Elizabethtown Movie

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Good news for those of us who love Cameron Crowe movies (but not Ashton Kutcher), Ashton Kutcher is apparently out of Crowe's newest film "Elizabethtown." The official story is that Kutcher had scheduling conflicts with the new filming date in the spring, due to Punk'd and That 70's Show. Rumor, though, is that Crowe told Kutcher he needed to learn how to act.

Either way, I'm happy he's out of the picture. Kutcher and a few friends stopped at a restaurant where my sister works in Frankfort, KY, and she (the hostess who seated their party) thought he was very rude and stuck on himself. Then, this fall I learned he was to be in a film set in my own town (yes, Elizabethtown, KY) and I was not pleased.

Now, if only these rumors that Jane Fonda will be in the film turn out to be just rumors... Hanoi Jane within twenty miles of Fort Knox?

On the plus side of things, I think very much of Kirsten Dunst as an actress, and I look forward to seeing her strut her stuff in a Cameron Crowe film (which is being produced by KY native Tom Cruise). I also wouldn't be terribly upset to have Natalie Portman or Orlando Bloom around here.

Evil Dead
get the **** out............ I live in E-town, Ky.........

w/o giving my full address......... Frank St. (off Mullberry) , E-town 42701

Edit: I knew about the movie ofcourse.......it just took me by surprise to see somebody from my town posting here. I see people posting from the U.K., Germany, Australia, Denmark, etc..........first person I've seen post from my state, much less city.

Well, there are more of us. ;o) I'm a rural mail carrier in Etown.

Evil Dead
I'm a good ol' Ambrake employee myself..........

Sir Trent
Dana employee here...

I will state right now that if Hanoi Jane is in the movie, I will not see it. Everybody has to draw a line and she's on the other side of mine.

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