The minds' age.

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Does anyone know Morpheus' age limit for seperating a mind from the matrix?


I don't know. It depends on how old Neo was. Most likely it's a few years younger than Neo's.

i have the mental age of julia


i would think it would be somewhere around 10-14, old enough to know the difference, but not so stuck in the present that it is hard for it to let go, but it is possible it extends perhaps even to the late teens-early twenties

I'd think it'd be somewhere around 18, college-age.

The Unknown
I doubt it. That would probably be too old. Probably at the oldest 15 or 16.

well, it has not been very long since michael was freed, and he is eighteen, so thats the only reason i would look at that age range, even though he freed himself...

The One Himself
I thought he was 16...(?)


you have to be eighteen to join a crew, Mifune was giving him a hard time, trying to guage his reaction...

what?!? he said, "18 sir"
"shoulda said 16, i might've believed it then"
"ok, then im 16"
"minimum age for the corps is 18, you're too young!"
"the machines don't care how old i am, they'll kill me just the same"
"aint that the Gdamn truth?"
"please sir, give me a chance, i wont mess up again"
"u better not, or you'll see that me and the machines got sumthin in common"
pretty good memory huh?

In Neo's case, he was obviously too old, because he unwillingly believed in the "system". I guess the age range would be 11-15. Knowing too much can really affect your choice of being freed...

How old do you think the "Spoon Orphan" was in Matrix. He was pretty young, I'd say younger than 10, and he was freed 6 months or less than Reloaded happened.

Lag> Good point. I would have thought that the age would be younger than 10. I'm 12 and if someone told me all thats, I wouldn't let it go...

Um... What's so different about a 15 year vs. a 50 year old? Both know the rules of their world and why the can't be broken. They accept those rules and live on.

I think it's got to be set down around 5-9. Young enough that there's still doubt as to the validity of the "world."

I agree with that.

I would have thought so too. That seems a reasonable age to set a mind free.

And what is the difference? thats why I think it would be under the age of 10...

the kid is 16yrs old

the orphans are 10/12yrs?

so im guessing sometime between 10-18yrs old
whenever your ready...

How old is Cypher in the original? Cypher had been released nine years previously.

Kids too young wouldn't understand the matrix because they are too young to really get the concept.And they would have to carry alot of stuff on their backs.

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