The Matrix Revolutions: Explained

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Thanks to my good friend Melkor for helping me to understand! (Melkor is another user on forums and helped me to write this. Oh, and dreamweaver smile)

At the end of M3, you see all the Smiths lined up and one waiting to fight Neo. The one Smith is Smith imprinted over the Oracle. The others are all the remaining people plugged into the Matrix. Smith took over everyone in the matrix, this does NOT lead to them being instantly killed, he simply takes over the mind and the computerized self of the human.

When Neo begins to fight Smith, he thinks he needs to destroy Smith in order to end the war. However, the Oracle lets Neo know that the only way to defeat Smith is to concede defeat, hence the reason the Smith program addresses Neo as 'Neo' and not 'Mr Andersen' as Smith usually does. This is unprecedented and is the Oracle influencing Smith in order to explain to Neo what must be done. Neo then realises that by letting Smith win, the aspect of the equation relating to two of them will be unbalanced, and so the Smith element will not survive. This goes back to what the oracle said at the beginning of Revolutions, 'He is you. Your opposite, your negative, the result of the equation trying to balance itself out'.

Oracle-Smith said whatever has a beginning has an end. And in the end, Neo realized that there was only one way to end smith, and that meant his own end. This all goes back to the quote on top of the oracle's doorway. "know thyself". And when Neo finally knew himself, he finally knew what he should do, and he was finally able to see beyond the choice because he now understood his choice (you cannot see beyond the choices you do not understand).

Smith, as he had the skill of sight from the Oracle, predicted that Neo would fall, but thus, didn't see past his choice in killing him and therefore didn't foresee his own fall. Smith is confused because of what he's saying. The oracle (as I said before) is influencing him. She had planned this, she stayed to make sure that when the time came, she could send that message to Neo. This is why she made no effort to run from him when Smith came to her apartment.

Neo dies, but the One then returns to the source, allowing the temporary dissemination of the code he carries as mentioned by the Architect in Reloaded. This allows the matrix to be reloaded, only this time with a substantial difference: anyone who wants to leave the matrix can do, and this time Zion will not be destroyed and they can live in the 'real' world in peace.

When Sati says 'Will we see Neo again?" She is referring to what will happen if the peace does not last and the equation is unbalanced. They will need to bring the One back, although, Neo is dead, therefore meaning someone else must become the One.

Neo is the One. There could be one million and one reasons why he can see the things he sees. I believe it is because he is linked to the source, he could see all the machines and wire because they are all linked to the source too. He could also see everything that has a purpose (eg Smith - purpose is to destroy Neo) He couldn't see Trinity because she has no purpose, she is a normal human.

There are many ways Smith can get to the Real world. Imprinting over people with a link out (members of hover crafts) and imprinting people like the Trainman and the merovingian. An the end, we assume that Smith has taken over every human in the world, if he has not, that he will do so is inevitable. This includes the Trainman and Merv, thus leading to the link to the Machine world AND the Matrix, leaving Smith free to move between the two. Smith's power, like Neo's, is linked to the Source. As such, Smith can influence the machine world just as Neo can. He could control the machines as Neo did the Sentinels, through, with millions of Smiths, he could do a lot more. But then, why did he not just go to the machine world in the first place and kill everyone in the Real world? Because Smith's purpose is to destroy Neo, "We've been here before, you and I. Remember? I do. I think of nothing else". He is obsessed with killing Neo and therefore can not do anything until his purpose is complete.

This is a play on words. He is being sarcastic, he is referring to the Oracle as 'The mother of the matrix' therefore meaning everything and everyone in the matrix is her 'child'. This confused many, some saying it was Seraph under Smith calling her mum, but Seraph is defiantly not the Oracle's son. She has not real children.

The 6th version of the Matrix was planned to be just as all the others: a continuing cycle of birth, life and death designed to keep humans under control. The Oracle changed this, and that was what the Architect was referring to at the end of Revolutions.

