Your Top Ten

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total metalhead
okay so theres probably been a million other threads like this but what the hell. list your top favorite songs of ALL TIME

4.Korn-Here To Stay
5.System of a Down-Deer Dance
7.Static X-Ostogeletric
9.System of a Down-F**k the System
10.Nirvana-Heart Shaped Box

1. Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nirvana
3. Sorrow ~ Bad Religion
4. Take A Look Around ~ Limp Bizkit
5. Her Ghost In The Fog ~ Cradle of Filth
6. The One ~ Foo Fighters
7. One Step Closer ~ Linkin Park
8. Stitches ~ Orgy
9. Bliss ~ Muse
10.Epic ~ Faith No More

in flames
inflames - the jesters dance

Faith no more - Digging The Grave

Metallica - Dispossable Heros

Metallica - One

Korn - Good God

Tool - Sober

Pantera - Cemetery Gates

Nightwish - Beauty Of The Beast

Mos Def - Oh No

The Roots - the seed 200


Bad Boy
1) Yesterday Went Too Soon- Feeder
2) This Years Most Open Heartbreak- Funeral For A Friend
3) Streamline- System of a Down
4) The Departed- Helloween
5) The Time of the Oath- Helloween
6) Hooch- Sum 41
7) Just A Day- Feeder
8) Black Suits Comin'- Will Smith
9) A- Nothing
10) A- Monkey Kong

Marilyn manson- the new shit
blink 182-feeling this
the white strips- the hardest button to button
sarah mclogen(sp)-in the arms of an angel
good charlotte-hold on
radio head- street spirit
linkin park-numb
outkast-hey ya
sean paul-get busy

Outkast - Southernplayalistic
Outkast - Elevators
Outkast - Players Ball
2 Pac - What's Your Phone Number
2 Pac - Bomb First
2 Pac - Hit Em Up
2 Pac - Dear Mama
Jay-Z - Sunshine
Jay-Z - Things That You Do
Scarface - Smile

*I may edit this list later if I find a song thats better than ones that I got on here now.

1. afi - this time imperfect
2. rob zombie - more human than human
3. tool - stinkfist
4. afi - the celluoid dream
5. afi - the great dissapointment
6. cky - lost in a contraption
7. a perfect circle - blue
8. nine inch nails - head like a hole
9. alice in chains - man in the box
10. *that one pink floyd song that goes "so u think u can tell... heaven from hell"*

In no particular order...

The Day The World Went Away (Quiet), Nine Inch Nails
Last, Nine Inch Nails
H, Tool
La Mer, Nine Inch Nails
Eraser, Nine Inch Nails
Flight Response, Days of the New
Phobics of Tragedy, Days of the New
Shame In You, Alice in Chains
Bleeding Me, Metallica
Lola, The Kinks

And the song you're talking about is Wish You Were Here. Hence the chorus.

-Smitten Kitten-

Jaxi D
in no order

Metallica-Enter Sandman
SOAD-Prison Song
SOAD-**** the System
Jimmy Eat World-The Middle
Jimmy Eat World-Sweetness
The Offspring-Living in Chaos
American Hi Fi- Hi Fi Killer
American Hi Fi-Flavour of the Week
American Hi Fi-The Art of Losing

i know thats 11 but wat the hell.


The Clash - London Calling
Fleetwood Mac -Rumors
Led Zeppelin - Zeppelin II
Black Sabbath - Vol IV
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Ac Dc - For those about to rock
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
The Who - Who`s Next
Deep Purple - In Rock

It depends on what time of year we have, closer to the summer I tend to listen to more "easy" music like The eagles, Marillion, Police, David Bowie, U2 and so on

El Toro De Brah
this list is of the music i dig at the present...

Outkast - Hey ya

112 - Everyday

TQ - Forver

DMX & Monica - Dont gotta go home 2nite

R Kelly - Step in the name of love

Pharrel - Frontin

Jay Z - What more can i say

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Zepher Song

Delta Goodrem - Lost without you

Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes.

1. Metallica- Turn the Page
2. The Ramones- I Wanna be Sedated
3. Rob Zombie- Living Dead Girl
4. Dropkick Murphys- Barroom Hero
5. Rancid- Time Bomb
6. Blink 182- Dammit
7. The Offspring- The Kids Aren't Alright/Self Esteem
8. Marilyn Manson- Dope Show
9. Sublime- Same in the End
10. Sublime f/ No Doubt- Total Hate/ Saw Red

When I listen to music I listen to entire albums not just one sung, thus the listing of albums on my behalf there

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