Top 100 albums of the 90's

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The best reviews site out there,, has made the first top-list that doesn't suck. This one covers the writers' favourite 100 albums of the 1990's. Such a lovely list.

Thats well cool! I totally agree with you Mah.

Well I have approx. 10 out of the 100.

It did have quite a mix of wierd and mainstream stuff in it, but my tastes appear somewhere in between I think.

lil bitchiness
hmm...this is really not my kind of stuff at all....but there are some great artists on there Pixiesbig grin..i love Pixies..REM, Smashing pumpkins, and Blur thumb up and im glad Radiohead are number one yes


hmm I would say there werent 100 good albums through the 90`s at all

But you haven't heard half of the ones listed on that list.

lil bitchiness
This is only one field of music...(or a few put together) If we are talking about THE best 100 albums of the 90s then all kinds of music should be considered!

I dont live in a musical blackhole Mah I ve been real heavy into music since long before you were born. And just like any other top 100 list this one is just as crap


What does this mean? THey have absolutely all genres in that list.

Well this list isn't about anything before I were born. But until you say otherwise my statement still stands; I do not believe you've heard half the cd's (or artists) represented on that list.

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You are absolutely wrong there! There arent all genres there....ok, first of all metal is missing, second of all silly annoying 'pop' is missing...there are NOT all genres on there...and the title says the top 100 albums of the 90s...that should indicate ALL good albums any genre...

There's metal there.
If the pop is "silly" i.e bad, then of course it shouldn't be there. There's pop there though, and tons of it.
Yes, they've selected their favourite albums from any genre there..

lil bitchiness
Well..if you say so..then i can safely say..

That list sucks beyond all belief, and that those are by far not the best albums of the 90s!


Didn't know you liked Sonic Youth Tex! cool

Dont be so bloody arrogant
I do pay enormous attention to the music scene and have done so since a very young age and even if a lot of those bands aint all that comercial well known doesnt mean I havent heard of them. I go pretty far beyond the "this is whats hot today" kind off music. In other words I PAY ATTENTION AND LISTEN TO A LOT OF DIFFERENT BANDS. I dont say I heard of all of them but it aint far from though.

"until you say otherwise " so if it doesnt agree with your liking means that people dont know about music or dont know about bands.
Dont overestimate your own knowledge while underestimate others.

Music is about taste, and my taste dont agree with that list at all, nor any other list for that matter. I do agree with a lot of whats on it but far from all, actually I think half of the albums on that list actually sucks.

Dont for one instant think just because I love the music of the 70s and early 80s that it make me incapable of paying attention to what goes on in the music world besides my preferences in that field.

Fair enough.
You misunderstood me though; "until you say otherwise" was meant in regards to what you'd heard from the list. I assumed you hadn't heard half of the stuff there, but if you said you had (which you did now) then I'd take it back.

fair enough. You want me to list what I have heard there big grin? and by the way Jeff Buckley`s Grace failure to make top 10 is a bloody shame not even top 20, especially since Nirvanas In Utero is among those. I think that one was a weak follow up to Nevermind which was great (JMHO)

and Talk Talks Laughing stock (at # 11) is their weakest album.
I like Talk Talk, all of them except this album

Well I agree about Nirvana, but then again I've never been a big fan of them.

no Metallica The Black Album on that list, whatever they say about Metallica that album should definatly been on it.

And where's Paul Weller's "Stanley Road", do these fool's know anything?! eek!

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yes totally agreed on that one!! thumb up

Oh Faith no more....come on!

No Red Hot Chilli Pepper, yeah and no FNM even though(in my mind) their best album The Real Thing was released in 1989, with that said Angel Dust was a good album too

I'm surprised to see there is no TOOL on that list.

lil bitchiness
Thank you!!!!!!

Aenema should have been on there somewhere! And year... no red hot chilly pepers..blink

Where is Rage Agains the Machime....

It's definately a questionable list, it seems they picked alot of 'obscure' bands as a simple ploy to try to show their expertise in the field of music, where they should have picked more established bands.

I wasnt.

he he I was in on the same thought, even though being an establish act doesnt necessarily mean they produce good albums. To me it seems like a lot of those establish act get lazy and rely on their prior succes

Or maybe you simply haven't heard to these wonderful bands that are by no means obscure, just not chart-fillers.

Finti, and others, may be interested in looking at their 80's list as well, which was published a while ago.

ohh 80 list, I was gonna ask that it would be great to see if they had a 80 and 70`s listbig grin way to go Mah.
Im gonna save this list for lunch today lean back and enjoy..................probably end up disaagreeing but even so.............. at least they write about each album

I'll be suprised if they can find 100 good albums from the 80's.

Eeeugh, I said the eighties. *shudders*

this 80`s list is laughable

No love for pixies, tom waits, joy division, talking heads, sonic youth, beastie boys? public enemy? david byrne?

Joy Division are so kewl. cool

Why mah?, there is no Metallica "Master and Puppets". No Dire Straits, No Blow Monkeys, No Curiosity Killed The Cat.

Some Joy Division, Some David Byrne as Talking Heads, the rest no

in flames
how are those lists made any way ?

in flames
how are those lists made any way ? who are the people that chose those albums ?

The individual writers set up their list and it's mixed together.

Metallica? Meh, no need for them there.

lil bitchiness
no expression no need for metallica....

what about RHCP, and Faith no more, and RATM...

I like Pixies though big grin

yeah where is like nine inch nails and other awesome bands... ? crappy list i think.. oh and the 100 of 90's..... i never even heard half the crap from 20on down.... come on now........ no tool..... no metallica.... no manson.... no korn...... etc. crappy list

omg!! all those albums you mentioned and heres some that should also be considered......
KMFDM Nihil (1995)
Prodigy - Fat of the Land (1996)& Songs of a Jilted Generation (1993?)
Pearl Jam - Ten (1991)& Vs. (1993),
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (1991)&- Superunknown (1994)
Cypress hill - black sunday(July 20, 1993)
Stone Temple Pilots,core (September 29, 1992),purple(June 7, 1994)

thats one amazing list but I am shocked at how few popular bands are on there

It's funny, and scary, that you declare it crap even though you have not listened to any of it.

if you havent heard it you cant rate it either

thats a crap list

I can believe Mellon Collie and the Infinate Sadness isnt on there and siamese dream is...dont get me wrong I like both albums but mellon is the better of the two.

I thought the list was pretty good

these lists are pretty subjective anyway, so you have to look at it from their perspective and musical taste

awful list, i cant be bothere to think of my top 100 albums of the 90's, so I'll jut do the top 10 (not in order);

Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
Pantera - Dar Beyond Driven
Primus - Antipop
Primus - Frizzle Fry
Morbid Angel - Blessed are the Sick
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire
Metallica - Metallica
Opeth - Orchid
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
Slipknot - Slipknot

Alpha Centauri
Pitchfork suck anyway.


The best albums ofthe 90's in my opinion are Falling into You by Celine Dion and Achtung Baby by U2

Victor Von Doom
Originally posted by 04wayne
The best albums ofthe 90's in my opinion are Falling into You by Celine Dion and Achtung Baby by U2

Falling into You probably wasn't even the best album released that day.

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