Architect: You've played a very dangerous game.
Oracle: Change always is.

The One has died before Morpheus said this in the first Matrix film. This has obviously occurred in all prior versions of the matrix when the One has gone to the Source and chosen the door that Neo did NOT choose this time. The Oracle has planned this from beginning. She has decided that change is for the better and therefore plays her 'dangerous game' in order to attempt to obtain peace.

Instead of simply guiding the One, she makes small changes, we see many signs of this. She brought Trinity into the picture, she told her she would fall in love with Neo, thus leading to the connection growing stronger and hence - him choosing to save her over the recreation of Zion. She told Niobe that she would have to choose to help neo or not, ensuring that Neo got the Logos and flew to 01, to make the deal and kill Smith etc.


The candy is symbolic of the Oracle's human traits. She was created to delve into the human psyche, and has human traits as a consequence. Ergo, she can experience taste. The Oracle has grown to appreciate human past-times eg - eating, cooking etc.

This is the reason that she feel the future needs to be approached 'together'- she wants peace, a consequence of her quasi-dualistic nature. The candy has numerous connotations.
Choice is definitely one of them. We see this when she offers the candy to Neo and he says "Do you already know if I'm going to take it". This comment leads on to a more important matter - That we have already made all our choices in life, now we have to understand why we made them. Without the candy, we wouldn't have got onto the subject smile

Comments appreciated

i very much like it and totaly agree with it. good job

Thanx. Thanx Melkor!!!

i totally agree, every word i read made perfect sense

just saw revo again today--my thoughts exactly smile

The Unknown
All except that the Matrix was reloaded. It wasn't. It was just repaired to before Smith took over. And I'm pretty sure that Smith taking over Neo didn't kill them. It was the energy or program that the machines loaded into Neo.

when Neo became a Smith, the equation was unbalanced because Neo (+1) joined with Smith (-1) = 0 so they both died. And yes, when neo died and returned to the source, he reloaded the matrix as it had in all the previous matrixs. The architect said the other door led to the source and when all the previous ones went to the source, it reloaded the matrix. The official site TELLS us that...

Hope that helps smile

here's a quicker breakdown

One liners

Special effects


I hope this helped.


nice job...Mistique
u should not be a newbie

I wanna be a moderator. I'm new, I joined yesterday, so I don't know how to become a seniour member and all that...

The Unknown
Which of your reply does the official site say?

And when Neo is taken over by Smith, it doesn't balance the equation. Smith's existence balanced it. Smith taking him over made Neo a negative, unbalancing it. They then loaded some program into Neo, which then destroyed them. And the Matrix wasn't reloaded. It was repaired.

Hi Mistique, Agree on most of your subjects, its mostly what conclusions I got, just two things the first one is not a disagreement more just a change of wording-

1) You said that there where five previous versions of the matrix (this point confuses a lot of people), there are not five previous versions of the matrix but five previous versions of the anomaly (the one), the Architect had made two versions of the matrix (perfect worlds the human did not accept) prior to the current one so there are three versions of the matrix and five versions the anomaly. As I say not a disagreement but more a change in the wording.

2) This is a point that is and will continue to be agreed for a long time, but I believe that the matrix was not reloaded, but instead just continued, two things bring me to this, one is the black cat, which signifies a change in the current matrix, not a reload, if it was reloaded then there would be not point in the black cat being in the third film. And secondly there would be no point in the machines reloading the matrix as this is only done to control the human and since peace is been declared then the machine do not need to control the humans, and machine do not do nothing that is unnecessary because it is not logical and machine work on logic.

Regards godfather

The Unknown
Godfather, there are five earlier versions of the Matrix, but three different types. The first type failed, then the current one was created. It has been reloaded five times, making five versions.

