whos your faviourite character?

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i think that legolas would have to be my faviourite character in the series because hes heaps cool and when he shoots the warg through the throught in the fellow ship that sealed it for me.
but gollum makes me sick sick hes so gay the only time he did anything wright was when he fell into orodruin with the ring(sorry for anyone who hasnt read the book and does not want to know what happens)

Samwise is a pimp.
Bilbo's pimpadocious
Eomer is Pimpalicious

Actually Eomer is my favorite male protagonist. I guess because he's the most average guy in the book. Ya know he doesn't have any superhuman heritage, or a psycho dad. He's just a man tryin' to get by.

I have a few favourites, one would have to be FRODO, i think he is so kool, he brings the rings most of the way into mordor and he held it for a farely long time. Next would be same because frodo wouldnt have made it that far without sam. Then there is aragorn, he is so kool. Finally the witch king, he is MAD.


erm well my fav character of lotr is frodo baggins, i also think legolas is kl too

sauron, saruman, morgoth, gothmog, thingol, beren,luthien, smaug, (what is the first dragons name again) erm.....boromir gandalf, frodo, sam, merry, pippin,gimli,

i like in the hobbit where gandalf and thorin go in strop because it was elronf who figured out the map and not them lol

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Major favourites:

Minor favourites:

maybe legolas

Is there any question? MERRY!!!

I also like Aragorn and Eowyn..... she is so pretty.

Eowyn!!!! Then Aragorn, and then Sam. And the rest of the hobbits too, of course, and Gandalf.

SAURON AND GOLLUM.. only because they are evil and so am i

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