Balance To The Force?

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Balance isn't about killing the bad elements of something...

If anything eliminating all the evil brings about imbalance.
Balance is about an equilibrium between good and evil...neither one is above or has more power than the other.

The only reason why Vader killing the Emporer brought balance back to the Force is because the only remnants was Luke.

Basically put, if the pendulum swings in favor of one side, it has to swing back in favor of the other for balance to be maintained.

In a sense the prophecy may have talked about the one who would bring balance back to the force, but also the extinction of Jedi and Sith.

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it has clearly been stated by Lucas that the SITH create IMBALANCE and that with killing the sith the balance will be restored
no arguement possible

Sorry, yes, this is a much-discussed thing.

As yerssot says, GL has stated how the Sith create imbalance (as opposed to the Jedi who promote it), and the Balance is restored by destroying the Sith.

It isn't some sort of neutrality balance between good and evil. As GL sees it, a Balanced universe is a GOOD one. He would almost define Evil as the force of imbalance.

So for the Galaxy to be Balanced, the Sith have to have NO power, and the forces of good as much as possible.

so, this one is solved ...
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so since the first sith as there never been balance to the force? cus the sith have never been eliminated

untill the end of ROTJ

Dirty Vader
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Well, the essence is that the Sith have to be successful. They are always trying to Unbalance, the Jedi to Balance. Effort has to be made to make it happen, I would have thought.

Mind you, GL has also said at one point that "it is not yet clear what side of the Force needs Balancing," so there is still room for doubt on all this.

It is perhaps distracting to try to amend the canon with elements of our own experiences.

SciFiGuy clearly relates to the yin-yang principle of balance. Unfortunately, this is at odds with the GL concept of "balance" meaning 'good' and "imbalance" meaning 'bad'.

Once this concept is understood then our own ancient principles, once thus addressed, can be reapplied.

well, if it's about star wars and what exactly counts, it's what GL says that's true and not earthly things

Absolutely, RobBo, people trying to apply yin-yang are not applying the Philosophy that Star Wars itself has.

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