The unknown> that was my theory also. people are now telling me that there were 5 ones, but only 3 version of the matrix. What I don't understand is how there's 3, the perfect one that failed, this one, and what else? The architect's speech about this being the 6th time we've destroyed zion and we are becomming efficiantly good at it sort of gave me the impression that the matrix was to be reloaded.

Oh, and I don't think I did read it on the site, must have read it somewhere else because now I doubt that they would say that. Sorry!!! I'm really good at opening my big mouth today... not havin a good one sad

so far this is the most thorough and best explanation of Revolutions...THIS is what ive been trying to tell people, but could never find the words to say, and you did! nice job

I still sort of don't understand the theory of there being 3 versions of the matrix and not 5.... but then, the architect said something about the 'perfect' matrix but it can't be, because there were 5 ones and the matrix was reloaded when they reached the source, so that would mean it's another version. Just because the black cat crossed the passed in the end of revos, doesn't prove that it wasn't reloaded, it was changed AND reloaded was it not????

PS: Thanx

Did you notice the way the architect explained about the versions, he said "I prefer to count from the emersions of on intergral anomaly to the emersions of the next, in which case this is the sixth version".The plot has been explained for you all and I understand and agree with it fully.

BUT I don't think Smith died because they cancelled each other out, I reckon Smith died because he no longer has a "purpose".
Smith himself said "Without purpose, we would not exist" and he also said "We are here because of YOU Mr. Anderson we're here to take from you what you tried to take from us.....PURPOSE".

Smith took Neo's life, and Smith fulfilled his purpose and Neo fulfilled his, (Smith killed Neo, and Neo ended the war).

The Architect made "The Perfect World" Matrix, people didnt' except it so he made a second Matrix with imperfection. People again didn't except it. The Oracle studied humans and figured out the human need choice. The Architect made a Third Matrix this time giving people a choice: Except the Program or don't. Even though the choice was made at a subconcious level the humans generally "decided" to stay plugged in. So now we have 3 version of the Matrix. In Matrix 3.0 there was a man, the One, who went back to the source and reloaded the Matrix and rebuilt Zion. Now we have Matrix 3.1 and the same thing happened untill Matrix 3.5 when Neo came about.

The Matrix was not reloaded we know this from the black cat at the end. Ask yourself this "Did the Matrix reload when we first saw the black cat?" No. So why should it reload this time. Also, when we see Neo's dead body glowing that shows that the anomally is still in it and not returned to the source which also means Matrix 5.0 was not reloaded.


"and imprinting people like the Trainman and the merovingian."
They are not people they are programs of some sort every one n the mervs crew was. The Twins, His Werewolf/Vampires Henchmen, At the chateau the people fighting neo and runing on stuff n jumping crazy, the people in coat check walking on the roof, all programs.

yeah, but regardless, he could still have got them, just like he got the oracle, and probably seriph and seti.

and isn't the point of it all that programs with AI have feelings too? Just like the 'family' in the train station, so they have kind of 'people' traits

so in conclusion, humans are the best and every type of life form wants to be like us (just like in star trek).

As is agreed there have been 3 previous versions of the matrix, the first two humans did not accept because there was no choice however the third version did involve choice and therefore the humans accepted it, well 99.9% anyway.

But let me say this when the anomaly goes to the source and the matrix reloads, does the matrix change, or is it merely just reset and started again?

When the matrix is reloaded there is no change, so why is this a new version? When you play a computer game, turn it off and reload the game it is not a new version but just a new time of playing the same version, this is what as happened to the matrix, Version 1 and 2 failed but version 3 was a success, the anomaly you can say is playing and when goes to the source the game is complete, the matrix is then reloaded with a new anomaly (or new player). To play the matrix again (exactly as the pervious anomaly did) a new anomaly is created, so you can say there have been 5 pervious version of the anomaly or 5 pervious players of the matrix version 3.

So to round it up, for there to have been 5 or more pervious versions of the matrix, the matrix must change every time it is reloaded(which no mention of this is in the films), and as I said there have been 3 previous versions of the matrix, and 5 pervious versions of the anomaly (or 5 pervious players of the matrix version 3)

Regards godfather

Architect: The Matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is the 6th version.

