Did the Matrix end in 1999?

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ok please please please don't get me wrong BUT....

I don't think the Wachowskis should have made Revolutions and Reloaded. When I watched the Matrix, I never felt that it needed more, that it needed more chapters. I always felt that it had ended, but when i heard Reloaded and Revolutions were coming, like pretty much everyone else who had seen the Matrix, i was excited.
I felt that the second two movies gave an ending, but i don't think it was an ending that worked....

this has probably been said before so i'll clear off now....

The Unknown
The Matrix ends on 9/18/99 at 2:32 PM. The trilogy ended in 2000. And I don't know what you're talking about; the ending worked perfectly...

i really don't think it did......it was an ending....but it wasn't the best ending there could have been

Give me a better one then.

there's no need to get touchy.

I can't think of one, I never said i could but I think certain things were not necessary......which complicated the story more than it needed to be

Maybe you just didn't understand it.. care to explain why it wasn't a good ending? I can agree that Relaoded was a teeny bit lacking in the plot department, but it was mainly connections being made, and new plot ideas being developed, since Reloaded/Revolutions is one story.

Seems clear to me.

But then again this forum has basically stripped the matrix trilogy apart and translated it so my simple mind can understand.(Hint:I've been around for a lot longer than my registration suggests.)

The One Himself
That's why I am here!!! laughing laughing Happy Dance Happy Dance rolling on floor laughing

The Omega

please, don't patronise me. I understood the ending. Ok you wanna know what was wrong with the last two?

1. Neo and Tinity's love did not seem believeable because....
2. There was a huge lack of emotion on pretty much everyones part.
3. When you have characters you don't care about because they don't seem to feel because of their lack of emotion, you do not particulary care what happens to them, so Neo's and Trinity's deaths were not what they should have been.

In the first film, ok, i agree, there was nt a major show of emotion on anyones part, but enough that you would care about the characters. In the second and third films, the characters you'd come to care about in the first film were nothing. Just people in long black coats....

Okay i haven't seen revolutions yet, but i know enough, so i think the Wachowskis did a fine job of storytelling and gave us a glimpse into how movies are going to be made. I'm pretty sure that if the studio did not make enough money off the first one then that would've been the end of it. And the wachowskis would have been known for an original story, and it would've still had fans and such, but to me, reloaded had so much more of what was in the first, which is what sequel generally does, but it got me more into the matrix, i became more of a fan, and there's not really any movies that i'm a really big fan of. I enjoyed the fighting, which was done by one of the BEST fight choreographers in the world right now Yuen Wo Ping! The story was superb, and the twists in the story of reloaded didn't stop, first it was the machines digging(Uh-oh!), neo's dreams, then it was smith, the whole thing with the merovingian, the all these back doors(who knew?), then the architect (1st time blew mymind), then the very end (which probably blew everybody's mind). To me there may have been too much plot! I enjoy what the wachowskis have done and praise them as storytellers, and making kung fu vs robots such a really kick ass thing! As well as inspiring me to write my book, they have similarities, so if you liked the matrix, i think you will like my book(which is going to be a trilogy by the way!) okay i'm done

all trin n neo did was kiss a lot "and now i finally have a chance to say what i really wanted, KISS ME!!"

j/k i loved em all.

I have to agree with cermiestar, I think they should have left it with The Matrix, that way you could've left it to the imagination, I thought Reloaded was okay but Revolutions was dissapointing, and if the ending was so good guys then why are people still on this forum asking unawnsered questions about the plot?

Revolutions was crap. Reloaded was decent begining to a story and it just fell apart in Revolutions. It begins with neo stuck inside the matrix SOME HOW in the matrix, but not pluged in. Then theres a quick 20 seconds of Morph. Trin. and Seraph chasing "The Train Man" who is caring a revolver and unloads like 20 bullets without ever reloading. Then there's coat check wich was a sad 2 minute excuse for action. Then we see merovengian (not sure how spelled) for about 2 minutes and they punk him in to giving back neo and that's it... They get neo out of there and now he has super powers in the real world. WOW no 1 ever said the 1 could destroy electronics or had a second sight cause if that was the case the war would be won out side the matrix with neo just frying every squidy/robot that got in his way. THE ZION ROBOT BATTLE was so stupid come on giant metal squids vs metal robots with the pilots right outside of them. How retarded those people had nothing protecting them and some how they where just shooting down half a million sentinels?? please It only would take 1 sentinel to kill 1 robot piloted by a human just crashing into him but aperintly AI aint wat it used to be so the robots swarm n just fly around the robots. Then neo and trin. fly to the machine city and neos blowing up robots but yet some how he wants to cut a deal with them wen he can just fry them at the drop of his hand... Neo cuts a deal gets pluged in fights smith who now has copyed him self onto every person inside the matrix "but we cant do the burly brawl again" said the Wak Brothers o no well make smith like NEO he can fly and be super fast now. Even thowe he is everyone in the matrix and everyone in the matrix vs neo would of made the ultimate ending of the movie it mite have helped it redem it self neo vs the matrix (every one pluged in) destroying city blocks just fighting thousands of people no. Well have a flying battle in the rain with lots of shockwave spheres from wen they hit there punchs together. HOLY CRAP THERE GENIUSES the wak brothers killed a great story. Did I mention that they never awnsered wtf was up with the 5 ones and the 5 other zions(who made it, why,how,plz awnsers???) The Wak brothers killed the freaken movie man. If you haven't noticed I call them the Wak brothers cause that's wat they are wak how do you make a masterpiece like "The Matrix" Into probably the worst trilogy of all time when I say trilogy I mean reloaded n rev mainly because "The Matrix" stands alone as a movie/story. Also how are you gona add "everythign that has a beging has a end" as your slogan when you leave the story open to be finished off in your wak mmorpg.

Lets summarize
1. Wac bros = The Wak Brothers
2. Revolutions = Hollywood garbage
3. Neo has super powers in the real world
4. The matrix trilogy = crap
5. Back To The Future Trilogy > The Matrix Trilogy (thats just sad)

****There's probably alot of typos/errors in what I typed its late and im tired flame me if you must. I have my "I hate the matrix tril." opinion just like you have your "I love the matrix no matter how they **** it up" opinion****

ok u suck!!! you have rruined my matrix movie watching expieriance!!!

The Unknown
xemir's telling the truth. It was rushed too much (except for the part with Neo being jacked into the Matrix w/o being jacked in. I'm pretty sure he went through the wireless connection that the sentinels use).

wow...such anger, antagonism...i can't begin to figure out where to start...

=D if I baffle the mighty JediHDM only for a second I'm Honored

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Okay, this no longer deals with "Did the Matrix end in 1999."
There are many threads for people who didn't like Revolutions. Take your discussions there.

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