EpIII should focus just a tad on Anakins conflicting emotions before he goes and carves everyone into mincemeat.

That is what GL is going to do with Episode 3.

i really doubt there's an uncut version of the tusken scene ever shot. I think the novelization handled it well, whether Lucas explained all that to the writer or not, you get the basic idea if you can't imagine it yourself. I rather like the book version.

I forget the book version:-0

Anakin takes out the first 2 tuskens that we saw, then cuts down the one that rushes him, which we basically saw, and then kills those other tuskens (including females) behind that one, many of the warriors rush him and are quickly cut down or thrown to the side with the force. He then notices the women and children flee into one slightly larger hut, so he uses the force to lift a bunch of boulders, dropping them, crushing the tent and everyone in it.

oh.....thanks....what's with the fascination with death and destruction.....esp lightsaber desctruction?

it's guys who want to see who has the biggest lightsabre

Was it just me or was the DVD of EPII slightly edited? I could have sworn in the cinema that we saw the first tusken raiders head leaving its body when Anakin leaves the hut. You don't see this in the DVD.

I'm not sure of it, so I can't judge that messed

Matrix beats Star Wars :P

Dirty Vader
Yes amity the DVD has added and mofifies some scenes from those we saw in the cinema. I havent manage to spot and dont know what exactly has changed. Maybe your comment about the head leaving the body was one of them.

Daedalus: I dont think so. Revolutions is the crapiest movie I have ever seen.

please keep crap like revolutions in the appropriated section and NOT in the star wars section roll eyes (sarcastic)

who's fascination? Anakin? Or modern society?

Darth Jello
lucas added sparks to jango's jetpack, that's all I was aware of. The head still leaves the body. it's just not as noticable because of the transfer. so he just has to brighten that part up.

While we're on tghe subject of slight changes, on my VHS version of ROTJ, when Han goes to shoot the sarlaacs tentacle he says "It's all right, trust me" yet on every other version ive seen he says "It's all right, I can see a lot better" Any idea why this is?

Dirty Vader
Not every other version, just the revised special edition of 97 and on. You have the original ROTJ or the THX remstered version of 94 (the originals with better sound).
I know this because I have both the thx original and special edition versions. You have the best, trust me.

I need to find the originals (or THXed) of ROTJ and ESB. I've got ANH.

The reason some dialogue changed from the OT and the OTSE is because, in the interest of using cuts with better picture quality, a few alternate takes were used. In Empire, after R2 is spat out on Dagobah, Luke used to say, "You're lucky you don't taste very good". And now he says, "you were lucky to get out of there". I was kinda ticked, but only cuz I really liked the old line. There are probably a few more I haven't caught yet. This is also the reason for, in ANH, just before the swing across the Death Star Chasm, when Leia is providing cover fire for Luke, her rifle suddenly sounds like a projectile based weapon (i believe ILM said its a .45, but I could be wrong). They had cuts with slightly different sound effects and they didn't even realize they'd used that one for quite some time. A lot of dialogue (recorded just for the SE's) was added as well. Now in ANH when the stormtrooper bumps his head on that door, the lead trooper says "See to him". And later in ANH, when Han and Chewie are being chased by Stormtroopers in the Death Star, the old version just had the trooper yelling "Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!". Now, before saying that, they have him saying "Close the blast doors! Close the blast doors!". I guess Lucas thought it was funny. A little to Spielburg for me, but its minor enough to ignore.

BOB Yup its me
All I want to see is Padme naked.

in the neterland the movie has a mg6 rating.
that means that childern under 6 need paredental guidenc

Darth Jello
oh god, bob, just wait for her next few non-star wars movies


super shadow GL
matrix 3 is god dam crap

Actually, the "Open the blast doors, open the blast doors!" line WAS in the originals in the theaters. I remember that line and thought it was funny, the whole premise of them running around the death star was the Empire was this like huge organization that couldn't control a few ragamuffins like Luke, Han & Chewie. Then when it came out on video, the "open" line was cut, while the "close the blast doors" stayed in, keeping only half the joke. It may have been cut to shorten the movie to 2 hours to fit on the first videos.

