Smith clones are NOT toys!

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Okey dokey people,

First off, sorry if the thread title threw you - of course, none of you lot here are sick perverts, so none of you have to worry about what I just said laughing

Now, down to business: what the hell was up with those domino and pin bowling sound effects in the burly brawl?! It made it kinda farcial.

And yes - one of you will inevitably mention that this has been discussed a billion times. But c'mon - what was I supposed to put in the search engine: Ten pin bowling?!

I'm just a man - have some consideration!

Yeah I've never seen this discussed but I noticed it actually, wtf is up with that?

I noticed. And what I think it amounts to is the Wach bro's, or the audio tech guys, having a wierd sense of humor...

This is an embarassment of Roger Moore proportions! Remember his "hilarious" Tarzan cry in "Octopussy"? Or how he "ingeniously" snowboards to "California Surfers" in "A View To A Kill"?


I NEVER thought I'd have to say that!!!

You're either heavy on the sarcasm or light on the sense of humor, in anycase...

Who is Roger Moore?

W. Lee Chojin
Roger Moore first job - The Saint (TV Series back in the 60's)
The real fame came when he got the James Bond character after Sean Conery became old ... some people think he is better than Sean in Bond movies ...
A few years ago he appears in a Van Damme movie. smile

messed They ARE toys mad (but for Neo) smile

The scene already looked fake enough with the CG and to top it off they gave it wierd sound effects. I don't understand why they went to CG halfway through the fight, all the live action looked more difficult then the CG. Reeves does all this amazing action that makes me squirt pee every time I see, then he jumps in the air and does a spin and it's CG, what's with that.

By the way I already commented on that on the Favorite Moments thread, but I don't think anyone has gone into detail with it.

I'm sorry, but I need to go on about the CG. It is a very useful tool to use in very faint way. For example, in fast-cuts, environment,vehicles, but it should never be in a fixed shot or a long shot when it deals with humans. It will never look right, like halfway through the 100 smith fight, the ideas for the fight were cool, but they would have looked way better live action. And the slow-mo punch Neo gave to Smith, that was just bad, or the little mid-air flex that Smith did, why did they do that in CG, it just doesn't make sense. The CG during the Chase scene in reloaded looked awesome, but that was dealing with enviroment and vehicles which is doable. There is just something about CGI that will always look to animated or to perfect to be believable and I don't think it should be used in large amounts untill they get it right. It just puts me right out of the movie, because the only thing I can think about is how fake it looks.

On the subject of the wierd sound affects, did any of you notice (in the first CG bit with the pole, the poles concrete when it was pulled out of the round was CG but anyway..) When he hits one of the Smiths in the air, he makes a comical "ahhhhhhh" when he gets hit in the air, why would he do that, he's an unfeeling computer program, why would he yell in worry?

You wanna know why, all these unrealistic things happen? Because its a film, if you were to go into detail about the unrealistic things in these films, then how about the concept of the film itself, there is no way you could jab/remove a spike from the brain without killing yourself (I can hear some of you saying "but thats because they were grown to accomodate the spike" but no, if that were true then you wouldn't live after having it removed would you?

Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that its a film, not reality so why expect it to be otherwise? Like Gabriel said, it was probably the Wachowskis asserting their sense of humor in an already unrealistic fight scene.

This may sound like I'm defending the film, but it is very possible to have something jabbed between your head and not only live from it, but have full function of your brain especially since it is between the two lobes. Now, if it were jabbed into a lobe then we have a problem, but even then it is possible to live. This is just fact, the Matrix movies are still very unreal. And I do have a sense of humor I would have just enjoyed the fight more if they would have taken out the huge CG scenes and the silly sound effects which aided in making the fight seem more fake. I'm mean, I want to see Reeves pick up Hugo and swing him around like a rag doll and I think the W. brothers and their crew could have found a way to do that.

I didn't know the concrete breaking was CGI which proves that they should stick to environment and things that are easy to imitate.

Please - no more "It's a film, get used to it!" barbs; this is something that needs to be addressed. Is there a deeper meaning? Was it just stoopid? Whatever it was, it kinda ruined the scene for me: remember in "The Man With The Golden Gun" there was that stupid whistle noise when the car did a 360 flip? IT RUINED THE SCENE, DIDN'T IT? Same deal here

Oh I'm sarcasm heavy. And who's roger moore? Where have you BEEN for the last, uh, EVER?

I apologise - I was just jk. He was James Bond no.3

Nice bit of fact there Lag, I meant when he first pulled the pole out of the ground, that was CG concrete.

But on the subject of the unreal plot, if we were really plugged into a computer system, how would we know, the people inside the matrix didn't so why would we know the difference?

Whatever you do DON'T try to fly, jump from building to building or punch through walls, and if you see an Agent, you do what you'd do if you really did see your best mate turn into a dude in a suit, shit yourself. :P

I see your point Ahnold, at the end of the day its still a film tho :P does ruin whatever sense of realism you're trying to put across, I actually found it amusing watching about 50 Smiths fall over to the sound of ten pin bowling.

Yeah, I found it amusing as well, but that's not what I wanted to find. I know it's just a movie, but still.

Daedalus>That's the concete I thought you were talking about and I didn't know it was CG. Does it look fake or did you find that out somehow.

laughing *just had vision of Neo and Smiddy playing 10 pin bowling*

i was actually surprised myself with the extensive use CG in the burly brawl... there were definitely some scenes there that could've been done in live action, like neo jumping from one smith to another... and the first time they showed neo doing his superman thing... i can't believe they used CG for that simple scene... however, some of those stunts were physically impossible, like neo spinning like helicopter blades with the stick... or neo hitting smith with the stick and sends him flying off... and the sound effects... what the hell What the f**k? ... and the wussy "aaahh" sounds he makes... take it like a man, smiddy mad ...

The One Himself
When I saw this thread "Smith clones are NOT toys!" it just reminded me the CG in the burly brawl...Ok, Smith clones are not toys but Neo CG is a video game character! I was only missing the joystick to control Neo and do some moves like a "Standing Achilles Hold" or a "Shaolin Spin Kick"...and who knows, a Fatality?

Are you mad? Seriously, do you really think that could be done live action?

As to the sound effects and realism, this IS the Matrix we are talking about here. A computer generated dream world. A place where people can fly and dodge bullets.

And people falling over sounds like dominos... er crappp! {Not what you said, that stoopid sound effect}

Well do you any of you know what a hundred or more bodies being smacked by one other body moving really fast?? How do you know that it doesn't sound like bowling pins being knocked down?? stick out tongue

Want to know the FACT about the sounds? They were put there for HUMOUR. Some of you people take absolutely EVERYTHING seriously. It didn't spoil the scene in the slightest and didn't make it any less realistic, because it wasn't realistic to begin with.

n ot a single fight in the matrix is realistic...(except bane vs neo) that's what makes the movie so fantastic



smith is not a toy!

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