Enter the Matrix - Groundbreaking Videogame or wasted effort?

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I just wanted some oppinions from ETM, I personally thought it was a waste of time, it did have its moments, but those moments were few and far between.

The only bit I liked were the cinematics really, the game was far too easy and they wasted alot of potential from the hacking, something that looked a bit funny were some of the character models, (the Agents especially, they kinda had wierd arms and if you got a small distance away, this is the same with all models, the detail would deplete and it would look rather shite),

Hopefully, The Matrix Online will be better.

Enjoyable, but fundamentally flawed

They aleast had some good ideas. There is no other videogame loke this one.

Well there is (I'm gonng get hung by you guys for saying this) but I prefered the Max Payne games, you seemed to have alot more freedom in these and it didn't feel like a glorified beat 'em up, ETM made you feel like you were on rails too, it didn't have enough scale for my liking.

And I prefer the bullet time in Max Payne as well, mind you I haven't seen any game with a combat system as slick as ETM I will give it that.

it was a big disappointment. they need more fighting moves and more guns. They should have made a video game that follows the movies story. It would have been more fun if you could have been neo and were able to fight in the burly brawl and superbrawl.

The problem with that is the fact that events that happen to Neo wouldn't make a good gaming experience, plus if you think about it the game would be far to easy because Neo is more or less invincible.

It would've been nice to have the burly/superbrawl as mini games in the training construct tho.

i liked the game, it has its moments, but it had its flaws too. i don't think it was a waste of time, its a great idea, a paralel story with the movie, it when along nicely. It could've been better though

i havent played it yet...can u people tell me if it was good
(remember i m a fan of RPGs and i love games like final fantasy 8 and 10)

ETM is action game, is good, i liked it, there aren't many cool moves, but its still the matrix. If you like the matrix ou would like the game.

it's completly different than an RPG game.. especially FF

The Omega
I had a great time playing ETM.
I don't have the time to play a gigazillion video/PC/console games, so I am by no means an expert on "games".
But I was immensely entertained, jumped, cheered, shook my X-box controller, yelled when the agent appeared and thought it was fun to play in the Matrix Universe.

It was typical at best, it would have gotten no attention were it not set in the matrix universe.

Max Payne does the same thing, but better.

It was good especially playing As Ghost.

i remember Max Payne had good graphics. Does ETM have?

ETM has Max Payne STYLE graphics in terms of the photo-digitized texures but the character models can look a bit wierd in certain places (i.e. The Agent's arms).

Never played it no expression

Max Payne's graphics are better.

Max Payne seemed more real, especially MP2 I preferred it over ETM.

I loved the game, besides any of the driving parts, although it was cool to be shot at by the Twins. I consider myself a "gamer"(definition: someone who has no life past friends, fun, and video games.) and I enjoyed this game a lot. I do disagree with the "I wish it had more moves" because it does have a variety of moves that you have to figure out, but other than that I agree with almost everybody here. It ties in the movies, it has good action , and it's fun to be in the Matrix Universe. It has it's faults, but it seems like it was purely made as a movie experience and I loved it.

The game was too easy even on hard, to easy to beat the crap out of agents and to deal with them, and too easy to fall off the plane (for me anyway). Ghost kicked ass, but it was fun playing Niobe.

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