I think he simply means he created a matrix, it didn't work, he created another, that didn't work, he created one more and he got it. So once he had the right Matrix, he started the cycle of 'Ones'

The Unknown
There have been 3 types of the Matrix. The first two failed, and the third was a success. There were then 6 versions of the third type. The Matrix was not reloaded, and Smith taking over Neo didn't balance the equation, it unbalanced it. Then the machines loaded something into Smith through Neo's body, destroying him.


The Unknown
But there is a change in each "version" of the third Matrix. There's a new anomaly each time...

But the anomaly is not the matrix; it is a person with a bit of code implanted, this code is exactly the same each time, it reloads the matrix. The only difference is the person itself, there is no change in the matrix no change in the anomaly just a different person, with a same choice to make, the only difference is that the sixth anomaly choose differently to the pervious five anomalies. That is why it is a cycle because it happens the same in loops, neo broke the loop.

regards godfather

that is half true...the MATRIX itself does not change, however, what is IN the Matrix DOES change...

The Unknown
A different anomaly occurs IN THE MATRIX each time. And it is not known if there are upgrades to the Matrix or not after each reloading.

Soviet Spartan
The Matrix was not reloaded... The Matrix had its firewalls which protected the rules of the system like Gravity. Taht is why only the hackers could do anything abnormal in the system or the agents since they were the Adminstrators of the System.

Thats why there was the dejavu, becuase hte Matrix changed after its firewalls were dropped. ANd therefore anyone with the basic knoweledge of hacking could change the matrix as he saw fit, Sati's Sunrise (she is a program and therefore understand the language) The Architect appearing out of nowhere... And the Matrix Online Game where everyone is a super human. Everyone can be a superhuman becuase the firewalls are disabled in the Matrix and eventually people are going to find out that its all fake and then want out into Zion AKA the Microsoft Free Zone...

Soviet Spartan
also people are mentioning that there are 3 matrices with the last one being used multiple times, the only thing that changes in the third matrix is that the firewall is tuffer to break and the agents are given more adminstrative contorls aka the agents were upgraded.

However the Matrix cannot keep up with Neo, since Neo is irrational and chaotic, something the Architect cannot comprehend so he is always one step behind.

Soviet Spartan
If you think of the Matrix as a computer game think of Battleflied 1942... every patch that comes out is usually to counter hacks and cheats. Lets call this a firewall protection on the game to prevent hackers from modifying the system. The Matrix when it is reloaded is in actually Patched becuase hte damn Architect is a developer and we know developers love to patch thier games... (BF 1942 and HALO).

Trin and Morpheous put up the same (if not better) kind of fights as they have in M1. I don't think this "firewall" (obviously you don't know what one is... ok) was "tuffer to break." I simply think that the Agents were given different code. As in.

punch = (1)
punch = (2)

Soviet Spartan
My understanding of the firewall is that its supposedly stops a hacker from acessing your computer by closing ports which they can enter. IS this not what the Hackers in the Matrix do? And im certain that when the matrix appeared to fade away, it meant that something disappeared, and I think what disapperaed where the controls. I just used a firewall as an example and not as a literal firewall in the matrix. you know what i meant i just think you were trying to push my buttons... lol

Mr. Football
This is a play on words. He is being sarcastic, he is referring to the Oracle as 'The mother of the matrix' therefore meaning everything and everyone in the matrix is her 'child'. This confused many, some saying it was Seraph under Smith calling her mum, but Seraph is defiantly not the Oracle's son. She has not real children.

i thought he called the oracle mum to counter her comment, " you are a ." "You would know, mum", I believe says she is a whore....nice verbage by the oracle and impressive come-back by Smith

