ELVISH can anyone help

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where can i download elvish font for my pc (windows)

and do you know any sites where i can learn it

Try www.councilofelrond.com <<< that has Elvish phrases (Sindarin AND Quenya and various other languages of Middle-earth)

Also, http://www.uib.no/People/hnohf/index.html <<< although, if I am perfectly honest, I haven't looked at this one properly so I have no idea about how good/reliable it is. However, I get the impression it's good!

Hope that helps!

thank you very much, you always post what i want to hear

go camellia big grin

Thanks! I am flattered! big grin

well i just thought i would show a bit of thanks seeing as you have agreed with me quite alot and stuck up for me in conversations where others didnt see the same view as me big grin

Lol, it just happens that I agree with you with your views! Good for you by the way for having a go at the guy about the books!big grin

lol, got a bit carried away there, i came on looking forward to seeing what he had said back (i refer to it as a he or a she because im not really sure, check my posts in there lol) it seems to have been moved sad i was enjoying that

you know what they say though great minds think alike

once again... search google!!! sorry i'm a google advertisement.... not really... big grin

binga, how much do google pay you an hour to say there name lol...big grin

hang on i know the answer to that il just search it on.....thats right GOOGLE laughing out loud

go GOOGLE they pay me... 1 million dollars... wait... then why am i trying to keep myself occupied here? stick out tongue

a million ey? hmmm

when yas read this click in a diferent window, then look in the bar at the bottom, and it says elvis hehehe i wonder what information i can find out on ELVIS il check on google

sad camellia has disappeared, im dismayed

No I haven't! I'm still here - just busy writing the next chapter to one of my fanfictions! big grin

By the way, where are you from sauron? England? WE WON!!! big grin

yes indeed we did WILKO

im from the north east, durham, its really quite ;lovely up here

mr bush was havin his dinner at a pub up the road, got the protesters wouldnt let me sleep

Lol, I'd forgotten about Bush being in the country! So, you're thirteen?? SATs then?!?!

I've got my damn mock GCSEs on Monday - eek!

Uh-oh, going off topic!! Oopseybig grin

How many thirteen year olds are there on here?! I better be careful and not get myself arrested...http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/sweatdrop.gif
smile whistle laughing

Oopsey, didn't mean to get you into trouble there, sauron!!

I'm safe - I'm nearly 16 big grin

Just four more years until I become a tween!!

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back to the main topic

for all your language needs zelda, aramaic, hebrew, tengwar, dwarvish type in omniglot on yes google lol

and for more elvish type in tengwar

i still cant find the black land font though, its not on omniglot


haha i just finished mine last tuesday - we take the /nov/dec papers heresmile

Is the actual font on one of those pages? I can't find it.

yeah im 13 fourteen on december 20th though, and yes sats again sad i hope i do good, im in top set at my school so im under pressure

Same here - I'm expected to get at least high Bs in everything - HAH! Fat chance!


im sure you will do well, as i hope i will too,

does anyone else realise that we have abandoned the topic, lol its just me and camellian and binga having a convo

Oh dear, oh well, never mind.

Better be for last minute revision....!

What exactly are British SATs? That's weird, we have SATs here in America, but it's essentially a college placement test, definetely not something you'd take at 13. Good luck nonetheless.

I'm surprized to see so many intelligent young people. Leave it to Tolkien smile

About the downloads...

Here you can get tengwar fonts
but quite confusing if you dont really always remember the table... takes quite long to write something as key a ist NOT a but k or something... vowesls quite difficult. But good if you want really correct texts with tehtar at exactly the right place and so on.

For Sarati - here http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at/Downloads/Tirion20b.zip

Tengwar formal-bookhand-style here

cursive style:

thanks exa, sats here you take them in year nine to determine what class you should go into for gcses ohhh nervous

Do they? They didn't for us!!

They do help to determine what set you are put in the following year though so...yes, I guess you are rightbig grin

LoL big grin

but offtop

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