Jan 6th, 2004 is NOT the day

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Cinescape has posted this. Sorry people:

"According to one of our sources, rumors that THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS is to be released on home video this coming January 6 are completely inaccurate. The studio is nowhere near to having a master cut of the DVD release of REVOLUTIONS, with work continuing on the title over the holidays and beyond.

"I can unequivocally tell you that its NOT coming out then," writes our source, the identity of whom we've established but they prefer to remain anonymous. The scooper then goes on to report that MATRIX producer Joel Silver is working on the REVOLUTIONS DVD process right now and that mastering a final cut of the DVD is an ongoing process. "What the retailers probably received was the date they can preorder the DVD," adds our informant.

Our source also tells us that the likely release date of REVOLUTIONS on home video is more likely in or around April -- and that when the movie comes out it won't be available as part of a boxed set of the MATRIX movies, at least not yet. "It will be released shortly thereafter, but it's not a compilation of all the DVDs," says our agent. "It's something better and different."

And with that comes an end to the REVOLUTIONS by January rumor."

Just a rumour, true - but January DID seem a bit soon, after all...

Oh, and the article link is: http://www.cinescape.com/0/editorial.asp?aff_id=0&this_cat=Video+%26+DVD&action=page&obj_id=40239&type_id=270287&cat_id=270352&sub_id=0


Oh well, knew it would be too early.

that sucks

The Omega
That's... 5 months from now...
So what? I have to abstain from seeing Revolutions in the theatres, and block everyone elses entrance to make it come out sooner?

Crud, that's too long to wait for a boxed set (maybe). Do we know what will be contained on the DVD?

I dunno - but I hopes its as good as revisited and not as disappointing as the Reloaded disc set. I mean - half of it was just plugs for advertisement, the Animatrix, ETM, and the MTV movie awards! We want more on the film!

ohhh poor people
i have the VCD already
and soon i'll get the DVD
( i have my own sources ) smile

it might be bootleg laughing out loud

*is angry*

*is angrier*
If a copy DOESN'T appear on the internet like Reloaded DIDN'T in August, then I WON'T be very happy... I DON'T give it until February...

Aaahh! Too many negatives!

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