I was glad to see the line was back in the special editions, but I've a feeling the film they used when they say "open..." was special edition storm troopers... I couldn't remember that far back!

Yes, the open the blast doors was in the original, what wasn't, if you'd read my post carefully, was the CLOSE THE BLAST DOORS. Its a completely different person's voice.

That bit with the blast doors is kind of humorous to me.
Episode 3 is supposed to have lots of limb removal, but that can be done with a PG rating as Lucas has proven....

Clai Keboa
"Close the blast doors!"
"Open the blast doors - Open the blast doors!"
Was in the original film - The later videos i have seen did not have the line in and i was pi$$ed about it, i thought it was a nice touch and made the Stormtroopers sound like [email protected]
Different voice meph? - because maybe it's to do with that there's more than 1 Stormtrooper chasing them? don't you think?, Heaven forbid that another stormtrooper speaks hey meph? quess what you're wrong again!

I was glad to hear the line back again

Due to the lateness of the hour I wrote it, I made a mistake in which "blast doors" quote I was talking about... pretty important I know!

My point was, in the theaters in 1977, the "Close the blast doors" line WAS in the movie. It was either removed in the '81 re-release, or the videos which came out after. Now it's back. You can tell it's a different person's voice... but I don't remember if it was a different person's voice way back then.

Damn Hiker, that is one hot, sassy sig.

Thats one of the funniest bits ever.

Where's this fabled M rated Ep2? blink

The Grievous / Vader Connection posted an interesting spoiler about General Grievous. Highlight to read it:

You see, during the course of the film, Grievous is badly damaged by none other than Ewan MacGregor! After this, Grievous flees to the neutral, medical planet Utapau. Obi-wan follows him there and eventually kills him, but not after it is set up that this is indeed where he was 'born'. (Basically, he was saved by a radical procedure perfected there in which a barely living or sometimes recently dead being is revived when need be and melded with the mechanical to remain alive.)

Anyway, after getting directions to the place where Grievous is repairing himself from a member of Utapau's upper caste, Obi-wan follows him there where a fairly anti-climactic fight takes place and Obi-Wan shoots him.

Later on in the movie, this is where the Anakin Skywalker we know and love/hate becomes Darth Vader, in a room/cave very similar to where we see the general earlier on. This also establishes Darth Vader's dependence on his suit. It is established that it is a radical, life saving, procedure for those who would have otherwise died. not a way I'd want to live, but hey...

what the f**k is your problem assh*le? you still mad because i quoted a book I had in my hand that ended up having a typo, according to you. Oh no, I was wrong about something in the EU, I don't have as much free time as you. Oh I'm soooo sad. Get a f*cking life dipsh*t. Yeah, I guess different ones could speak, but seeing as they're simple clones in a chain of command, I figured only the "commander" would. I also figured since all the others sound reasonably the same, that the other line, which sounded different that maybe it was new. Sorry. Want me to suck your f**king d!ck too while I'm at it Clai?

With all the audio mixes I'm not surprised. Ben Burtt said on the DVD's that there were 3 audio mixes released to theaters. So some of them heard that line and some of them didn't, same with Luke's alternate line about r2 on dagobah, and hans line about "seeing a lot better".

Clai Keboa
Hahahahaha laughing laughing laughing

I know that's funny but c'mon. Gettin' on my @$$ cuz a book from Lucasfilm had a typo, like its my fault I got bad info? Pretty lame man.

ep II dvd also added a groan after padme gets up after falling off helicopter thing, and extended scene where anakin confesses the tusken slaughter in the lars garage.....

and slaughter can be's not always about "guys getting their rocks off".....i often find myself "welling up" while watching battle royale....the drama of everything going to hell, the senseless horror of war, mans inhumanity to man etc.....ep III better get some kind of emotional response from me....everything depends on it.....

not talking about films where 20 faceless people are machine gunned down to a hardcore techno score, followed by a snappy one liner, with no consequences shown here....

exactly, that's a very good point. i feel the same way.

