Gollum VS. R2D2 No Rules!!! No Holds Barred!!!

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Tired Hiker
I think R2 would probably beat Gollum just because Gollum is from Middle Earth whereas R2D2 is from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away where droids are very advanced and carry weapons unfamiliar to Middle Earth. If R2 had to go to Mordor, he'd be like, "been there done that." But only it would sound like, "beep beep boop bip wooOooOOo."

laughing out loud Omg TH i love you laughing out loud
So amusing and entertaining

Tired Hiker
Silver, I love you two. Let's have kids someday. wink big grin laughing

How bout now shifty
And who doesnt love me whistle

Tired Hiker
My biological clock is ticking.

Guys have those too blink
Geez you learn something new everyday laughing out loud

TH I think this thread may get moved.

Which forum though.....Star Wars or Lotr shifty

Yeah that is a tough one.

Pablo G
Yeah R2 would kick Gollum's scrawny ugly ass, although I like LOTR better than Star Wars

Tired Hiker
Yeah me too. And Urot, I doubt this thread will get moved. I bribed the mods with Euro Notes earlier and begged them not to move it.

laughing out loud i haven't really seen much star wars buti still think r2d2 would win. big grin

laughing out loud Ok as long as the bosses are happy, I'm happy. wink

you havent seen mch star wars everyone has seen star wars, although lotr is better

but wherever r2 is so is c3po so we need to have a tag team partner for gollum, howz about...shelob that would halp cinsuderably

any1 seen the simpsons were they are at a convention or something and it goes comeing up soon, the robots from battlestar gallactica vs the gay robots from star wars, and c3po does his, oh help me r2

lol, yeah i seen that one smile C3P0 gets an ass kicking, and r2 just stands there laughing out loud

r2 : beep boop whir weeee
c3po: oh i hate you r2

The Force
i think gollum would find a way to win big grin

Dirty Vader
One small burst of artoos electric arm would cook Gollum's wably arse.

Gollum just 'cause he's tricksie

Tied Hiker
If Gollum held hella still and was covered with mud, R2 might not detect him. Then, Gollum would have a chance to power off R2, if R2 strayed close enough to him. Hmmm.

Let's see Robot from a galaxy far away or Bald schiziod obessed with a ring....choices, choices.

R2D2 would kick ass!!

ill vote for R2D2 because id help him kick gollums ass, that thing is so friggen creepy

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