Mr. Football
Originally posted by Mr. Football
This is a play on words. He is being sarcastic, he is referring to the Oracle as 'The mother of the matrix' therefore meaning everything and everyone in the matrix is her 'child'. This confused many, some saying it was Seraph under Smith calling her mum, but Seraph is defiantly not the Oracle's son. She has not real children.

theres from where the quotes from...i just found the little quote button thing

Mr. Football
dang that didnt work...its from the very first post from new

Originally posted by The Unknown
A different anomaly occurs IN THE MATRIX each time. And it is not known if there are upgrades to the Matrix or not after each reloading.

thats 100% correct, so the real question is, is there upgrades when the matrix is reloaded, if there are not then there as only ever been 3 versions of the matrix, if there have been upgrades then there have been more than versions of the upgrades

also when a program is released there may be bugs in that program, then the company will release a patch to fix these bugs, even though the patchs are used the program is still the same version just with the added patch - so what i am saying is that if there were changes (which i dont think there was) it would be more like a patch to the third version of the matrix rather than a new version.

i'm still sticking sayin that there have only been 3 versions of the matrix.

regards, godfather

The Unknown
There have been three types, the first two failed. The third one prevailed. It is reloaded, making versions of the third type. I didn't say that bugs were erased when it was reloaded. They fix the bugs themselves (Watch Animatrix). However, they may be upgrades to the program, and the anomaly is part of the changing of versions.

Ok, so its like this:

1.00 failed
2.00 failed
3.00 a succes and therefor leading to 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc
So, have we come to a conclusion as to whether or not the matrix is reloaded after every .1?

the matrix has been reloaded by every previous anomaly, but not by neo.

I thought quite the opposite, I thought Neo reloaded it, it became 3.7 with a substantial difference, anyone who wishes to leave may do so if they wish.

Neo does not reload it. Neo never visits the Source, nothing ever leaves his body, he stays the same. In fact, by showing the black cat, the Bros. are saying that the Matrix was NOT, in fact, reloaded, but, rather, something was CHANGED...this being that, it was rewritten back to how it looked before Smith went rampaging through the Matrix. Neo is still alive, he has not had any coding removed from him, or changed; the only way any coding in him changed was because he joined with Smith. This is why the Oracle says she supposes we will see Neo again. It is still 3.5, but it is different because, the anomaly is complete, the code is, so to speak, perfect. There will be no more anomalies, because those that chose to leave the Matrix CAN, in fact, leave the matrix, thus the buffer for the disbelief is not necessary anymore.

WEEEEEEeeeee!!!!!! eek! It's finally done, we're all finally on the same page.....I hope I didn't speak to soon. no expression

Yes, Neo CHANGED the Matrix instead of RE-loading it. He caused a REvolution in the system. smile

good summary


in M1, they say that "Deja vu (aka a black cat seen twice) happens when they change something" however, if there was a deja vu of the black cat, and the matrix was just reloaded, then they really didn't change anything. thus, they rewrote something, making the Matrix look as it did before Smith took control, rather than reloading it...hope that helps.

The One Part 2
The answer is very simple. In "The Matrix" it is stated that the black cat represents a change to the code of the Matrix. This is canon. Nowhere in any of the other films does it state that a reloading of the Matrix displays the black cat. It is a fact that the Matrix was not reloaded at the end of Revolutions simply becuase of the cat. No matter how it is explained, the films themelves will debunk any theory.

I spoke to soon.
Godfather> I think Omega was the first to call it 3.0,3.1 and so on and I think she did this, because it is an easy fast way to say there are many 3.0s. So it isn't so much as 3.0, 3.1 as it is Matrix 3 #1 and Matrix 3 #2 it's just easier to say it like that.

Also two things indicate that the Matrix was not reloaded 1 the cat 2 the anamoly still in Neo.

yes totally agree that the matrix was not reloaded, never have belived otherwise. it could not have been reloaded, it was only changed back to normal!!

