What you DIDN'T see at the cinema

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I just saw this post up at another site:

"Think about it - the Smiths must have been waiting for a bit before Neo arrives to meet them in M3. One deleted scene that is set to be on the Revolutions DVD reveals more, something we didn't see - an elaborate version of "Singin in the Rain" with dancing, singing, and of course millions of twirling umbrellas" laughing

That may have been a joke - but I did here something that is FOR REAL. According to an interview with Hugo "Da man" Weaving in Hotdog magasine, there were scenes shot of Smith "fighting with himself" that were all subsequently cut. Hmm, wonder if THAT will be on the DVD? cool

i already knew about this

it was on the Cadbury cookies advert

thats unlike the w bros to cut something from a movie (orgy scene)... i'll be surprised to see the scenes if they do come out

actually, they cut things from matrix 1. And they have a good reason for keeping the zion scene in reloaded.

There was 1 apparently, but there will be NO directors cut / Extended Edtion.


9th Question and 9th answer.

I'm not really a big fan of smith, so I don't care if it's on the DVD or not...

I care about when the dvd is comming out, December, January or April...

Hope it's soon cuze it's sure enough that i'll be first in line to get the action pack. The 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd movie, all in my hands.......
happy........3hours later... *sigh*
love.........*sigh* oh keanu.......
what, can't a girl dream!
*leaves and shuts door*

I would have loved to see the Smith's rendition of "Singin in the Rain".

That would have made my day.

** Grabs an umbrella. **

whats the reason for keeping the zion scene? i can kindof see some significance, only cause i try to defend that movie to my friends lol

I wanna the 3 box set but I own the 1st one so I can't do that... I bet they don't bring it out speratly until later...

Why can't they just set the date so we can count down? I hate all these rumours flying around.... I WANT IT NOW!!!

n00bs! miffed

The Omega

blink and u miss it stick out tongue

I didn't know that either. When people were refering to an orgy, I thought they mean't something different, cause thats not what an orgy is to me and my friends....

Omega> Thank you for pointing that out, I'll be sure to edit next time smile

The Omega
Mistique> It isn't. But appearantly some dancing, partying, and people in love MAKING love is enough for some people to ban it from here to the Middle-ages. Frightening thought actually, considering this is the 21st century....brrr....

Your moderator, at your service big grin

A lot of the stuff they cut from M1 they put M2 and 3
kinda late to say it though

The zion orgy is an awesome scene, it's a celebration of life, of human life. only children who go to see the matrix to see neo fly didn't understand that, and couldn't stand the first hour of the movie. The movie is just like the original, little action in the beginning, hour of plot and emotion, and a last bang of action. Dang....children lol.....

Where is this info and how can I confirm it??!!yes

smiths fighting with each other????
that will be a cool scene..if it si going to be included in DVD
i hope that DVD is going to be released in April

I wouldn't have minded the rave scene so much IF IT HADN'T GONE ON FOR 5 FRICKIN MINUTES!

Sorry - I needed that

The Omega
The rave scene was TOO short! yes

Anyways: Just the thought of the thousands of Smiths with umbrellas, doing a "singing in the rain" is pure gold. I just can't see that having been filmed.

It wouldn't surpise me if they had filmed it with Hugo's background in theatre. He is probably the kind of guy who would just start doing it.

(Much like his Matrix spoof for a section of filming on Return of the King, when he is giving Aragorn, Anduril.)

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