Jango Fett?

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hey, I think Jango and Bobba Fett are the coolest Star Wars characters ever! who likes Jango?


Dirty Vader
Jango's okay but we didnt get to see much of him. Maybe EU will compensate for this and tell us stories about his bounty hunts and such.
I didnt think he looked that good without his mask on though because the actor was far from the best at his job.

Rogue Jedi
boba is 10 times the bounty hunter jango was.

and they both dies like b!#c#s. what kind of sick sense of humor does lucas have? build them up as cool, then kill them in under 5 seconds. i guess hes trying to teach us that no matter how cool you are, there's always someone cooler. smile

And that man is Shaft with a lightsaber.

that: 'i find your lack of faith' thing is my fave saying in star wars! big grin

your right jang and boba both die in a stupid way!

who's the black private jedi whose a sex machine to aaallll the twi'leks?


they're ok

yeah theyre great cept that they die so easy.

they're the "bad guys" or amoral guys just trying to make it in the universe...either way they go up against the heros...and besides who says that having your head detatched by a lightsaber is a stupid way to die?

well, I thought he would at least be blown up or sumthin!

jedi don't blow things up. they CUT THEM UP!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!


sorry. too much Jedi Academy.

I never said a jedi would blow him up, i meant blown by something else!
dunno what though...

have any one notice in Jedi Academy that boba fett is in there dident he die in return of the jedi? That makes no sense. confused
no expression

for GL, boba died in ROTJ
but writers got him back for a few books, mainly because imho, they were way to lazy to come up with a decent foe
so, they included him in the game too to have a bit of a laugh

Indeedy so.

Bah, Jango is like, 1000000000 times better then Boba.

Dirty Vader
roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic)

Dirty Vader
Its nothing to do with lazyness.
Boba Fett was brought back because in the films he was supposed to be the best, most ruthless bounty hunter in the galaxy.
And the best, most ruthless bounty hunter in the galaxy shouldnt die because of a blind man with a crowbar accidentaly activated his jetpack that made him fall in the pit of carkoon.
So to compensate, the writers who thought that Boba was a cool mysterious caracter decided to bring him back, to let his great reputation revive. With his great skill, boba managed to get out of the pit alive. Something no man has done before.

well, he DID die and they should have kept him dead and come up with an ORIGINAL character, you know, someone they had actually had to create instead of steal

Dirty Vader
I dont think I need to explain how absurd that sounds.
Once you fall into the pit of carkoon you dont die immediately. It digests you and lets you die slowly, it doesent kill you straight off.
If the EU created too many caracters, it wouldnt be star wars anymore, some of the originals have to stay.

GL made it clear he wanted Boba dead, than it's plainly retarded to bring him back
that's called being lazy to create your own superbadguy

Dirty Vader
If George Lucas made it clear he wanted Boba dead, he would of vetoed his coming back.
No, Lucas doesent mind at all about Boba being brought back in the EU. In his film Boba died because it would be unwise for him to be left out.

You also say super bad guy. Boba has barely been used in the EU. He's been used in Dark Empire, the bounty hunter wars, Tales From the Bounty Hunters, jedi academy and other comics but thats all. He was used because a lot of fans liked him and thought he was mysterious and the writers expanded on that.

that's cause GL doesn't care at all about the books, for him, it's simply not star wars

jangos death is unfair he had a kid who saw him get d-cappitated!

how do you think Boba will finally get his anger towards jedis?

how can anyone says that jango is the father and bobba is the son duh they are clones, is like saying that the stormtroopers and bobba are brothers.

Mace Skywalker
Boba is much cooler than jango though. At least he got his job done. Jango got dealt with real quick, by my master, it was excellent.

Master Kadub
hehehe.....that is great......'Jango was done in by your master' laughing out loud

I think that just like Boba, we didnt see enough of Jango,
we just caught him just before his demise....
Jango obviously had a great rep as a warrior
as he was used to create the greatest army in
the galaxy......

And Boba....hey, I can see Jango's logic here....
no real time for a steady woman or to take care
of a kid.....
So, why not create a younger clone of myself and
call him son......
He is guarrented to carry the Fett' tradition as the
greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.....

I once had the worlds largest Jango Fett memorabilia collection. I ended up selling it a few months back, because I was running out of room, lol.

Read "Open Season 1-4". It's some of the best E.U. work ever. The "Jango Fett" trade paperback is crap, IMO. The animation, anyway, but it follows the same story line as the "Bounty Hunter" video game, which is also one of the best S.W. games ever.

Jango Fett, which can be visually proven, killed more people than Boba Fett on screen, which technically makes Jango the better of the 2. Jango had 2 kills in Coleman Trebor and Zam Wesell. You can count the Reek if you want, I suppose.

Do these great skills include regenerating living human tissue, which would have been worn away by the stomach acid churning in the stomach of the Sarlacc, which would have digested Boba Fett? Does it include the skills to render him conscious again after slamming into the sail barge? What about the skills to magically produce a working jet pack and weapon, since both were broken?

E.U. is more like P.U. sometimes because their stories stink.

..the Star Wars Christmas Special as well. Considering all that you mentioned, how the hell is that being "barely used"?? The guy only had 4 speaking lines in 2 movies, and a shitload of appearances in E.U.!

So did Jango. He spawned the entire army of the Republic. How does that compare to capturing one pirate to collect on a stupid debt?

lol how true

Master Kadub
And who said Boba was dead......? reading

yea i read the bounty hunter wars - he gets out doesnt he? and dengar helps him mend

Reborn Again
Well, since after GL changed the voice of Boba in the OT, there really isn't any Boba Fett anymore other than in name. Boba Fett was distinctive, but now he's just another character done an injustice. He was my favorite. I hate the new voice.

Master Kadub
Did GL freakin plug somebody else's voice in the OT,
like he replaced Sebatian Shaw's charater at the end of

I swear GL pi$$e$ me off sometimes.... mad

So, who thinks that they'll bring Boba back for the new Han Solo film? Could Temuera Morrison play him?

Lord Lucien
'Member Boba Fett?

Bashar Teg
**** boba fett. overrated nothing-character.

Cool outfit though.

Bashar Teg

Lord Lucien
I 'member Boba Fett.


laughing out loud

Bashar Teg
i want more boba fett, because he takes me back to the good old days when star wars was all about seemingly infinite new characters and alien races. not like the recycled shit in the prequels...also i refuse to see the irony in that. *snuggles boba-fett body pillow*

Refusing Irony.... sounds like a good movie title.

I met a guy once whose favorite character is Jango Fett. Cool guy.

Who? Jango or the guy?

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