Zions white room

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the one where they control the doors in/out.

doesnt it look really out of place?
where is that in zion?
why does it look so different?

its a matrix type program they use to control the gates

they show the people plugged into it in reloaded

so its like the constuct in M1?
where are they jacked in? - somewhere in zion?

when/where etc?

In reloaded, there are six chairs arrayed in a circle, and a guy at a computer console near them...

we had some pics of this before..

il see if i can find them smile

that would be nice smile

Yup, should be able to clear that up quickly; there is a clear establishing shot of the Traffic Controllers hooked in first.

Yeah, I noticed the traffic controllers being hooked up the first time I watched the movie.

W. Lee Chojin
maybe this one ...

I also didn't understand that :-P
But then again, thee are a lot of things I don't understand. Like foam soap and...................

yes exactly, this pic...
they are inside a program that handles the ZION gates

oh yeah i remember that now - makes perfect sense - thanx for clearing that up.

What is less clear to me is why they have more than one. How much traffic can Zion get, exactly?

i think they have more than one just so, in case they have Sentinels figure out one, they cannot just sit there and pick off every ship, while remaining outside of the range of the cannons...plus, i don't think they ONLY control the gates, but i'm pretty sure they control more than that as well, perhaps even the everyday functions of the city itself...

so.. theres four gates in the dock, right?
well it seems to me from this pic that about 4 of them are watching sewers (although there are 3 ships*), sewers being the 2 controllers either side

from above, i see contour lines(?), for the bottom controller
and from the side:
anyone? blink

and here is the woman locking down gate 3 for the neb to pass through

*if there are 3 ships returning at virtually the same time (on the pic they are in roughly the same place) wouldnt we see them flying through the dock and landing when the neb does. unless the ships wait for each other to land...
or even an apu coming from other gate(s) (as it appears the neb is further back than the others)

and the significance of 6?....
and hex....circle.....

Great Shots Burlyman!
So the Neb is in the lower righthand corner of the overhead shot.
The ship in the upper righthand corner matches the profile of the Mjolnir.
And it looks as though it is already parked. Looks like the dock floortiles bellow it.
So this operator is most likely overseeing the refueling, repairs, ect...
The arangments of the graphics in the contol room are not representative of the physical dock.
One person can have in front of them a view of the Outside of Gate 03.
While another can be looking at Landing pad 12.
Still others can be looking at long distance sewer moniters or elevator posistions.
I hadn't realized that before. Cool.

The Omega

Even if Smith got the password from Morpheus how would he get into the Zion Mainframe? Is it connected to the Machine World somehow?

wow nice pics Burlz big grin

good point - what if mopheus hadnthave been rescued and smith had got the codes - what would have happened next?

The Omega
Lag> The hovercrafts TRANSMIT the access-codes to Zion when they're on approach (hence the reason the crew onboard the Hammer were in big trouble when the sentinels tore the radio off in Revolutions).
The Machines would be able to "cheat" Zion to get them to open the gates, thereby giving the sentinels access to the city and be able to shut down light, air, defences.

Are we to assume that the radio transmitter also gives the incoming ship its virual appearance in the white room?
If the sentinals had the codes they could trick the white room into seeing a hovercraft with that access code approching?
I can live with that.

yeah i think that is what it is but don't get ur hopes up it might be different though....

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