Clai Keboa
Meph man, i'm not gettin on your a$$ mate. Chill. Just getting my point across in th same way i've seen you do in a few threads

Peace Meph

All three matrix movies were awesome, let's leave at that and talk Star Wars. Go to the matrix foru if you want to talk matrix. GL already say that Episode 3 will be PG-13. They wrote an article on it in USA Today about a month ago. The article was about will a PG-13 rating on Episode 3 affect its box office gross. The answer is no becuase there are still alot of young kids that see PG-13 movies. Look at Lord of the Rings, it still made well over 350 million.

I never flat out say people are wrong like that. I try to be a tiny bit more diplomatic stick out tongue But that's cool. No problem. I'm still licking my wounds from that catastrophe of a thread. Stupid out dated typo filled book...

No, GL said it MAY be pg-13. I certain hope it stays PG. All 5 other Star Wars movies were PG, he should stick with that. Who cares what the matrix and lotr did? This is Star Wars and it should stay PG.

Think of all the violent things that can happen in a PG Star Wars movie:

Ep IV:
1. intense sci-fi warfare
2. smoldering bodies of small, broken aliens
3. smoking skeltons of loved ones
4. alien arm cut off w/ blood
6. alien killed in cold blood (pre-special edition)
7. character bonks head on door smile
8. violent vehicle explosions

Ep V:
1. intense sci-fi warfare
2. monster attack & severed limb
3. decapitation in dreamlike sequence
4. torture scene w/sparks & screaming
5. two on-screen strangulations
6. brutal swordfight & severed limb
7. terrifying fall & precipice scene

Ep VI:
1. intense sci-fi warfare
2. monster decapitation, devouring & death
3. second monster devours aliens & humans
4. alien strangulation scene
5. multiple violent speed-related human deaths
6. humans shot in head & chest
7. sword fight with severed limb
8. electrocution scene
9. human thrown to death
10. injured man reveal disfiguring war wounds & dies

Ep. I:
1. intense sci-fi warfare
2. friendly space ship explosion w/multiple deaths
3. monster decapitation, devouring & death
4. multiple violent speed-related race deaths
5. intense battlefield mayhem
6. main character sword impalement & death
7. main character cut in two, and precipice fall
8. burning human funeral pyre

Ep II:
1. intense sci-fi warfare
2. friendly space ship explosion w/multiple deaths
3. multiple-vehicle speed-related accidents
4. sword fight with severed limb & blow-dart death
5. baby humans entombed in vials
6. intense sci-fi action
7. character bonks head on door smile
8. maternal death scene
9. alien decapitations & spoken slaughter
10. monster torture arena scenes & alien deaths
11. intense battlefield mayhem
12. human decapitation & body falling to ground
13. more intense battlefield mayhem
14. sword fights with multiple injuries, electrocution & severed limb

If all this can go in a PG movie, let's keep it PG! The more violence in lotr & matrix the less I liked it, it became very repetitive. Let's keep it PG!

sometimes things get pg-13 and r for concepts in them as well though, this isn't just about the violence. It may get PG-13 because of the intensity of situations rather than just the intesity of the violence.

it should be PG-13 based on the content, i mean garden state was R for christs sake all they did was say **** twice.. really shows where our values lie.. movie ratings arnt worth shit and id never count them for anything nor should any person with common since

Definetly. People are so hung up on the wrong things in films. There's even a movement no to make smoking in a film an automatic r. Its like, Okay, I hate smoking too, but people smoke. Films depicting real life should be able to show smoking if it fits a character. Its so retarded, and then something like Riddick can get pg-13 with all that ridicluous violence.

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