Iron Maiden

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my fav album by them is actually their first self titled one

I love them! I have seen them 8 times!

really i just seen them for the first time over the summer and holy shit was i impressed tehy rocked big time

love watching them play's awesome!! a moment to be remember!!

iron maiden gonna get ya!!!


yeah bruce still sounds killer after all these years my favorites are
run to teh hills
2 minutes to midnite
number of the beast
die with your boots on

I cant believe it I'm finally going to see Iron Maiden, one of al time fav rock bands in concert, I've been a fan for years and this is first time I've been able to go!!!! big grin big grin rock

Yeah maiden is cool

i have a cool story about the last time i saw iron mauden check it out
well we were driving with my friend to the show have a good time when my friend digs in his pocket for his pack of smokes well just then police lights light up behind us and a cop pulls us over well the cop come up to my window and askes me if i know why we got pulled over i said cues we have no seatbelts on and he says yeah and the fact that you were swerving so he takes our ids and asks us what are we doing so far from home i told him we were going to see iron maiden well the cop looks at me and says whta do you know about some maiden and i tell him im a big fan and this is my first time seeeing them so the cop runs ouir ids and comes back and askes me when was the last time i smoked marjiwana i told him erlier before we lieft he told me that he could tell becuese i wreeked then he looks at me and says well whats an iropn maiden concert without a little marjiwana you boys have fun and let us go it was so cool i thought i was getting a ticket for sure

My favourites are:
Fear of the dark
Run to the hills
The number of the beast
The Wicker Man
Brave new world
Blood brothers

total metalhead

you dont like Maiden

total metalhead
nope. Led Zeppelin are so much better.

metal face
led zeppelin...dopest band ever....rekonize

Iron Maiden and Def Leppard both rock both have totally different sounds can't really compare them.

o would pick maiden over zep any day

They're about the same with me, different styles both with a lot to offer

metal face
just thought ide give you guys a heads up

no body's touching jimmy page on guitar and guitar solos.....

so musical

none of this loud and distorted junk that sounds the same

people like different bands i respect their choices

really i would think zakk would blow page out the water

all i heard when growing up was Iron maiden being blared thru the walls,my bros were very big fans,so from listening to them all these years u'd think id be bored of them,but i think the kik ass

metal face
loserib, you smoke crack?

for real man

anyone better than jimmy page?

sorry homie no one

go listen to your same chord and pluck two note solos


no no crack today i think you should go check out some zakk wylde tabs
there wat more complicated then two notes theres alot of guitarist that i think are better then page hendrix mustain dimebag

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