The Unknown
It wasn't changed back to normal... there are some differences now.

like what?, i know humans are free to leave and there will not be another anomaly, but other than that(which is not a change in the matrix only a diffrent way of running it) the matrix is still the same.


The Unknown
The programs (such as agents) are changed or deleted. The green tint is gone.

this makes me think that you think that the Matrix is reloaded everytime, returning it to the initial starting position, and that this is what happens in M3, however, this is contradictory to what i said...perhaps i misunderstood you, but that is what i got out of what you said.

The Omega

Concordantly...Omega is correct.

yer sorry if i made people misunderstood me, i know the matrix was not reloaded at the end of M3, thats what i always believed! when i was talking of the matrix being reloaded i was on about the prevoius anomalies not neo, and i was also asking >>Unknown<< if at the end od matrix 3 the matrix was changed back to the same code as before smith and then carrying on NOT reloaded or weather the matrix code as changed and is not the same code as before smith and then carried on and not reloaded.


The Omega
Godfather> ????

Godfather> ditto to what she said...blink What the f**k?

The Unknown
Omega, he meant if the Matrix was returned to exactly as it was before Smith began infecting people, or if the Matrix was dramatically altered.

The Omega
Unknown> Okay lemme see: Is he asking if the Matrix was NOT Reloaded but returned to the "date" before Smith infected everyone?
No. It looked only as if the damage of the superbrawl was repaired. Sati lay were the Sati-Smith fell, so did the Oracle. So no resetting.
Just repairs as far as I can tell.


The Omega

Agreed...i was understanding, but i'm really, REALLY tired, because i had to stay up all night last night making a website for English, so words begin to jumble together after awhile...

when neo met the architect, he sated that the function of the one is to return to the source allowing a temporary dissemination of the code he carries... after which he must select 23 individuals from the matrix to rebuild zion...

this is just a theory...

if the matrix was indeed reloaded neo would have to return to the source but he didn't as established in the previous pages... although he was "jacked" in by the Deus ex Machina, he was inserted into the matrix and not returned to the source... he was merely used as bridge to close the gap between the machine main frame and smith... after the ultimate battle between smith and neo concluded, the code he carries was still intact within neo's digital self (mind)... i think that the machine was taking him away for safekeeping of the code he carries... he was used as disk... the repaired matrix now, doesn't have the programming of the anomaly... and as was stated before, neo could see things in the real world even though he was blinded because they were (1) connected to the machine main frame and (2) they had a purpose... i believe that neo was glowing because of the same reasons... his pupose..? to be reinserted (the code/ program) into the matrix when the need arises....which makes me believe that the peace would end and war would again ensue...

furthermore, like the architect stated... he would have to choose 23 individuals from the matrix, which he didn't... before this could happen, Deus ex Machina would have to break his promise of peace, return neo to the source after the defeat of smith, kill everyone in zion, and reload the matrix thus allowing the loop to continue...

just theories... comments are most welcome... but please, be gentle bunny ...

This is my first post. So please be gentle.
I am interested to know if anyone has postulated a theory of all the worlds we have been presented with are virtualised and there is more to be exposed in future movies?
Having both The Matrix and The AI/Zion worlds as virtualised running on the same system would explain a number of things.
i.e. HostSystemandand]

When Neo asked how he could have stopped the 4 sentinels and The Oracle said he was closer to the source. I thought she meant that the source was the parent system to the virtualised worlds of The Matrix and The AI/Machine world.

This would make it easier to explain the Train being able to transfer entities between the two worlds and how Agent Smith managed to transfer himself to a human in the Zion/AI world.

"Know Thyself"

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent behavior; suitably programmed computing machinery is capable of duplicating human cognitive mental states -

Denial is the most predictable of all human responses - the Architect

Oh, no, no, no. It's not fair! - Smith

The machines have learned from Neo and perhaps the previous Ones. They are now able to duplicate more complex human cognitive mental states. Like love, trust, faith.

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